The majority of European politicians are traitors, says intelligence analyst

In a discussion on Hungarian TV, László Földi called the majority of Europe’s politicians traitors. The Hungarian intelligence analyst discussed Europe’s migrant crisis and its causes with constitutional lawyer Zoltán Lomnici.

Földi says after 7:20 minutes:

“They lost their identity. If someone declares himself a Christian in Western Europe, he does it shamefacedly, or is even afraid to admit it. So it started with some very serious brainwashing; multiple generations have been raised by such logic.”


Belgium: Elderly man beaten up for drinking alcohol on terrace of Kebab shop

Horrible footage shows how an elderly man is beaten up in Belgium by several men. He is kicked in the back and hit with chairs even after he fell on the ground.

The incident happened at the “Rooseveltplaats” in Antwerp. According to Belgian newspaper HLN, the elderly man was drinking alcohol together with his son on the terrace of a Kebab shop.

Because the owner of the place doesn’t sell alcohol, he approached the father and the son to tell them he disagreed with their behaviour.