What the “Socialism” Really Means

"Neues Europa"

Source: Germany’s Hitler (Chapter XIV) – by Heinz A. Heinz

It is scarcely necessary to enlarge, here, upon the „Nationalism“ in Adolf Hitler’s political creed. Enough has already been written about it. It has occupied so much space in the contemporary Press and been discussed in so many books it has come to be regarded with a certain degree of Chauvinism. I propose, therefore, to confine myself, in the conclusion of this work, to a few observations under the second heading of our double-barrelled title. It is so completely true that he who studies contemporary Germany with a view to forecasting the future of the country, must study it from inside and not from the outsider’s point of view.1 From outside one mainly perceives the nationalism. From the inside the drive and force of the socialism is most apparent.

German Socialism – Adolf Hitler’s Socialism – is a…

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Switzerland: White Genocide = OK; Showing White Genocide = Not OK

Diversity Macht Frei

There’s a big fuss in the Swiss MSM just now about a photo of a Zurich school class that was being circulated on social media by members of the “far right” PNOS party (Partei der Eidgenossen) [Eidgenossen literally means oathbound but is also used to refer to the Swiss people in general].

All these crazed right-wing extremists did was comment on the nature of the demographic change clearly underway in Switzerland, variously known as the Great Replacement or White Genocide. But Swiss establishment figures have claimed this was a terrible intrusion into the privacy of the children. They are considering legal action against PNOS. Child welfare experts are now calling for schools not to publish classroom photographs on the internet so that white folks seeking to resist their own extinction – AKA the “Alt Right” – will not be able to observe how White Genocide is progressing.

Below you see…

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Berlin: Pre-school children to get gender diversity brainwashing

Diversity Macht Frei


The Berlin Senate has paid for a 140-page teaching manual that provides instruction for teachers on how to teach gender diversity issues to pre-school children at nursery institutions.

The educational initiative is called Queerformat. So far it is a first for Germany, but no doubt will soon spread elsewhere.

The title page reads “Murats plays a princess, Alex has two mothers and Sophie is now called Ben – Sexual and gender diversity as topics for inclusive pre-school teaching”


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“Watching what is happening today, I am convinced that if Mussolini came back, he would win the election’’

Diversity Macht Frei

The Italians have done their own take on the German “He’s Back” film that showed Hitler returning to the modern world. “Sono tornato” [I’m Back] adopts the same light-hearted tone. But the director thinks Mussolini could really win an election in modern Italy.

Just as the right is moving forward, Benito Mussolini is appearing in Italian cinemas in the satire movie I’m Back, which imagines the dictator returning to the Italy of 2018. “The Italians, unlike the Germans, never dealt with their dictator, they have never removed him,” said the director Luca Maniero. “Watching what is happening, today, in our country, I am convinced that if Mussolini came back, he would win the election.’’


The most interesting parts of the trailer are when people in the street spontaneously give the Roman salute on seeing “Mussolini” pass by.

It is actually not implausible that Mussolini could win. Polls show a…

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“Macerata is only the beginning”: Italian ruling class shocked at popular support for Italian shooter

Diversity Macht Frei

The Italian ruling class is disturbed by signs of popular support for Luca Traini, the former Lega Nord candidate who performed a drive-by shooting of 6 Africans in Macerata on Saturday.

In Perugia an inscription was left beneath a portrait of the left-wing intellectual Paolo Vinto, saying: “Macerata is only the beginning”.

In Rome, a banner was unfurled last night on the Ponte Milvio: “Honour to Luca Traini”.


Traini’s lawyer says he has been inundated with messages of solidarity for the shooter.

The lawyer representing Luca Traini, the man accused of going in a racist shooting spree in Macerata on Saturday, said Monday that he was alarmed about the level of support for the attacker. “Politically there is a problem,” lawyer Giancarlo Giulianelli said after meeting the 28-year-old in Montacuto prison. “People stop me to give messages of solidarity for Luca. It’s alarming, but it gives us a measure of…

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“It’s too late for Germany”: German feminist SJW admits she got it wrong on immigration, plans to emigrate for her retirement

Diversity Macht Frei


In 2012 Rebecca Sommer founded the refugee aid association Arbeitsgruppe Flucht + Menschen-Rechte (AG F+M) [Working Group Asylum + Human Rights]. At the end of 2015, this artist, photographer and journalist and documentary maker applauded Angela Merkel’s decision to open German’s borders to the “refugees” who had been blocked in Hungary, despite the vacuum effect this would create. “At that time I wanted to help everyone and truly believed that all these people were fleeing hell and were in a state of complete distress,” the German activist explained in an article published by the conservative Polish weekly  Do Rzeczy  on 15 January, discussing how she woke up to reality.

In 2015, her NGO had almost 300 volunteers who were giving German courses to the new arrivals.

…”I thought their medieval view was going to change with time…but after having seen these situations occur repeatedly and observing what was happening…

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Sweden Has Handed Over Its Cultural Heritage to An Uneducated Foreigner

tomfernandez28's Blog

Henrik looks at Qaisar Mahmood, a Pakistani sociologist, who almost accidentally was positioned as the head of the Swedish National Heritage Board. He has entered onto a personal crusade to deconstruct Swedishness, identity and our cultural heritage, just because he himself, as an outsider and foreigner, feel out of place in Nordic society.


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Orban Blasts UN Mass Immigration Plan!

Sonora del Norte Press

Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban is blasting the UN Global Compact on Migration plan, again, and he says the plan has the marks of George Soros all over it!

“Principles are being formulated which, for example, raise the possibility of lighter penaltiess for illegally crossing borders, or propose that every country in the world simplifies and accelerates administrative procedures – in other words that we reduce the screening of foreigners who want to enter into our countries – or that NGOs should participate in these procedures,” Orban said in an interview yesterday with reporters.

“Well, Hungary has had some rather bad experiences with NGOs: the bogus civil society organisations dealing with migration all eat out of George Soros’s hand,” Orban went on to say.  He said the UN plan is copied from Soro’s plan for massive global migration.  Ironically, the MSM has claimed that such a Soros plan does not…

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China in world-first deployment of experimental electromagnetic rail ‘supergun’ aboard a warship

Global Geopolitics

CHINA has just changed the game. It has released photos of a new “supergun” capable of making many of the West’s defences obsolete.

WANT to win a war? Build a better gun. Now China appears to have taken a huge stride ahead of the United States with the first experimental deployment of a new ‘supergun’ aboard a warship.

The first images began circulating on the internet last week.

They showed a Chinese amphibious assault ship — usually used to deploy troops and tanks on a beach — fitted with an enormous cannon on its bows.

Overnight, Beijing’s official mouthpiece The People’s Daily Online published an article reporting speculation the unusually large single-barrelled weapon was an electromagnetic rail gun.

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Who Started World War II? – What they don’t want you to know

EUROPA - The Last Battle

In this thread, we will be exploring the truth about The Third Reich, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and the events leading up to World War 2, the most devastating European conflict in history. You will not learn this in school. The history of National Socialist Germany is perhaps the most obfuscated period in history, but the events during this era are vital in forming an understanding of what goes on to this very day.


Adolf Hitler is born in Austria to parents Klara and Alois Hitler, a simple, modest Austrian family. After both die, Adolf is left without any close connections or ties. However, he will go on to become one of the most influential figures in history.

Many years prior, in 1871, the newly formed German Reich, under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, became one of the first European nations to grant citizenship to the Jewish population. German…

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