Spain’s far left to reward illegal migrants and their children with massive benefits

Podemos, the far left party of the Socialist coalition running Spain now after its soft coup in June, says it will propose a minimum aid of 1,200 euros annually for each immigrant’s child – “regardless of their administrative situation” – meaning, whether in Spain legally or not .

The proposal is contained in an amendment that was recently submitted by the party to the Senate, to support the Socialist Party’s motion against child poverty.

The leftist coalition was already willing to subsidise immigrants to the tune of 600 euros a month, and now it may add an extra welfare package of 1,200 euros per year per child.


Obongo on his adolescent years in a rare video of a 2001 interview

“I might have drank a six-pack in an hour before going back to class”

Orban: Europe needs change or we won’t recognise our cities and countries anymore

Next year’s European Parliamentary elections should bring about a change in the community’s policy, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a radio interview on Friday, and warned that “the battle between pro-migration and anti-migration MEPs has not yet been decided”.

Speaking on public Kossuth Radio, Orban said that “pro-migration forces now have a sweeping majority” both in the EP and the European Commission, and “pose a serious democracy issue as they represent something European people do not want.”


In secret recording, Polish PM slams ‘greedy’ Jewish, American hedge fund owners

Poland’s prime minister was heard making allegedly anti-Semitic remarks in secret recordings from 2013, before he rose to power.

The recordings of Mateusz Morawiecki complaining to friends about “greedy” and rich “Americans, Jews, Germans, Englishmen, and Swiss” that run hedge funds were published Tuesday by the news site Onet.


Social Conditioning And Poop Bags

As an avid dog walker who spends an inordinate amount of time roaming fields, woodlands and coastlines with my faithful hound, I’ve long considered myself something of an expert in gauging the psychology of my fellow dog walkers, both by the type of dog they own and how they control their dogs, if at all. I quite often see attractive women in their 20’s and 30’s walking Labradors and I’d say there’s a high chance the woman is single, the Labrador offers a good degree of protection while not posing the potential danger of many larger dogs.

Exploring the psychology of female dog owners is extremely fertile ground for those interested in untangling the baffling behaviour of our womenfolk, but nowhere more so than in the obsessive manner in which so many clean up their dog’s mess.



The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for a series of decisions and actions that the Austrian government has adopted in recent months.

A meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in New York on Wednesday evening further confirmed the latter’s commitment to battling all forms of antisemitism. The conversation took place at a reception hosted by Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, in his own gallery building displaying a collection of works by Austrian painters Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.


Rees-Mogg: ‘Public Policy Discriminates Against the Family and Encourages Its Breakdown’

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Tory Party’s star backbench Brexiteer, believes public policy is undermining the family, in part because it is an obstacle to state power.

The Roman Catholic conservative, who has six children himself notes that “Official statistics show that only two-thirds of British children live with both parents until the age of 14, compared with the OECD average of 84 per cent” in an article for the Daily Mail.

“Such a figure is one of the worst in the Western world. Inevitably, there’s an effect on mental health, with more than half of the cases that arise being linked to family problems.


Estonia Backs Orbán on Need for Walls as Pope Francis Demands Baltics Open the Borders

While Pope Francis demanded the tiny Baltic nations open up to mass migration Saturday, Estonia said it backs Viktor Orbán over the need to seal European borders against the third world influx.

Interior Minister of Estonia, Andres Anvelt, said border fences rolled out by the Hungarian leader, which slashed illegal immigrant numbers by more than 99 percent, were serving to protect the continent, stating that asylum seekers with no right to be in Europe must be kept out.