What is “Nazism”? – The Occidental Observer


Now, it’s unclear if Obama is ignorant, brainwashed, bribed, or coerced into saying such simple-minded and facile things.  The degree of distortion, deception, and propaganda in this short statement is quite amazing—and likely deliberate.  It’s worth taking a moment to dissect this situation, and draw some plausible conclusions. Read this and be Enlightened

What is “Nazism”? – The Occidental Observer
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Russian citizen Roman Yushkov has been cleared by a Russian court after being charged with making statements that in the West will earn him up to 5-years harsh imprisonment. After being cleared, the acquitted defendant poured out his gratitude.

“Dear friends, I hasten to inform you that an hour ago the jury cast a verdict by a majority of votes (5 against 3) that I am fully acquitted under Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ‘Rehabilitation of Nazism’.

The jury recognised that I had republished the article by Anton Blagin “Jews! Return Germans money for cheating about the Holocaust Six Millions Jews.”

And in his comments, he denied that six…

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Forgotten History: The Chicago White People’s Uprising of 1966 – Conclusion


By Martin Kerr

This is the republication of an article that first appeared on the main NEW ORDER website in 2016. It is the second part of a two-part article. You may read the first part here: Forgotten History: The Chicago White People’s Uprising of 1966 – Part One


The “Chicago White People’s Uprising” is the name given to a series of events that took place in the summer of 1966. Beginning in July, and stretching through into September, White workers, homeowners and youth took to the streets of that city to physically defend their neighborhoods from being forcibly integrated by Negroes, who were under the leadership of Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson and other Black agitators.

From the end of July through August 14, White resistance took the form of violence directed against Negro “opening housing” protests. Although no one was killed, many people were injured, automobiles…

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Swedish election: Left wins among women, minorities, SD wins among men

Diversity Macht Frei


The recent Swedish elections have revealed major differences between various electoral groups. If only Swedish men would have voted, the right-wing anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party would have become Sweden’s largest party, while the left-wing Social Democrats would have won convincingly if only immigrants’ or women’s votes were counted.

Data reveals that the more right wing parties, such as Swedish Democrats, the Moderates and KD performed relatively well among men, while the Social Democrats, Greens, the Left Party and various liberal parties performed well among women.

It should be noted that most immigrants in Sweden are men, which caused a gender imbalance in the country, in other words the voting gender gap among native swedes is actually even larger, since the (mostly male) migrants voted for the left.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that the swedish right is not particularly “right wing”, compared to, let’s say…

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Italy’s Salvini says Europe is importing African slave workers rather than having more children of their own….

Refugee Resettlement Watch

….and all hell breaks lose!

“The Luxembourg [foreign] minister declared this morning that we need migrants because Europe is ageing. I told him I instead work towards young Italians (and Europeans) returning to bringing children into the world, because we don’t want new slaves.”

(Matteo Salvini)


Here is one version of the exchange in Vienna from The Gurardian:

‘Merde alors!’: Salvini draws fury with reference to African ‘slaves’

Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has compared African immigrants to slaves, prompting Luxembourg’s foreign minister to retort angrily using the French curse “Merde alors!”

The fiery exchange between Salvini – the leader of the League, which governs in coalition with the populist Five Star Movement – and Jean Asselborn occurred during a behind-closed-doors session at a European conference on security and immigration in Vienna.




Salvini, who immediately launched a crackdown on illegal immigration when his coalition…

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Hardcore racist Chinamen leave weak-willed whites floundering in the dust

Diversity Macht Frei

Ruthless Chinamen are amazing the world with their hardcore, unabashed racism. These Chinks just don’t care.

What are they  up to now?

Brainwashing Muslims to make them forget their faith.


Western countries need to study these Chinese techniques and adopt them.

The slant-eyed furies are also going to Africa and beating the natives with sticks whenever they don’t work hard enough.

Wise men throughout the ages have averred that the negro has a natural tendency towards indolence. Aristotle (or was it Nietzsche, or maybe Kierkegaard or some other famous-type guy) said the only way you could get a hard day’s work out of a black was by enslaving him. These bold Chinamen are trying to achieve the same result with a carrot-and-stick approach, minus the carrot.


It looks like Yellow-Black ethnic tensions are really hotting up in the Dark Continent.

Here two Chinamen attack an African minister. They are massively…

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Finland takes another mud bath: Meet Miss Tampere

Diversity Macht Frei

The number of brown people in Finland seems to be statistically negligible. It’s basically a country of white, blue-eyed, blonde people and, perhaps not coincidentally, also the happiest nation on earth.

But some hostile element within Finland seems determined to pervert the natural healthy aesthetic of the Finnish people by promoting alternative, un-European standards of beauty.

Last year it was Miss Helsinki; this year, Miss Tampere.

In each case, unprepossessing Africans prevailed over much more obviously attractive Finns.

Here was the line-up of contenders for the title of Miss Tampere.


Guess which one prevailed? You guessed right.

It was African Sheila da Costa.



Both the audience and readers of the newspaper organising the contest chose a different candidate as favourite, who happened to be the same person. But the contest judges imposed the African as winner.

The war on whites is also aesthetic; every canon of European beauty…

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Ethnic Europeans are shaking their heads in disbelief. In Norway, police chiefs collaborate with Muslim vigilantes whilst elsewhere in Europe the people’s vigilantism is condemned. Michael Walsh, the author of Europe Arise, says this underscores what we have known for some time; the police are institutionally racist, pro-coloured and stridently anti-White.

He adds, “Shamefully, this is likely the first time in European history that the government, police, and media, whose first duty is to defend the indigenous peoples, have capitulated to non-European invaders.”

Andrej Sisko is the leader of Slovenia’s United Slovenia Movement party. Slovenian President Borut Pahor has voiced alarm about a video showing a masked unit led by the former presidential candidate Andrej…

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“How do we make babies?”: White genocide propaganda in French educational books for children

Diversity Macht Frei

“How do we make babies?”

This sex education book which, according to the publisher’s website, is designed for children of 5 years and up, seems to think the magic recipe is: find a white woman and a brown man.


The illustrator is one Maud Riemann, whose portfolio suggests she has a passion for diversity.


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