Sweden Prevents Syrian Refugee from Leaving, Offers Him Benefits Instead

I tend to feel bad when writing articles about Sweden. It can seem like I’m pointing and laughing at a disabled child with crayons in his mouth and glitter on his helmet.

But every time I finish my latest SWEDEN YES article and state, “that’s it, no more Sweden for at least two weeks,” Sweden out-Swedes itself yet again, leaving me no choice but to bully it further.

You need to understand: I don’t want to do this.

But it needs to be done.

The Law of Lolcows demands it.


Sweden: Gender Neutral Pool Event Flooded with Monkeys Who Come to Stare at Naked Womyn

This happened in Malmö, Sweden’s most diverse city as measured in grenade attacks, and the perfect place for dumb bitches to get a dose of reality… Or so you’d think, if you started from the assumption that these are at least relatively normal, sane people.

Which most of them obviously aren’t…


A programme at a Swedish open-air swimming bath in Malmö that eliminated gender-separate areas to encourage transgender bathers has resulted in men taking the opportunity to stare at naked women.

The programme, called “Queer Kallis”, is held on the first Monday of the month at the Ribersborgs kallbadhus, an open-air bath in the heavily migrant populated city of Malmö.

How do these people come up with this crap?

Where does “we need more men who cut their dicks off in the pool” even come from?


Study Shows IQ has been Falling Since 1975, Reversing the Flynn Effect


A study by scientists of three-quarters of a million Norwegian males has turned up some disturbing evidence that average IQs are falling.

I’m not sure whether nonwhite immigrants to Norway are pushing the intelligence quotient down or not. It seems unlikely since the drop off began in 1975.

If humans are getting dumber instead of smarter, the effects on society and culture will be enormous. Picture Western civilization that looks like the people of Walmart.


The IQ levels of young people have been steadily falling for the past few decades, according to new research.

The decline is believed to have begun following the generation born in 1975, and indicates that the slow rise in intelligence observed over much of the 20th century has come to an end, says The Times.

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‘Aquarius’ becomes the war cry of the Roman church against the new Italian government

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Readers, when the Italian government held firm and sent the so-called ‘rescue ship’ Aquarius packingit drew the battle lines with the Italian Catholic Church—that is what the church is saying!

graph sea arrivals in italy Hey Spain! You are next!

I’m writing about this story again today because it represents a critical juncture for the future of Europe.

There is hope (I think!) as I wrote a couple of days ago, here, for the survival of Western Civilization in its birthplace, but action to save it must be swift and happen NOW.

Here is the Crux headline (Taking the Catholic pulse):

Italian Church and new government finally face off over Aquarius

(The subtitle could be: The Catholic Church shows its daggers)

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The mask slips: Jewish organisation forced to shut down after its contempt for the Goyim is revealed

Diversity Macht Frei

The Jewish Voice has been forced to shut down after publishing a parody magazine cover that inadvertently revealed their contempt for the goyim they lived among.

Efforts have been made to erase and obscure these images from the internet but these two partial glimpses show much of what was there and hint at what can no longer be seen.


As proud English patriots get ready to support their national team in the soon-to-start World Cup, Jews were unable to contain the contempt they clearly feel for English indigenes.

The Jewish Voice published the cover of a pseudo-magazine titled “Fat Cunt” bearing the the subtitle “The magazine for English fans”. Its cover highlighted fictitious articles such as “How much of a bigoted cock are you? Take our quiz” and “Tear gas reviewed – which type causes most pain?”

As their cover model – and apparently someone the Jews consider emblematic of…

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The demasculinization of men rolls on: Male models wear pregnant bellies on the runway

Fellowship of the Minds

male model pregnant getty image Celebrating the impossible: Male pregnancy/Getty Image

I won’t celebrate fakery.

From Yahoo: It’s men’s fashion week over in London right now, so there are lots of runway images hitting the wire, but the ones from designer Xander Zhou‘s show on Monday really have people talking. That’s because he had many of his male models walk the catwalk with fake pregnant bellies.

Some wore tight T-shirts lifted up so the prosthetic stomach was in full view, and others clutched their covered gut region with nurturing arms, which, as Fashionista pointed out, helped distinguish their fake preggo stomachs from, like, beer bellies. At least one model wore a shirt that said, “New World Baby.”

As far as the meaning behind the prosthetics, the brand had this to say post-show on Instagram: “At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy.

See all the…

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