Four Swedes invite two African men to their party: it ends with brutal rape and extreme violence. 

Three Swedish teenage girls as well as a male friend of them have invited two African men to a party. The evening ended with the fact that the friend was almost killed and one of the girls was brutally raped.

Ban Cars or Ban Muslims? Swedes Asked

“’Cars and other vehicles ‘have turned into deadly weapons,’ and should be banished from cities to stop attacks like the one in Stockholm from happening in future, according to Aftonbladet editorialist Eva Franchell. Crackdowns on immigration or extremist ideology are not the way forward when it comes to terror prevention, according to the veteran journalist, writing after Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm left four people dead. Instead, it is cars — which she calls ‘effective murder machines’ — that Franchell says ‘must simply be removed from city centres and places where people gather, if people are to be protected in future.”