Torrid Tale of Interracial Lesbian Love Takes Top Honors at TV’s Emmy Awards


According to queer Twitter, the whole world is jumping in to celebrate two women licking each others bushy areas. And not just any two taco bumpers, but one white and one black.

Yeah, let’s see how I can celebrate. If I had a dog, I’d send him to the refrigerator to get me a beer.

I’m certain that dogs grabbing beers out of fridges are more entertaining than two rug munchers portrayed sympathetically by Hollyweird.

Exactly what sort of reprobate mind thinks this that we should all be celebrating their degeneracy and perversion, I’m not sure. All I can say is that they’re not normal.

Lesbian sexual acts should be made illegal again, as they were until the Supreme Court weighed in.

Huffington Post

The Emmy Awards gloriously embraced queer storytelling this year, and the cherry on top of the sundae was “Black Mirror” picking up prizes for perhaps its…

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“Gay” Pride

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center


I saw on the news this morning the exciting announcement that the city of Dallas was planning to expand their gay pride celebrations into a two day event. I of course was very excited about this, as you might imagine. Many of you probably are under the mistaken idea that as a Nazi, I hate these faggots but I’m a live and let live kind of guy. If you want to celebrate the gays, I say go for it. My only condition is the truth. You see, I think that if you are going to have parades and city wide official celebrations, you should be completely honest about what it is you are celebrating. I mean, “gay pride” sounds great and all but if they are going to have official celebrations I think it is unfair not to celebrate the real thing vs the sanitized Disney version. After all, putting…

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Facts and Lies about Hitler


Nothing better demonstrates the great hatred the parties responsible for Germany’s misery have for Hitler than a selection of the lies that they spread about him. And nothing speaks more for Hitler.

TheCenter Partyand its allies in the “Bavarian People’s Party”lied: Adolf Hitler is member of the “Free of Rome movement.” When this was proven to be untrue, the Center Party lied that it was true of Hitler’s father. Furthermore: As a child, Hitler supposedly spit on the host. He is a covert Bolshevist.

The S.P.D. lied:Hitler supposedly had “Champagne parties with beautiful women;” the Kaiser paid Hitler for his activities; Hitler received money from “Horthy’s Hungary.” Hitler’s supporters are supposedly “miserable creatures,” reactionary officers, and students. Hitler is a “slave of the capitalists.”

The S.P.D. and Center Party lied:Hitler betrayed South Tyrol and was rewarded with money from Italy.

They lied:Hitler supposedly…

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Living In A Madhouse: A Bucket Bomb Full Of Irony

Just as you were trying to internalize and absorb such terms as ”Truck Attack” and ”Acid Attack” into your standard speech patterns, multiculturalism blessed us yet again, now you can get used to ”Bucket Bomb” too. The Bucket Bomb premiered on London’s Underground yesterday but with only 22 injured and no (as I write!) fatalities seems to have left people, both Jihadists and Londoners, with the sense that it was a bit of a flop.


Trump Signs Congressional Resolution Condemning White Supremacists



When it rains, it pours.

If you’re white and you have your feet firmly planted on the ground, you might feel disheartened today. The white race is under attack from Republicans, Democrats, mayors, Congress, Donald Trump, the media, Twitter, Jews, and even many of our own people.

The message is that if you’re white, you’re a piece of shit who has no right to exist. Well, maybe the New World Order will tolerate you so long as you work your ass off to support the brown and black dirtbags who are net tax consumers. In other words, they need the white race for a little while longer so that we can dig our own graves.

Smart white people might:

1. Turn the race war on us around and begin attacking our enemies. I have no problem with this. Warrior blood…

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‘White Supremacist’ is now anyone (not even necessarily White) who thinks we have the right to expect our laws to be enforced and the Will and Consent of the governed be respected, no matter what the Far Left thinks.

Worth looking into the origins of the ‘Whiteness Studies’ phenomenon.

Guess what? Jews.

There’s a race war alright but its on Whites, led by Jews and the minorities they use as tools.


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