What Our Race has Lost: A Look at the Last of the Aryans of Asia

This site regularly explains the need to secure the existence of our People, and a future for White Children.
If we fail in our spiritual and genetic mission to preserve our unique heritage, we risk going down the same road as the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, and many others.
These cultures, founded and raised to the heights of glory through the ingenuity and brilliance of the White Race, eventually succumbed to the perilous sin of miscegenation that stunted and destroyed all that had been built.

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Natural selection making ‘education genes’ rarer, says Icelandic study

Tempting as it may be, it would be wrong to claim that with each generation humans are becoming more stupid. As scientists are often so keen to point out, it is a bit more complicated than that.
A study from Iceland is the latest to raise the prospect of a downwards spiral into imbecility. The research from deCODE, a genetics firm in Reykjavik, finds that groups of genes that predispose people to spend more years in education became a little rarer in the country from 1910 to 1975.

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Fifteen African Apex gang members storm a Melbourne Officeworks and walk out ‘cheering and dancing’ after stealing headphones and speakers

Witness Chris, who chose to keep his surname anonymous, said he went to the South Yarra store in the city’s southeast to buy a computer at 4.30pm on Saturday when he noticed the youths, aged 13 to 17, taking headphones and speakers from the shelves.
He said the teenagers, believed to be members of the notorious Apex gang, were dancing down the aisles and walked out cheering a minute later, setting off the store alarms.
‘They certainly weren’t walking around with their heads down – they were happily ransacking the shelves,’ he told 3AW on Monday.

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Video:4 blacks in custody after white man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live

FOX 32 NEWS – Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!”
Chicago police were made aware of the video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding the young white man hostage.

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