(((Google))) to fix ‘anti-semitic bug’ which claims that ‘Jews control Hollywood’

Google is working to fix an anti-semitic bug which automatically suggests ‘the Jews’ when the internet search engine is asked: ‘Who runs Hollywood?’
The baffling answer is returned due to Google’s complicated algorithms which return a particular page on what it deems to be the most relevant to a person’s question. 

However, occasionally, the search engine can return embarrassing or potentially offensive results. 


Dailyfail : Hitler performed a sex act in a cinema as he watched a violent film about Austrians killing French troops, reveals new book which claims his murders for the Nazi state were driven by ‘deviant sexual lust’ 

See comments are turned off. I’ve noticed comments on these Hitler stories in the DailyFail have been more & more calling out this bullshit. Even normies don’t believe these ridiculous stories.