South Africa’s New President Receives a Rabbi’s Blessing

Twenty-eight years ago, Cyril Ramaphosa stood outside Cape Town’s city hall, holding a microphone for Nelson Mandela, who had just been released from prison.

This week, days before he assumed the South African presidency, Ramaphosa stood at the very same spot, celebrating 100 years since his mentor’s birth, and received the blessings of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Asher Deren, chairman of the Rabbinical Association of the Western Cape.


South African Blacks Burn Trains at Alarming Rate

Black commuters in South Africa have a long history of burning trains and rioting in stations, often on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Notice that the headline does not say “Blacks burn train,” but instead “Blacks burn trains at alarming rate.” In South Africa, it isn’t surprising to hear that Blacks have burned something. A train. A school. A farm. No, indeed that sort of thing is passé, almost unworthy of mention, something to take for granted. Black arson or vandalism becomes newsworthy only when it occurs at a rate that threatens to take down the entire country’s mass transit infrastructure.


A mob in #SouthAfrica is #AttackingWhites for no reason😡.No #media attention But what if it was the other way around? #equality they what way then?

This sporting life

Irish Savant

I realise that few of you have much time for professional sport. It’s understandable given that it represents the bread & circuses of modern times, serving to distract the White masses from the war being waged on them. In fact it’s infinitely worse than a distraction, serving also as an extraordinarily effective weapon for breaking down our ethnic solidarity and normalising the presence of non-Whites in White society. It also segues perfectly into the Magic Negro syndrome, capitalising as it does on the one arena in which blacks excel.


EU Parliament requested to debate #FarmMurders in South Africa. Unsurprisingly they voted against it. They probably jumped out of their chairs to vote in favor of international intervention to end Apartheid.

Police shoot dead cannibal who refused to stop EATING a woman he had decapitated in South Africa

A cannibal caught eating a woman he beheaded has died after a police shot him in South Africa.
Aphiwe Mapekula, 23, collapsed in a hail of bullets with arm, leg and stomach injuries when police officers tried to arrest him at his home.

He is said to have ignored several warning shots as he continued to eat Thembisa Masumpa’s raw flesh.
Officers finally opened fire on him when he attacked them with a knife, police said.
Mapekula is said to have slit 35-year-old Thembisa’s throat and hacked off her head in Mount Frere, South Africa.