Savage pulls out a huge machete and attacks a stranger at random in Birmingham city centre in the latest video from lawless UK

This is the chilling moment a man appears to pull out a huge machete and attack a bystander in Birmingham city centre.

CCTV footage shows the victim standing by some benches when another man approaches from the side and seemingly slashes him with the weapon which resembled a machete.

The victim attempted to move away but the second man slowly moved towards him as passers-by looked on.


South Africa: Striking healthcare workers trash Johannesburg general hospital, attack patients

Charlotte Maxeke Hospital on lockdown as staff members burn property, block entrances

Violent scenes outside Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg have surfaced on social media on Thursday as property was torched, apparently by staff members.

According to the reports, the hospital shut down after the property was set alight and entrances were blocked.

It was also said that patients were threatened. According to an eNCA post on Twitter, hospital staff were protesting over grievances, which include the non-payment of overtime.


SOUTH AFRICA: Savages set building alight with family inside!

Carrie Esterhuizen and her two small children were in the hostel at the Cremona Cheese Factory in Tshepisong‚ Johannesburg‚ when angry land occupiers set the building alight on Friday afternoon‚ May 25.

Her husband Fredrick Esterhuizen told GroundUp he had been working for the factory as a security manager for about a month.

Carrie Esterhuizen and the children‚ aged four and 11 months‚ were at home when the occupiers‚ residents of EbuMnandini informal settlement in Tshepisong‚ broke the fence and set the building alight. They were not hurt.

The residents had previously tried to occupy the land next to the factory but the Johannesburg Metro Police Department demolished their shacks on the same day. The owner of the land‚ Antonio Cremona‚ filed for an eviction order in April. The case was heard in the South Gauteng High Court and an interim eviction order valid until September was granted.

“My wife phoned me and all I could hear was frantic screaming so I rushed down to the house‚” said Fredrick Esterhuizen. “I managed to grab my wife and kids just before one of the petrol bombs exploded in the lounge.”


Horrific: FBI this week are investigating abortion doctor who murders babies surviving abortion by breaking necks or slashing throats

Karpen a Jew?

According to the Daily Mail article here, the FBI this week is investigating abortionist Douglas Karpen after activists brought his practices to the U.S Department of Justice.

In 2012 our women who worked at Karpen’s Houston abortion facilities contacted a pro-life group ‘Operation Rescue’ to inform that of what Karpen was doing.

Karpen was delivering babies alive during abortion procedures before proceeding to kill them by slash their tiny throats or twisting their heads causing the breaking of their necks and sometimes decapitation.


WTF Is Going On In Belgium???

There have been a lot of bizarre stories lately. This one legit made me audibly “WTF” as I read it though.


A two-year-old girl found with fatal injuries in Belgium after a police chase on Thursday died from a gunshot wound to the face, prosecutors say.

The girl was in a van carrying some 30 Kurdish migrants which had been pursued for an hour in southern Belgium.

LOL. Wait, wait stop.

Let’s break this down so we don’t get lost.


African savage stabs, kills baby, ex-wife (white) in German train station

HAMBURG: A man from Niger stabbed to death his German ex-wife and their 1-year-old daughter in a brutal attack in a busy train station in central Hamburg Thursday, police said.

The bloody knife killings took place mid-morning in the busiest subway station of Hamburg, Germany’s second-biggest city.

“The crime was very, very terrible in its execution, very targeted and very, very extreme,” said police spokesman Timo Zill. “We currently assume it was a crime of passion.”

The 33-year-old suspect initially ran off but then phoned police, who arrested him inside the Jungfernstieg underground station.



Belgium: Elderly man beaten up for drinking alcohol on terrace of Kebab shop

Horrible footage shows how an elderly man is beaten up in Belgium by several men. He is kicked in the back and hit with chairs even after he fell on the ground.

The incident happened at the “Rooseveltplaats” in Antwerp. According to Belgian newspaper HLN, the elderly man was drinking alcohol together with his son on the terrace of a Kebab shop.

Because the owner of the place doesn’t sell alcohol, he approached the father and the son to tell them he disagreed with their behaviour.


Germany : Two Feral Dindus Attack & Rob Mother With Pram

MBURG. After a raid on a mother with a stroller in Hamburg, the police are searching for two North Africans. On Saturday afternoon, the two strangers attacked the 30-year-old woman pushing a buggy at the Billboard Trench, where the only months-old daughter lay.

They approached the woman from behind, one of the men pulled her by the hair while the other stole a smartphone from her pants pocket and opened the diaper bag hanging on the stroller. They pushed the mother to the ground, tore her wristwatch from her wrist and flee. The police are now looking for the two North African perpetrators, who should be between 20 and 25 years old and of strong stature.