Hope Not Hate Deserve To Be Hated

Hope Not Hate are absolutely despised by the white working class British, and they’ve earned every drop of that hatred many times over, they deserve to be hated, they deserve be treat like pariahs, they deserve humiliation and defeat, they deserve to be humiliated in their defeats. Not so long ago Hope Not Hate’s primary concern was hunting down members of the EDL and BNP, people who committed minor infractions of forcibly implemented multicultural dogma. 

 Somebody had to keep the uppity working class whites in check as they were being demographically replaced and phased out by vibrant immigrants, and the unemployable middle class social science grads which constitute Hope Not Hate’s support, were just the heroes the Globalist political class needed.

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Real-life Nazi blueprints that inspired SS-GB show Hitler’s chilling plans if he had conquered Britain

The sight of swastika flags hanging from a bomb-ravaged and broken Buckingham Palace sent shivers down spines tonight.
The opening episode of BBC drama SS-GB offered a chilling vision of how Britain could have looked if Hitler ’s plans for a 1941 invasion had succeeded.
But when Len Deighton wrote the novel the five-parter was based on, he had plenty of facts to stoke his imagination – because the Nazis drew up detailed blueprints for our post-conquest nation in a handbook circulated among top officers.


Jews, and Homos and Indians..Oh, My!!

A White Woman's Perspective

So, my kids like to tell me that I am not “with the times”, that I’m “old and uncool”, which I imagine is something most kids think about their parents. However, I’m going to agree with their assessment that I am definitely not with the times.

I’m perplexed as to how our people can proclaim that they are white nationalists, fighting for the 14 words, shouting “White Pride” and “Proud to be racist!”, while supporting and cheering on men who are proud to have 10% Jewish ancestry, or men who are homosexuals, or men who are married to half-breeds. In my very uncool beliefs, one being that our people should not have relationships and breed with other races, second, that homosexuality is an abomination that contributes to the decline of our race, and third, that only people of pure white ancestry should be on our side of the battlefield… I’m…

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What Exactly Causes “White Guilt?”

When Adele was awarded the Record of the Year at the Grammys last week, she felt she had to apologize to Beyonce for having won it over her. After last year’s #Oscarssowhite campaign, blacks, who comprise 13% of the population, were given 30% of the acting nominations for the Academy Awards this year.
Adele must have been so afraid of sparking another Kanye West-Taylor Swift moment that she decided to preempt it by prostrating herself, beforehand, to Queen Bey.
And those Academy members must have been so horror-stricken by the negative publicity of the Oscarssowhite controversy that they made sure not thirteen percent, but thirty percent of this year’s acting nominees were black.
Whites are just absolutely terrified about appearing “racist” against blacks, in any way. It’s a crippling fear, to the point where whites will cower in the face of black demands. Yet there is no equivalent fear regarding the other races.

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The ‘new swastika’ and other symbols of hate hidden in PLAIN SIGHT: How to spot the secret images that far-right extremists use to recognize each other


When’s the last time you heard a ‘Nazi’ or ‘KKK’ kill anyone? Yet blacks & Muslims kill & rape whites daily! But we are the ‘haters’ 

‘For decades far-right extremists have used well-worn symbols like the swastika and the white cross to signify their affiliation to racist causes.
But as right-wing US hate groups have risen in prominence over the past year, their members have found themselves looking for new ways to show their allegiance without being spurned by society. 
That means creating new, secret methods of communication, Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League, told CNN’


Family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers ‘gang-raped drunk woman in Austria for two hours as she pleaded “No, I don’t want this” after luring her from her friends on New Year’s Eve’ 

9 from the same family. Is there nothing these animals won’t do.

‘Nine asylum seekers from the same family have gone on trial in the Austrian capital Vienna accused of the New Year’s Eve 2015 gang rape of a 28-year-old German teacher. 
Prosecutors charged the Iraqi men with ‘abuse of a defenceless person and rape in a very humiliating and agonising way for the victim.’ 
At the opening of the trial on Tuesday the court heard how the woman, identified only as Sabine K., was ‘blind drunk’ when she went with the men to an apartment. 
Most of the men deny the charges but DNA from six of them was found in or on her body’


“Refugee” Excuse for Afghans Collapses as 750,000 Go Home—with United Nation’s Help

The claim that Afghans “must” have “asylum” in Europe is, just like in Iraq, rapidly collapsing with the news that over 743,000 Afghans have gone back home from Pakistan and Iran since January 2016—with the active aid and assistance of the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the European Union (EU).

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TEAM Westport: A Case Study In Anti-White ActivismAndrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Westport, Connecticut is a pleasant coastal town with a population of 26,000 that boasts above-average incomes and is 92.6% White. It has a busy library, a number of successful and respected schools, several pristine public squares, an observatory, a natural history museum, and a number of independent news outlets. Unfortunately, since 1994 the town has also been home to a rather innocuously named organization called TEAM Westport. Its purpose is anything but innocuous. TEAM is an acronym for: Together Effectively Achieving Multiculturalism, and for over 20 years this group has been insidiously poisoning the socio-cultural well of its surroundings with a persistence that is as remarkable as it is sickening. For more than 20 years its efforts have attracted little attention beyond the precincts of the town. This changed a few weeks ago when one TEAM project caused the briefest of blips on the national radar, which in turn brought it to my attention.

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