Cannibalism Outbreak: Not 28 Days Later, But Europe in 2018

Coming less than two weeks after news that the Nigerian Mafia butchered and possibly dined on a young Italian girl, another horrific story of cannibalism has emerged, this time from the Parisian suburbs. Three men were arrested on February 19th in Clichy-sous-Bois, a notorious No-Go Zone, after a back-alley altercation allegedly over money resulted in pieces of a fourth man’s ears and lips being bitten off and swallowed. The perpetrators all hail from the Cape Verdean Islands, off the coast of Northwest Africa. The ethnicity of the victim, due to typical French bureaucratic obscurantism, is unknown.


Italian criminologist: Ruthless Nigerian mafia has reached Italy and is colonising the country

: “What we have seen in Pamela’s case is the same methods the Nigerian mafia systematically applies in Nigeria and elsewhere” […] “it is a routine to cut victims into pieces and in some cases, to eat parts of their bodies”.

What’s left of Pamela’s body was found in two trolleys, her neck and genitals were missing. The body was deboned and washed in bleach in order to hide and remove any kind of trace.

Her heart was also missing, which doesn’t surprise Meluzzi who explained: “Child soldiers in Sierra Leone ate human hearts as a rite of passage in order to gain courage. Ritual cannibalism, in the Nigerian mafia, is not an exception, but a rule. These are normal things for them, but here nobody talks about it, out of fear of being called racist. We should get used to these things: this is just the tip of an iceberg destined to grow larger”


Nigerian man allegedly killed and cut into pieces 18 years old girl

Pamela, an 18 years old girl, had been missing for days. The mother denounced her disappearance to the police which had been looking for her until a driver found 2 abandoned bags by the side of a road, bags that when investigated where found to be containing the body of a young woman cut into pieces, perfectly clean. A truly horrible story in the small town of Pollenza, nearby Macerata.


Swedish Feminist and US Citizen in UN Convoy who Supported Open Border Beheaded in the Congo

Diversity is our greatest strength. Or in this case, it’s our greatest weakness after a Swedish Green Party politician who considered herself as being “brave and groundbreaking” by touting policies of “Open-Borders” has her life cut short, literally.

36-year-old Zaida Catalán, both a member of the Swedish Green Party and a rising star of the virtue signaling leftist organization known as the Young Green of Sweden, has a history of pushing policies that benefit globalism and feminism including that of “Open-Borders”.


USA: This happens in this day and age, when a 62-year-old teacher confiscated the smartphone from a student, then he gets a beating from the student. Disrespect everywhere. Only disgusting!

Bludgeoned and blow-torched alive: Horrific footage exposes Indonesia’s dog meat markets where pets are slaughtered after being snatched from the streets

Nine in ten dogs slaughtered weekly for their meat across Indonesia are pets that have been stolen from their owners or snatched from the streets, animal rights activists claim.

Each week, thousands of dogs are being bludgeoned in public, blow-torched alive, and butchered to be eaten in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Dallas family gets prison time for stomping on pregnant 13-year-old until she miscarried after she was raped by her BROTHER

The victim, now 19, was 13 years old when she was raped by her brother Robert Cayald, now 24

According to The Dallas Morning News, the victim, now 19, was eight months pregnant when she was attacked in 2013.

Sharon Jones, 47, was sentenced to 12 years; her daughter, Cecila McDonald, 28, was sentenced to seven years; and her 29-year-old son, Cedric Jones Jr, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Each pleaded guilty to felony family violence aggravated assault.

Another man, Lonnell McDonald, received 10 years in prison in 2016 after being convicted of aggravated assault in the attack.