Natural selection making ‘education genes’ rarer, says Icelandic study

Tempting as it may be, it would be wrong to claim that with each generation humans are becoming more stupid. As scientists are often so keen to point out, it is a bit more complicated than that.
A study from Iceland is the latest to raise the prospect of a downwards spiral into imbecility. The research from deCODE, a genetics firm in Reykjavik, finds that groups of genes that predispose people to spend more years in education became a little rarer in the country from 1910 to 1975.

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Old white academics are ‘unable’ to teach black students because they’re potentially racist, complain students 


Lecturers who are ’60 year old white men’ are unable to teach black and minority ethnic (BME) people, students have complained. 
The students, who are studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), said under-representation of black people among the teaching staff, relative to the student body, made students feel ‘isolated’, unable to engage with their studies and lecturers. 
The comments were taken from interviews with students by the SOAS Student Union, which is part of the University of London, and submitted in a report which was researching into why less black and minority ethnic (BME) students achieve 2:1 or first class degrees than their white peers.

The History of Jewish Control of the South African Diamond Industry

News For The Blind

– De Beers’ operations account for 94 per cent of South Africa’s diamond output.

– De Beers’ entire production of diamonds in 1800 was sold by 10 firms all being Jewish.

– De Beers also created the concept of ‘blood’ diamonds, fearful that diamonds coming out of the war-torn areas of West Africa would flood the market and undermine their global market control.

– Israel remains the world’s leading exporter of diamonds with a South African origin, with two-thirds of its stones finding their way to the United States.

Written by Trevor H. Johannes,

Diamond mining in South Africa has been the cornerstone and prevalent force behind the country’s history and economy, making it the richest country on the African continent. Thanks to powerful Jewish groups in the 1800s, South Africa has been the world leader in diamond production, which was made possible by nine key mines throughout the country—all of which are controlled…

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Antisemite, Holocaust denier … yet David Irving claims fresh support

Sixteen years after an English court discredited his work and the judge called him “antisemitic and racist”, the historian David Irving claims he is inspiring a new generation of “Holocaust sceptics”.
On the eve of a major new Bafta-nominated film about the trial, Irving, who has dismissed what happened at Auschwitz concentration camp during the second world war as “Disneyland”, says that a whole new generation of young people have discovered his work via the internet and social media.

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Serbia-Kosovo train row escalates to military threat

Serbia has warned it will defend “every inch” of what it claims as its territory in neighbouring Kosovo.

President Tomislav Nikolic accused Kosovo of seeking a war, after a train painted in Serbian colours and the words “Kosovo is Serbia” was prevented from crossing the Kosovan border.

Kosovo saw the train as a deliberate provocation.

As tensions grew, Mr Nikolic said that he would be willing to send the army to defend Serbs in Kosovo, if necessary.

Muslims accused of rape given bail to walk freely round Sunderland.

Many people will have been appalled by the story of the mother of three who allegedly had her drink spiked whilst on a night out and who was then taken off and raped by a gang of Muslims. It is indeed a truly shocking story, but one aspect of this case that many will consider particularly shocking is the fact that the alleged rapists have been given bail. The Muslims accused of this horrible attack are now free to walk round Sunderland to their hearts content doing who knows what. Although I believe in the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ sometimes people need to be kept in custody until their trial for various reasons such as protection of the public, protection of witnesses or because the alleged offender is considered a flight risk. Remand in custody would be especially relevant in this case as the men, who earlier press reports were said to be refugees, are in my opinion, very likely to pose a flight risk.

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GERMANY – Man fighting for his life after being stabbed by knifeman shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR”.

Police in Oberhausen, Germany, arrested a suspect after a man was stabbed causing serious wounds. 
Authorities say the victim was in supermarket carpark when he was attacked. 
He managed to escape, but was chased by his assailant who stabbed him again in his side. 
The victim is then said to have collapsed as the suspect continued his attack. 

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