EU Parliament requested to debate #FarmMurders in South Africa. Unsurprisingly they voted against it. They probably jumped out of their chairs to vote in favor of international intervention to end Apartheid.

“Refugee” Enrichment in Belgium… For a SECOND time this week, Mobs of Jihadi Invaders attacked Police with rocks knives & bars, looted stores, smashed cars and set them on fire.

TRANS ROW Teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe, suspended and facing the sack for mistakenly calling transgender pupil a girl while praising her for schoolwork

A TEACHER has been suspended and could be sacked after ‘accidentally’ calling a transgender pupil who identifies as a boy a ‘girl’ during a lesson.

Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, was suspended when the pupil’s mother lodged an official complaint six weeks after the event.


Just watch these liberal twats in the media interviewing this poor guy. Watch how tolerant they are of his views. I was seething after watching this.

Hungarian security expert: Muslims don’t want to integrate, they want to take power

In the second half of a discussion on Hungarian national TV, security expert László Földi shared his vision on Europe’s migration crisis and Islam:

“One can be Muslim here, of course, if he would integrate into society and lives here. But the ones who arrive here do not want to integrate, and this is about more than not following laws; practically speaking, they will take power culturally, and in a socio-political sense.”