Victims of Fatal Car Crash in France Robbed Before Emergency Services Arrive

A 44-year-old motorcyclist and his partner in France were involved in a fatal collision over the weekend with police investigating allegations they were robbed by locals following the accident.

Sources close to the case, which took place in Villetaneuse, just outside of Paris, claim that local passersby were more interested in filming the fatal crash, taking selfies, and stealing the belongings of the pair than calling emergency services, Le Parisien reports.

The collision occurred on Saturday in the early morning when the motorcyclist slammed into a Volkswagen Golf that was attempting a U-turn.


Migrant prosecuted for torturing Swedish boys for three hours – They were burned with cigarettes and kicked in the face

Yesterday, a 16-year-old migrant was prosecuted for robbery at the Emporia Mall in Malmö, where two fifteen-year-olds were abused, threatened with knives and burned with cigarettes, Nyheter Idag reports.

An accomplice who was only 14 at the time consequently avoids prosecution, while the 16-year-old was prosecuted for aggravated robbery and abuse of legal process.