NO WHITES ALLOWED: Filthy cRapper Stormzy & University Of Cambridge Launch Black-Only Scholarship

Grime rapper Stormzy has caused controversy after launching a black-only Cambridge scholarship scheme which will pay for four talented black students to go to one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

The scheme, which bans all white students from applying, has sparked outrage online with many describing it as “racist” because of its black-only policy.


RESULT : Surveillance video shows white Nashvil

The negro was armed and fleeing. Was the cop supposed to wait for the nog to take cover and fire on the police before the police opened fire?

Were they supposed to allow an armed nog clearly afraid of being caught in his criminal behavior to escape into the public?

New York Daily News:

Disturbing surveillance video shows a white Nashville police officer fatally shooting a black suspect as he runs away.

Officer Andrew Delke can be seen opening fire on 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick following a traffic stop on July 26. Hambrick was armed at the time, according to police, but he does not appear to turn around to face the officer before he was shot.


Mistaken for Vampires and Accused of Witchcraft, BBC Crew ‘Nearly Stoned to Death’ in Malawi

A BBC film crew investigating a string of child killings in the southern African state of Malawi narrowly escaped death, after an undercover meeting with a witch-doctor was interrupted by a mob accusing them of being “vampires”.

The documentary team from BBC Africa were working alongside undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who never shows his face, to investigate a string of murders which have been attributed to black-magic “muti” witch-doctors.

Victims have been found without heads and missing body parts. Witch-doctors are suspected of snatching children and young people and using their body parts as get-rich amulets for wealthy clients.


‘I couldn’t take the torture’: Journalist raped for 15 months by Somali kidnappers alongside an Australian photographer relives her agony and the moment that saved her from committing suicide

Freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout was just 26 when she traveled to the volatile east African nation’s capital of Mogadishu in 2008 alongside her then boyfriend, 36-year-old Australian photographer Nigel Brennan.

On August 23, their third day in the country, the pair were kidnapped and abductors called their families and demanded a $1.5million ransom for each of them in exchange for their lives.

For the 15 months that followed the pair were beaten, starved and Lindhout was repeatedly raped.

Now nine years on and two months after the man behind the kidnapping was jailed, she recounts how she came to the ‘calm decision’ that she was going to use a small razor to take her own life 13 months into the ordeal as she couldn’t take the torture any longer.