Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay

After a lifetime of involvement with the far-right Kevin Wilshaw announces on Channel 4 News that he is leaving the movement – at the same time publicly coming out as gay.

The well known National Front organiser in the 1980s was still active in white supremacist groups earlier this year – including speaking at events.

But tonight on Channel 4 News he explains for the very first time why he is publicly disavowing the movement – sharing his secrets, explaining how he was both a Neo-Nazi and of Jewish heritage , while admitting to violent acts and what motivated his hatred.


‘Sneaky Jew’ comment lands German Left Party’s local leader in hot water

Mekan Kolasinac, the chairman of the Left Party, known for its anti-Israel views, branded the party’s federal head, Bernd Riexinger, a “sneaky Jew” in a Facebook post.

The lawmaker confirmed to the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper that he had made the anti-Jewish remark, but that he regretted it.  According to Kolasinac, the remark was a mistake and he had initially wanted to write “Judas” instead of “Jew.” Kolasinac later apologized for the gaffe on his Facebook page, addressing his “Jewish friends.”


White Nationalism Is Destroying the West By (((SASHA POLAKOW-SURANSKY)))

On July 14, 2016, as French families strolled along Nice’s seafront promenade, a Tunisian man driving a large truck rammed into a crowd, killing 86 people. A month later, the mayor of nearby Cannes declared that “burkinis” — a catchall term for modest swimwear favored by many religious women — would be banned from the city’s beaches; a municipal official called the bathing suits “ostentatious clothing” expressing an “allegiance to terrorist movements that are at war with us.”