As in Malmö, So in Cape Town: Rioting Savages Burn Down Community Clinic, Stone Firefighters

Putting out fires is no fun in places where the Third World has encroached upon civilization. The Muslim colony of Malmö is one example; welfare colonists set fires at their housing projects for the sport of stoning the Swedish firefighters who arrive to put them out. This pastime appears to be catching on in South Africa:
Cape Town firefighters have had to abandon efforts to fight a blaze which razed a community clinic in the Joe Slovo settlement in Milnerton after they were pelted with stones.
The clinic was set ablaze during a service delivery protest.


Israel Moves To Tighten Its Racial Purity Laws

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has reported that the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), which trains rabbis for the Conservative movement, said it is committed to keeping its ban on clergy from performing “interfaith” wedding ceremonies.

The JTS said that a marriage in Israel “is not only a celebration of a couple, but a commitment to the Jewish covenant” and that therefore marriages between Jews and non-Jews would remain illegal.

Luxury flat owners criticised for unease over Grenfell families moving into their development

Hahahahaha the lefty twats who love multiculturalism so much they live nowhere near it aren’t happy it’s come to them. I gor one am over the fucking moon with this. Let these cunts experience just how enriching these shitskins can be. 

Residents of the luxury development in Kensington, in which Grenfell families are due to be rehoused, have been criticised after voicing their anger and unease over the move.

Speaking to The Guardian, one woman said: “We paid a lot of money to live here, and we worked hard for it.

“Now these people are going to come along, and they won’t even be paying the service charge.”


BREAKING: London Stamford Hill on lockdown as police clash with youths ‘brandishing machetes’

A 19-year-old man has been taken to hospital with stab wounds, although his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.
A police spokesman confirmed officers were called to an incident shortly before midnight on Tuesday.
Bottles and other objects were thrown at officers as they tried to disperse a “large group of people”, leading police to call for reinforcements.


Scottish University Had to Apologise For Asking Turd Worlders Not To Shit In the Showers & Bins

A university has told its students to stop defecating in the showers and dustbins, blaming the problem on the “multi-cultural population”.
Students at the University of Strathclyde were warned over their inappropriate toilet habits, and told that that although “different countries have different practices”, they should be aware that “here in the UK the accepted practise is the use only the WC”.


Violent armed robber who threatened to stab and shoot children jailed

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A man from Hackney has today been jailed after committing a series of robberies where he threatened to stab and shoot his victims, including several children.
Marvin Melvin-Browne, 30, (31.10.1986) of no fixed abode was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court today, Friday 9 June, to six years’ imprisonment and a three year extended licence after pleading guilty to seven robberies and four attempted robberies at an earlier hearing at the same court on Friday 12 May 2017.


Nearly Half A Million Murdered In South Africa Since African National Congress Took Power

Could almost 500,000 people be murdered and hardly anyone know about it as a result of silence from the international media? Sure — if it happened in South Africa, after the media’s work there was finished:
In its 2017 South Africa Survey‚ the [Institute of Race Relations] said around 445 835 murders had been recorded in the country between April 1994 and March 2016.