German president: Immigrants must reject anti-Semitism, it’s ‘non-negotiable’

There are things which are part of Germany. And one of these is our responsibility for our past: the lessons of two World Wars, the lessons from the Holocaust, the responsibility for Israel’s security, the rejection of any form of racism and anti-Semitism,” said the German president at a Hanukkah event at the Israeli embassy in Berlin.


Countless women sexually assaulted every year

Erdogan-loyalists intimidate/assault German citizens

Migrant police officers working together with migrant gangs

500+ terrorists capable of attacks

Preachers spreading jihad propaganda

honor killings, child marriages

Nope. This is all an acceptable price to pay for diversity.

Insulting Jews is the red line. THAT’s when you’re no longer welcome to live here :^)

Germany: Reading out news about migrants is now seen as a crime by the left

AfD politician, Rainer Rahn, of the Frankfurt city council, was sued for racial incitement by the left-wing faction leader of “Die Linke” Martin Kliehm. Why? He had the audacity to read 30 newspaper headlines out loud.

In an interview with Frankfurt broadcasting, Martin Kliehm said the AfD member was trying to incite the people against refugees, Muslims and migrants. Hence, he sued him.

The reason for Rahn’s action was his criticism of SPD party migration officer Aydan Özoguz. Mr. Özoguz said that there is no German culture because it has always been influenced by outside influences and migration.


>Go to Britain >Rape and abuse dozens of white British children >Kill one of them >Chop them up and put them into kebabs >Get paid compensation when they let you off with it Living the British multicultural dream

Pope Francis Asks For Forgiveness of Rohingya Muslims While Christians are Slaughtered in the Middle East

Pope Francis has recently traveled to the Asian continent. Firstly, he visited Myanmar and then paid a visit to the displaced Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh where he asked for forgiveness for not helping enough.

This is not the first time the current Pope is very friendly towards Muslims or Islam. He openly supports mass immigration in Europe and strongly believes that Islam and Christianity can coexist in Europe while Christians are getting persecuted and massacred all around the globe, especially in the Middle East.


Nordic Resistance Movement Calls For ‘Stoning of Traitors” Amidst Grenading of Police

There’s been some interesting news coming out of Sweden in recent weeks.

Fria Tider:

The government’s solution to the vast amount of explosive objects in Sweden such as hand grenades is an amnesty for such items, reports DN. The use of hand grenades has increased significantly in recent years. Earlier this week, a hand grenade was thrown at police officers outside of the police headquarters in Uppsala.


TEEN RAPISTS RELEASED Outrage as convicted MUSLIM rape gang WALK FREE from court despite leaving victim, 14, for dead – after judge says the attackers ‘appeared to feel sorry’

A GANG of teens who raped a 14-year-old girl and left her for dead have walked free from court — despite graphic video evidence of their assault.

Prosecutors are set to challenge the soft suspended sentences handed down last week following a closed trial in Hamburg, Germany.