Spain’s far left to reward illegal migrants and their children with massive benefits

Podemos, the far left party of the Socialist coalition running Spain now after its soft coup in June, says it will propose a minimum aid of 1,200 euros annually for each immigrant’s child – “regardless of their administrative situation” – meaning, whether in Spain legally or not .

The proposal is contained in an amendment that was recently submitted by the party to the Senate, to support the Socialist Party’s motion against child poverty.

The leftist coalition was already willing to subsidise immigrants to the tune of 600 euros a month, and now it may add an extra welfare package of 1,200 euros per year per child.


Terrorism cost Europe €185 billion over 12 years

Diversity Macht Frei

I’ve written a bit before about the indirect effects of terrorism. For example, a French study revealed that, in the weeks following a major terrorist incident, admissions to hospitals for cardiac-related problems increased significantly.

The likelihood is that more people are dying from the effects of heightened stress levels following an attack than were killed in the original incident.

A report recently published by the European Union (strangely, but appropriately, named The Cost of Non-Europe Report) tells us more about the indirect effects of terrorism.

Terrorism is economically damaging. As well as the destruction of physical infrastructure, terrorist incidents have a dampening effect on investment and economic growth.

“...from 2004 to 2016 the total cost from losses in human and physical capital as well as
reduced economic growth across the EU-28 member states amounts to about €185bn.”


In the UK, the total cost of terrorism amounted to…

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Holland : Naked actors make love for group of children during a sick play.

GHENT – A naked man and woman who are entwined in each other to make love for a group of children on stage. It is a remarkable scene from the controversial play ‘Lam Gods’, which was premiered on Thursday by the NTGent. “It’s about an erotic choreography and not about real sex”, the theater company emphasizes.

The actors play Adam and Eve who start to make love together at a certain moment. A group of girls, who also play a role in the play, watch from close by. “It is not what it seems”, says NTGent. “It’s about an erotic choreography and not about real sex.” So there is no penetration.