The Wonders and Tragedies of Nikola Tesla the Great

The story of Nikola Tesla is one of faith, hope and belief. It is a story of what one individual can achieve and how a single person utterly dedicated to his cause can change the world for the better.

What caused Nikola Tesla’s 1895 lab fire?

In the early morning hours of March 13, 1895, the South Fifth Avenue building that housed Tesla’s lab caught fire. It started in the basement of the building and was so intense Tesla’s 4th floor lab burned and collapsed into the second floor. The fire not only set back Tesla’s ongoing projects, it destroyed a collection of early notes and research material, models, and demonstration pieces, including many that had been exhibited at the 1893 Worlds Colombian Exposition.


Theresa May to create new internet that would be controlled by government

Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.
Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.
“Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”



Liberals seldom mention the moon landings because to look back at the glorious space program that the US had when this was a 90 percent White nation, compared to the pathetic, current state of NASA is a devastating statement against Diversity and our Third World president, Barack Obama.
Since the moon landings, liberals have transferred billions of dollars from NASA to various welfare programs continually shrinking any attempts at space exploration. The new technology developed during the Apollo moon project contributed greatly to making America a wealthy nation and a world leader in high technology. The billions of dollars squandered on welfare has caused a population explosion among single Black mothers, who produce 68 percent of all Black children. The Black population is a colossal financial drain, whose only purpose is to elect incompetent Democrat politicians like Barack Obama to high political office.

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Why So Many People Think Eli Whitney, Cotton Gin Inventor, Was Black

There’s a general effort in the U.S. to massively inflate the contributions of black inventors in the mind of impressionable children. As I pointed out last year, if you type “American inventors” into Google, you’ll will see pictures of inventors, the great majority of whom are black. Here’s Google’s current Top Ten:

Thomas Alva Edison in 8th place and nine blacks. So it’s hardly surprising that Americans would grow up assuming that if Eli Whitney was an American inventor, the odds are he was also an African American inventor. I mean, didn’t blacks invent practically everything we were taught about in school.

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Hollywood: Black Women were Crucial for the 50s Space Program

A guaranteed box office hit if I ever saw one.
Prepare to be inspired, goyim.
You’ve always insisted that Blacks were dumb and useless. Little did you know, all your greatest accomplishments would have been impossible without the secret assistance of Black female geniuses.
It’s time we finally lifted the veil of deceit obscuring our past. It’s time to admit that the real credit for the space program lies with the Blacks.

Revealed: The 48 organisations that can see your entire online browsing history, even if you delete it

The police, NHS and the tax man will now be able to hack into your phones and check your browsing history after the Snoopers’ Charter was passed by Parliament last week.
The bill, officially called the Investigatory Powers Bill, forces electronic data to be stored by internet providers for 12 months, which can be subsequently collected by law enforcement.
Now a blogger has created a list of all the people who will be able to request to view your internet history if the bill passes Royal Assent to become law.