Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing

A VETERAN children’s entertainer says his Punch and Judy show is being driven out of business by “snowflakes” who say watching his puppets bashing each other is “not the way to do it”.

Brian Llewellyn says “the PC brigade” are insisting Punch does not strike Judy during the comedy act because it has the potential to “glorify domestic violence”.

A booking in a primary school in Middlesbrough was dropped after he refused their request to ensure he had “modernised” his 42-year-old show.

Brian, from Darlington, says he was told that his act had the potential to “upset vulnerable children”.


White Women

I recently talked IRL to a middle aged Australian woman from Melbourne who was in Ireland on holiday. I asked her had she heard of the Apex gang & the huge rise in violent crime in Melbourne in the last few years. She knew all about the crime & who was doing it, savage African gangs. I thought I was getting on grand with her till she came out with this beauty.

“They’re like that because they come from war torn countries & have seen terrible things, it’s not their fault”

I lost the will to live & said to myself ‘another typical white woman’. These fucking white morons drive me insane, I want to throttle them. When I pointed out to her that Africans living all over the world who have never seen war or deprivation act exactly the same she came out with the old ‘racism’ chestnut.

These whites are either going into re-education camps or ovens. I’m done feeling anything but hatred for them.

Wait For Snowflake To Become A ‘Hate’ Word

Being called a “snowflake” is damaging to mental health, young people say.  Figures show that the majority of young people think the term is unfair – and even more think it could have a negative effect of its own.

The “snowflake generation” is a disparaging term now commonly used to refer to young people, who are perceived to be over-sensitive and intolerant of disagreement.


Sweden Prevents Syrian Refugee from Leaving, Offers Him Benefits Instead

I tend to feel bad when writing articles about Sweden. It can seem like I’m pointing and laughing at a disabled child with crayons in his mouth and glitter on his helmet.

But every time I finish my latest SWEDEN YES article and state, “that’s it, no more Sweden for at least two weeks,” Sweden out-Swedes itself yet again, leaving me no choice but to bully it further.

You need to understand: I don’t want to do this.

But it needs to be done.

The Law of Lolcows demands it.


Sweden: Gender Neutral Pool Event Flooded with Monkeys Who Come to Stare at Naked Womyn

This happened in Malmö, Sweden’s most diverse city as measured in grenade attacks, and the perfect place for dumb bitches to get a dose of reality… Or so you’d think, if you started from the assumption that these are at least relatively normal, sane people.

Which most of them obviously aren’t…


A programme at a Swedish open-air swimming bath in Malmö that eliminated gender-separate areas to encourage transgender bathers has resulted in men taking the opportunity to stare at naked women.

The programme, called “Queer Kallis”, is held on the first Monday of the month at the Ribersborgs kallbadhus, an open-air bath in the heavily migrant populated city of Malmö.

How do these people come up with this crap?

Where does “we need more men who cut their dicks off in the pool” even come from?


Parliament Offers ‘Islamist’ Group Opportunity to Create Official ‘Islamophobia’ Definition

Stupid Christian cunts think these Islamist pigs & kike rats want to live peacefully with them. Is the Christian in this photo working on a definition of anti-Christian hate by Jews & Muslims? Of course the dumb fuck isn’t.

These idiots will be the death us.

‘MPs are to write a report on identifying a “working definition of Islamophobia”, appealing to hard-line Islamist and far left, Soros-funded groups to contribute.

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims launched their “appeal for evidence” Monday, describing “Islamophobia” as a form of “group based hatred or hostility” comparable to racism.’


Liberal Insanity : British jihadis who had children while fighting for the Islamic State should be allowed to return to the UK with their families, says university lecturer

This thing needs drowned in the nearest lake.

British jihadis who have married and had children while fighting for Islamic State should be allowed to return to the UK with their families, says an academic.

Katherine Brown, lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham, said removing the citizenship from people who have gone to fight for the terror group was a ‘denial of responsibility’.

Giving a talk at the Hay Festival about Muslim women and radicalisation, she said: ‘We have a responsibility for people who’ve done the things they’ve done.

That means bringing them to justice and helping them as citizens.


White People Be Going Crazy

First things first. Check out this new Vice video:


Fight that knee-jerk “das degenerate” for a moment and look carefully at what you’re seeing.

I see White people desperately trying to get all Tribal.


Why is this happening? Why are all these people doing bizarre dances in the jungles of Columbia, decorating themselves with body paint and talking about spirituality?

I’ll tell you why. It is because White people have outgrown their own native culture like an infant shedding his smaller clothes. We are the only people – except probably the Japs and Chinese – who have done this.

Irish Idiots Overwhelmingly Do As They’re Told & Vote Yes To kill Its Babies

Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, hailed a “quiet revolution” on Saturday as exit polls predicted that the country had voted overwhelmingly in favour of ending its de facto ban on abortion.

“We have seen the culmination of a quiet revolution that’s been taking place in Ireland over 20 years,” Mr Varadkar said, as he waited for the votes to be counted in Dublin.


There are absolutely sick displays of celebration throughout Ireland today. What sort of people celebrate killing their young? Not even animals do that. We have sunk to unbelievable levels of depravity. Just fucking nuke this planet.