Sheboon Wins Rose of Tralee

Waterford Rose Kirsten Mate Maher has been crowned the 2018 Rose of Tralee.

The 21-year-old student and part-time model from Waterford is the third mixed-race women to become the Rose of Tralee, after Luzveminda O’Sullivan who won in 1998 and Clare Kambamettu who won in 2010.

She is also the first African-Irish woman to win the Rose of Tralee. She was the favourite or joint favourite, along with the Carlow Rose Shauna Ray Lacey, all along.


Negro Fatigue Maxing Out as Rando Harvard Employee Smote for Confronting Noisy Coalburner and Niglet

The shitlib has begun to hate.

The evil that they promote to the lowest classes first, then the middle classes, is finally boiling over and entering their world.

And they are not enjoying this situation.

Mass Live:

The director of a Harvard University-affiliated research center has apologized after a video of her speaking with one of her neighbors has gone viral.

Alyson Laliberte was playing with her child Saturday afternoon when another resident of her apartment complex came outside to complain about the noise.

“I’m outside enjoying the afternoon with my daughter when this women came downstairs and asked me if I would move so her kids can nap,” Laliberte wrote in a now viral Facebook post, of the encounter. “Mind you it’s mid-day and we weren’t even being loud at all drawing with chalk.”


Germany: Scum Media and Government Censor Bloodthirsty Murder of Mother and Child

This is how far your government will go to conceal murders of White people by non-White monsters.

There was an African invader who knocked up some German slut and decided to then murder her and her one-year-old baby in public while the three-year-old son watched. This was in April.

The German government went overboard with damage control.

The refused to mention that the baby was…decapitated. And then they arrested the witnesses who filmed and uploaded the videos – all thanks to a new “anti-paparazzi” law.


African savage stabs, kills baby, ex-wife (white) in German train station

HAMBURG: A man from Niger stabbed to death his German ex-wife and their 1-year-old daughter in a brutal attack in a busy train station in central Hamburg Thursday, police said.

The bloody knife killings took place mid-morning in the busiest subway station of Hamburg, Germany’s second-biggest city.

“The crime was very, very terrible in its execution, very targeted and very, very extreme,” said police spokesman Timo Zill. “We currently assume it was a crime of passion.”

The 33-year-old suspect initially ran off but then phoned police, who arrested him inside the Jungfernstieg underground station.