Western governments all but condone Israel’s killing dozens of Palestinian protesters while condemning imaginary acts of violence in Syria and Iran. Why? Nick Griffin & Jack Sen discuss

This past week Israel killed scores of civilian protesters, including unarmed children and women. Apart from some elements of the press, the West was mostly silent.

When the Syrian government was falsely accused of killing civilians the West threatened war and dropped bombs on the country. When the Iranian police were accused of little more than roughing up Western backed protesters in Tehran there were calls for immediate sanctions.

So, why weren’t there calls for the removal of the Netanyahu regime? For sanctions to be imposed against the Israeli ethnostate?

And most importantly, what does this say about who REALLY runs our government?


The BBC’s Trend of Casting Black People in White Roles

Dawn French is to play Diane Abbott in a new TV drama! Actually… As much as we would all like that to be true, it sadly is not. However, given the path television and film is currently taking, do not be surprised to see Black actor, Idris Elba, take on the role of David Cameron at some point.

There is an increasingly growing trend of historical European people being portrayed by actors who clearly do not fit the bill. This is not a slight on the acting abilities of the ethnic actors, more trying to understand why TV companies are so desperate to cast ethnic actors in White roles.