Jew run Hollywood is done. They are no longer the significant cultural force that they were even just 10 years ago. They’ve run out of ideas. All they are putting out are sequels, movies based off of comic book characters and remakes of old movies. There’s nothing original.

On top of it, they keep trying to cram disgusting and subversive propaganda in these films. Be it feminism, race mixing, faggotry or other nonsense, every film feels like an attempt to socially engineer the audience. It has become completely and totally retarded.


The BBC Grooming Drama ”Three Girls”: Catharsis For The Liberal Left

When I first discovered the BBC would be airing a three part drama based on the Rochdale grooming scandal I prepared myself, what politically correct absurdities was the BBC about to inflict on us now? would the rapists be white? mixed? one thought that crossed my mind would be that the ‘groomers’ would be Polish and their victims young black girls.

Morgoth’s Review

Theresa May to create new internet that would be controlled by government

Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.
Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.
“Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”


‘Fairy Godmother’ Brings Migrants to Europe on a Flying Carpet in EU-Backed Cartoon

A Européens Sans Frontières (Europeans Without Borders) video sponsored by the European Commission depicts the EU as a fairy godmother bringing migrants to Western Europe after ‘racist’ Eastern Europeans refuse to welcome them.

The short film, titled Eurodame, Help!, was funded in part by the European Commission, the French government, and third-party groups such as the Fondation Hippocrène.


Why do ISIS Videos All come from Israeli Intelligence?

The grisly ISIS videos, like the most recent one supposedly showing the killing of a Russian soldier, all come to us through Israeli agents working for Israeli intelligence. How can it be that the ISIS media outlet “al Furat Media Foundation” is able to produce high quality videos, but does not even have a website? Nor is ISIS even able to send its nasty videos directly to its chosen audience, in this case the Russian government or media outlets. Why is it that ISIS videos all come to us from Israeli intelligence?


New World War II ‘Call Of Duty’ Video Game Will Depict The Holocaust

In “Call of Duty: WWII,” which will be released in November, the player controls an American soldier fighting in the European theater. In addition to shooting Nazi soldiers, players will also be exposed to racism towards Jews and African-Americans within their platoon. Robbins alluded to an episode of the miniseries “Band of Brothers” where American soldiers discovered a concentration camp.


Shocking:Erase everything you ever knew about bill nye the science guy. He is now bill nye the weimar guy

Listen to the lyrics of this song aired to millions of children

Surprise Surprise, Every Fucking Time. 

Again more of this sick Jews wisdom