German police tell women to wear sneakers so they can outrun ‘refugees’

More insanity from EU governments.

Instead of doing the sensible thing, which is to stem the tide of Muslim so-called “refugees” and “migrants” into their countries, EU governments resort to silly methods to prevent the sexual molestation of their women, such as:

Classes to teach the “migrants” that the proper way to treat European women — their hosts — is not to rape them;

• “Don’t Touch Me” bracelets for girls to wear; and

Magic temporary tattoos to protect girls from being molested in public pools.

The German federal police have come up with another brilliant idea — that women ditch high heels for sneakers so that they can outrun “asylum seekers”.


State run Swedish kindergarten forces boys to wear a dress

Popular children’s books such as Emil and Pippi have been discarded and replaced with children’s books on trans and homosexuality.

Group discussions with children as young as one and two talk about boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls. At times the children are asked about whom they are in love.

One little boy, looking confused, answered: “My LEGO”, Anna explains.

Anna goes on to reveal that it is not even permissible to tell a child with new clothes that they look nice nor are they allowed to tell a child that they are cute. Word such as “boy”, “girl”, “mum” and “dad” are forbidden. Only gender-neutral terms are allowed.

Some of the parents also attempt this practice outside of the kindergarten and are offended if they are referred to as “mum”. They wish to be called “parent”.


World’s First Man-Free Music Festival Kicks Off in Sweden because of Muslim sexual assaults

The first-ever “cis man-free” music festival began in Sweden on Friday, following a wave of sexual assault incidents reported at events across the Scandinavian country in 2017.

Held in Sweden’s second-largest city of Gothenburg, the two-day Statement Festival forbids males from attending — with the exception of transgender women born as men. Plans for the festival were unveiled last year after law enforcement received four rape and 23 sexual assault reports at Sweden’s largest Bravalla Festival, prompting organizers to cancel this year’s event.


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‘I couldn’t take the torture’: Journalist raped for 15 months by Somali kidnappers alongside an Australian photographer relives her agony and the moment that saved her from committing suicide

Freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout was just 26 when she traveled to the volatile east African nation’s capital of Mogadishu in 2008 alongside her then boyfriend, 36-year-old Australian photographer Nigel Brennan.

On August 23, their third day in the country, the pair were kidnapped and abductors called their families and demanded a $1.5million ransom for each of them in exchange for their lives.

For the 15 months that followed the pair were beaten, starved and Lindhout was repeatedly raped.

Now nine years on and two months after the man behind the kidnapping was jailed, she recounts how she came to the ‘calm decision’ that she was going to use a small razor to take her own life 13 months into the ordeal as she couldn’t take the torture any longer.


Imported Women For The African Rape Gangs

On Thursday, more than 130 volunteers — most aged between 16 and 24 — were evacuated out of Ghana by the Spanish Embassy after being threatened and sexually harassed by a group of armed men — allegedly sent by Yes We Help itself.

Lured by Instagram pictures of smiling volunteers embracing African children and promotional posts from a handful of “Insta-Celeb” influencers, the volunteers paid €850 each for their stays — not including travel, visas or vaccinations.

Ghana is touted as “very friendly” and “stable” by websites hoping to promote Ghana’s tourism industry. The part these websites leave out is that Ghana had a horrific civil war in 1994, is world renowned for muggings of tourists, and the little publicized fact that the majority of the country looks like this:

How stupid and naive does one have to be to send a young woman, in the height of her fertility, to the least civilized continent on the planet? Do the parents of these young women desire what can be reasonably expected to happen to them?

These women have likely been taught that they are inherently racist. Because they mean well, they overreact in the wrong direction and dangle themselves like fresh papayas in front of the roving bands of rapists left over from Africa’s great brain drain into Europe. If you thought Africans were trouble, based on the ones coming and misbehaving in Europe, wait until you meet the ones too “set in their ways” to conceive of a lucrative existence in the Northern Hemisphere!


Ultra-Aggro Cock-Crazed Swedish Whore Stops Deportation of Afghani Sex Toy

Look how irate and aggro this stupid whore is. Watching that video just really makes you want to rape her in Minecraft.

Let’s think about this for a minute.

What if it was me, and they were trying to deport an 18-year-old Thai hooker. And I throw a gigantic scene on the plane like


Do you see how that would look?

It is always FEMALE white women fighting for MALE brown invaders.


Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing

A VETERAN children’s entertainer says his Punch and Judy show is being driven out of business by “snowflakes” who say watching his puppets bashing each other is “not the way to do it”.

Brian Llewellyn says “the PC brigade” are insisting Punch does not strike Judy during the comedy act because it has the potential to “glorify domestic violence”.

A booking in a primary school in Middlesbrough was dropped after he refused their request to ensure he had “modernised” his 42-year-old show.

Brian, from Darlington, says he was told that his act had the potential to “upset vulnerable children”.