Muslims accused of rape given bail to walk freely round Sunderland.

Many people will have been appalled by the story of the mother of three who allegedly had her drink spiked whilst on a night out and who was then taken off and raped by a gang of Muslims. It is indeed a truly shocking story, but one aspect of this case that many will consider particularly shocking is the fact that the alleged rapists have been given bail. The Muslims accused of this horrible attack are now free to walk round Sunderland to their hearts content doing who knows what. Although I believe in the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ sometimes people need to be kept in custody until their trial for various reasons such as protection of the public, protection of witnesses or because the alleged offender is considered a flight risk. Remand in custody would be especially relevant in this case as the men, who earlier press reports were said to be refugees, are in my opinion, very likely to pose a flight risk.

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New German law: Attack an asylum seeker, and the victim gets to stay

The German state of Brandenburg has introduced an unusual law to prevent a potential tide of right-wing extremist violence against asylum seekers. The law automatically provides residence permit to asylum seekers who are victims of xenophobic attacks, reports Berlingske.
The law is suppose to send a signal to perpetrators that attacks on refugees and migrants “do not pay.”
Although it is only a tiny minority of Germany’s asylum seekers who have been exposed to extreme right-wing attacks, it is a growing problem.

#Whitegenocide : Green Party wants to double population of Ireland using migrants

Eamon Ryan, the Green Party leader, wants to bring in refugees on a vast scale so that the population of Ireland will double to 10 million. In the same speech he talks about “sustainable development goals”. Bringing in more refugees on this scale will require a larger welfare state, which in turn will require increased government spending, which in turn means higher taxes and even higher budget deficits and debt than we have now (currently € 214 billion and counting). This robs from future generations to pay for current generation’s needs and whims. The very definition of unsustainability.   

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Italy: Coalburning Model Jessica Notaro Gets a Face Full of Acid! May be Blind! Stupid Bitch!

As they say, “burn the coal, pay the toll.”
The poor, stupid bitch.
Yet another act of violence against a woman, again with acid to disfigure the victim. Jessica Notaro, of Rimini, 28-years-old, is hospitalized in serious condition at Cesena Bufalini and risks losing her eyesight. The woman, a former Miss Italy finalist, was assaulted by former boyfriend, Jorge Edson Tavares, a native of Cape Verde, tracked down by the police. In August, the man had made the author of other ill-treatment and its cargo had been opened a dossier which resulted in a measure of warning of the superintendent. The man was the questioning at this time.

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Catholic Charities placing Somalis from Uganda refugee camp in Minnesota

The other day when I wrote about the large number of Somalis entering the US from refugee camps in Kenya, I wondered who were all the refugees coming from Uganda and here we learn they are Somalis too!
We have written so many posts about Somalis/Catholic Charities in Minnesota, I have lost track. But, I do remember when I first learned that it was three ostensibly Christian federal refugee contractors who first placed Muslim Somalis in Minnesota decades ago,and they are still at it. See that 2011 post here.

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Canada now has a Somalian in charge of immigration

Just hours after formally assuming his new post, Hussen — who has been a lawyer, human rights advocate and community activist — said the trajectory of his life would affect how he approaches the job, just like it would for anyone else.
“I am extremely proud of our country’s history as a place of asylum, a place that opens its doors and hearts to new immigrants and refugees, and I’m especially proud today to be the minister in charge of that file,” Hussen told reporters outside the House of Commons on Tuesday.
“The story of Canada is the story of immigration, and I’m especially proud and humbled that the prime minister would task me with this important role.”

VIDEO:GERMANY ON THE BRINK: Police break up violent clash during anti-Muslim march

Hundreds turned up to demonstrate for and against the right-wing LEGIDA group, the local group of PEGIDA, the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe.
Pro-refugee demonstrators assembled in numbers in the eastern city of Leipzig to combat the anti-Muslim group’s march.
Heavy police presence was arranged to try to prevent violent clashes between the two groups.
In the footage, protesters can be heard chanting while some raise flags in the air before smoke begins to fill the streets.

German Government Takes Preemptive Measures in Anticipation of Violent Uprising

The old Latin adage “Beware the fury of a patient man” is nowhere better applicable than to Germany. The average person’s living beneath the heel of Angela Merkel’s surveillance state may seem innocuous – even goofy and wimpy – but history shows that every German keeps a creature in his closet, and when it finally comes out, it’s impossible to put it back in.
When the Englishman is tempted to fight Goliath, he thinks of his money, the Italian thinks of his mama, the Frenchman of his girlfriend(s) – but Germans aren’t compelled by any of this (not nearly as much), which is why their government requires some of the most brutal political restrictions and social engineering programs on the planet to hold them down.

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Police FORCED to take lessons on ISLAM to foster ‘respectful’ ties with Muslim communities


BRUSSELS police will be forced to take lessons on Islam to help foster “respectful relations with Muslims communities in the Belgian capital.

Under the new initiative labelled “Conflict management or how to avoid difficulties when dealing with Muslims”, officers will undertake an eight-hour module examining the religion and study the history of immigration into Belgium from 1960 to the present.
Brussels authorities have added the new scheme on top of the existing COPPRA training, an EU funded project designed to equip officers on the ground to prevent and spot radicalisation.

Ireland:Meet another Dail Traitor

This is Katherine Zappone. According to Wikipedia, Zappone is an American-born feminist theologian and independent politician.
“She and her wife, Ann Louise Gilligan, founded An Cosán which supports individuals and communities to actively engage in the process of social change through transformative education.”
As can be seen from the above quote, Zappone is a cultural marxist who believes in brainwashing our children to accept social engineering. This is the kind of thing Zappone promotes:

As Children’s Minister, Zappone will outline how the child and family agency TUSLA will oversee the management of 40 “children” from the Calais ‘jungle’. You see the Dial traitors recently agreed among themselves ( without ever asking any of us of course ) that Ireland would “welcome” 200 “children” from the illegal encampment that African and Muslim invaders have occupied for some years in northern France. These are the kinds of “children” we are talking about:

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