German defence minister vows to root out neo-Nazis in army

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen has vowed to smoke out neo-Nazi sympathisers in the Bundeswehr army, after police arrested a soldier with far-right views who secured asylum – and planned a suspected terrorist attack – after posing as a Syrian green grocer.

Female defence ministers smh.

Muslim Cadet Refuses To Remove Hijab, Military College Wipes Smug Grin Off Her Face

The mainstream media claims that Muslim migrants simply want to be part of American culture and have no intention of forcing us to submit to Shariah law. Stories like this, however, remind us that this could not be further from the truth.
A Muslim student who is preparing to attend a historic military academy in South Carolina is trying to force the school to allow her to wear a hijab. The U.S. military, however, isn’t having any of it, and they quickly let her know that she is not above the rules.

‘Dream of generations’: Poland officially welcomes US contingent of NATO’s Russia-deterrent force

Poland has officially welcomed the US soldiers who will form the backbone of NATO’s multinational battalion in the country as part of the bloc’s enhanced strategy to contain Russia. President Duda said it is something Poles have “dreamt of for generations.”

The American contingent of 900 troops, who arrived in Poland in March, will serve side by side on a rotational basis with 150 British and 120 Romanians soldiers in Orzysz.

Tillerson Warns Russia “Coalition Steps Are Underway To Remove Assad”

VIX was being crushed and stocks were leaking higher just as planned, until Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hit the tape beating war drums and announcing a new US policy on Syria, just a week after he said the US had no interest in removing the Syrian president.
Specifically, Tillerson said that steps are underway to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and that the U.S. is considering an “appropriate response” to the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

Donald Trump launches 59 CRUISE MISSILES against Syria despite Russian threats

The missiles were launched from US Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean sea – the first use of Tomahawks by the US since November last year.
Trump said on Thursday he ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from which a deadly chemical attack was launched.
Tomahawks were launched at 8:45 pm ET (1:45 am GMT), targeting the airfield’s hangers, aircraft, runways, and fuel storage areas.
The strike means Trump has taken more action against despot Bashar al-Assad in his first 77 days than Barack Obama used in six years while the war raged on in the region.
The number of deaths is yet to be confirmed, but sources within Syria have claimed the strikes caused “losses”.