Israel Moves To Tighten Its Racial Purity Laws

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has reported that the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), which trains rabbis for the Conservative movement, said it is committed to keeping its ban on clergy from performing “interfaith” wedding ceremonies.

The JTS said that a marriage in Israel “is not only a celebration of a couple, but a commitment to the Jewish covenant” and that therefore marriages between Jews and non-Jews would remain illegal.


We’ve been told over and over again that Anne Frank was betrayed and turned over to evil Nazis who sought to put her into a gas chamber. Turns out this narrative might not be true.

New evidence from the Anne Frank House museum indicates that the house was raided over ration fraud.

From BBC:

World-famous wartime diarist Anne Frank may have been discovered by chance and not because her hiding place was betrayed, a new theory suggests.


10,000 Strong Muslim Rally In Cologne To Condemn Radical Islam A Complete Flop

The Leftist media has been drumming up support for a planned march that was supposed to prove to the world that most Muslims in Europe condemn the terrorist attacks. Cologne was chosen for its symbolism because it was the scene of a New Years mass rape by Muslims of European women.
They started hyping up this event, claiming that 10,000 Muslims would show up to condemn radical Islamic terror.