French Vote the South Africa Plan

The Kakistocracy

The French people deserved a choice in their country’s direction. And now they deserve the consequences. Some optimists will mention the doubling of Front National support from 17% in the 2002 election, when Jacques Chirac spackled the Le Pen patriarch by 65 points. I take little solace from such languid party growth trends. As little I imagine as a stage 4 cancer sufferer whose beaming oncologist advises a cure is just years away. The question isn’t will Western Europeans ever comprehend what is being done to them, it’s whether their situation will be salvageable when they do. The worst place to have an epiphany is at your own funeral.

Undoubtedly the French Haitians and Algerian Pieds-Noirs also came to see the benefits of right-wing reactionary politics. Whether that was before or as blades were being drawn across their throats no one can say with certainty. But what we can say…

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The Smiling Mask of Islam

New Right Rising

I’m going to simply lay out here

A) Why Muslim speakers such as Omar Suleiman and Nouman Ali Khan, with their easy smiles and stylish (with a sprinking of witty) YouTube channels are a dangerous cover-up for something very sinister

B) Why it’s sinister

I have spent about a year in total watching and listening to Omar Suleiman, Nouman Ali Khan and many other Islamic teachers. They ranged from the benign, ever-smiling and somewhat cuddly Mufti Menk to fire-breathing Wahhabis you’re praying to God aren’t on your flight.

I bought a subscription to Bayyinah TV, learned to read Arabic a bit, read the Quran through a few times with commentaries from the different schools of thought, did Ramadan and even walked around in hijab in my tiny and somewhat bewildered rural community and all of it to better understand this faith. I then took a diploma course in the foundations…

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Nineteen people are killed and 50 injured in Manchester Arena ‘terrorist suicide bomb attack’ as explosions cause carnage at the end of Ariana Grande gig sending bloodied teens fleeing 

A suspected suicide bomber killed at least 19 people and left 50 more injured in a terrorist attack inside Manchester Arena at the end of a teen concert tonight.
Video footage showed thousands of people fleeing in tears from the venue, many covered in blood, after the Ariana Grande concert finished. Two US officials have said it was a suspected suicide bomber.


Are White Supremacists, White Nationalists, and Anti-Semites Stupid?

Deconstructing Leftism

Chuck Rudd of Gucci Little Piggy has been branching out, from waiter-with-a-degree blogger to correspondent for the Daily Caller, now with a second piece on the Mobile mob attack. The latest story is about white nationalist literature left on doorsteps in the neighborhood, an old issue of a paper put out by VNN forum leader Alex Linder. Chuck contacted Linder to see if he was behind this, and Linder was not interested in talking to him, dismissing him as tool of the establishment. Chuck found this amusing, and said “White nationalists/supremacists/anti-Semites R dum.”

Various people dismiss the dismissal, and Chuck dismisses the dismissal of his dismissal. Chuck doesn’t post my comments, although he posts those of people no less radical than me. He revisits the issue to dismiss further, and restates he isn’t interested in elaborating on his one-word judgement.

I think the question is worth answering, though-…

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An influential French magazine, L’Obs, has written a feature on why more and more French Salafists are moving to Birmingham, and it is a worrying read.
Salafists practice an ultra-conservative version of Islam which has been described as “the fastest-growing Islamic movement in Europe” and are huge supporters of sharia law.
Westmonster has previously reported on the growing problem of Salafism in Europe, even the Mayor of Brussels admitted that all of their mosques were being controlled by radical Islamists. The German Vice-Chancellor has gone further and called for a complete ban on Salafism.


Amnesty International Ireland funded by George Soros

Originally posted on Northern Ireland Demands the right: George Soros, the Hungarian Jew who worked for the Nazis during their occupation funds Ireland’s Amnesty international and the Irish Family Planning Association. The latter being a pro-eugenics lobby group. Amnesty Ireland received €137,000 from a Soros foundation. George Soros is a globalist who you may have heard…