Hope Not Hate Deserve To Be Hated

Hope Not Hate are absolutely despised by the white working class British, and they’ve earned every drop of that hatred many times over, they deserve to be hated, they deserve be treat like pariahs, they deserve humiliation and defeat, they deserve to be humiliated in their defeats. Not so long ago Hope Not Hate’s primary concern was hunting down members of the EDL and BNP, people who committed minor infractions of forcibly implemented multicultural dogma. 

 Somebody had to keep the uppity working class whites in check as they were being demographically replaced and phased out by vibrant immigrants, and the unemployable middle class social science grads which constitute Hope Not Hate’s support, were just the heroes the Globalist political class needed.

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Traitor Blair Calls For Uprising Against Brexit 


 Boris Johnson laid into Tony Blair over his ‘condescending’ bid to reverse the EU referendum vote today – saying people should switch off the TV when the former PM appears.

Mr Blair faced a huge backlash after he used a speech in London to unveil his ‘mission’ to keep us in the EU – despite conceding that the public do not agree with him.
The ex-premier demanded that voters stop worrying so much about immigration and ‘rethink’ their decision before the country goes ‘over a cliff edge’.


‘Colonization was a crime against humanity’: French presidential favorite & traitor Macron sparks firestorm


Emmanuel Macron, the centrist French politician who is surging in the polls two months ahead of the presidential election, has been forced to defend himself after criticizing his country’s colonial past.

Macron, 39, was asked to clarify previous comments on colonization during an interview with Algerian television, broadcast on Tuesday night – a sensitive issue in a country that fought a bloody war to earn its independence from France.


Sweden Builds Camel Park to Help Integrate Migrants

Swedish city Gothenburg is building a camel park which it hopes will create jobs for migrants, bu the plans have been slammed as racist and “absurd” by a charity boss.

The city hopes the camel centre being built in the migrant-dominated suburb of Angered will be able to provide jobs for foreign residents who are otherwise struggling to find a place in the country’s labour market.


French president visits man ‘raped by police truncheon’ in hospital. Has he visited any whites gang raped or killed by invaders? 

French president Francois Hollande has visited a man in hospital after a police officer allegedly raped him with a truncheon.
The man, named only as Theo, has been receiving medical treatment for a severe anal tear after the incident in Paris last Thursday.

French president visits man ‘raped by police truncheon’ in hospital


The cartoons put up by the French government in train stations and official buildings throughout the country make things pretty clear :
“French Men : Warning !! If Terrorism Happens Near Chez Vous, Put Your Hands Up And Wait For A Brown Gentleman To Give You Instructions About What To Do Next !”

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Hipster-Right’ Identitarian Leader Attacked At Vienna Subway Station by Leftists

Leader of the Austrian branch of the anti-mass migration Identitarian youth movement Martin Sellner claims to have been attacked by a group of far-left extremists, a confrontation that led him to discharge a pepper spray gun to fend off the attack.

The leader of the hipster-right movement, who some refer to as the “Greenpeace of the right” for their various protests and street theatre, told Breitbart London that a group of around four or five masked black-bloc style individuals attacked him without warning. Sellner says that he was waiting at the Shottentor subway station for a friend when the masked group approached him.


Illegals Urged to ‘Fight Back’ Against Immigration Officials

An Austin, Texas, city council member is encouraging illegal immigrants not to comply with federal immigration officials.
Addressing concerns over “potential raids of our communities by Immigration and Customs Enforcement” which are rumored to occur this week, district four city council representative Gregorio Casar released an infographic informing illegal aliens how to defy federal law enforcement.