Never Again: Is gun control movement too white?

Is the new movement against gun violence that is sweeping America too white and too rich?

It’s a question hotly debated on social media as hundreds of thousands rallied on Saturday in support of the #NeverAgain campaign that emerged after 17 people were killed in a gun attack at a high school in Parkland, Florida, last month.

Protesters are being accused of hypocrisy, as some ask why they didn’t turn out for the Black Lives Matter movement, which was set up in 2013 to end police violence against black people and highlight the impact of gun violence in ethnic minority communities.


The War Against Whites In Advertising

The mass-marketing of interracial relationships, particularly white women with black men, has become so ubiquitous and so militant, even the least observant members of our culture have begun to notice. Walking through a mall recently I noticed three large marketing images of couples in three different stores. Two of the three were interracial couples, depicting a white woman and black man; the third couple was white. Perhaps what struck me as most peculiar was the fact that the city where I was shopping, whites make up about 97% of the population, blacks are less than 2%. I wondered if the purpose of “diverse” advertising was to sell more products, or really to indoctrinate, to condition, and signal how “progressive” they are.


Jews making movies showing White men committing atrocities against muds…

In the USA, there has been a dramatic increase of images that depict evil looking White Men committing atrocities against Blacks and Muds, especially against their women and children.

Here are two examples of interest:

First, the opening scene in the newest Blockbuster movie ‘Justice League’ where some skin heads are harassing a peaceful Muslim shop owner and her grandson. That scene is out of place for that movie and was just shoved in there. On a side note, the ‘Whites’ who played the heroes in that film are Jewish. The ‘Flash’ has a scene in the movie where he clearly states that he is Jewish.

Second, some politician in the South was running a television Ad showing a “Red Neck” driving around in his “Monster Truck” proudly displaying a “Rebel Flag” who was menacing Black and Mud children. Those lovely children were shown running for their lives and ended up suffering from PTSD as a result.


Jewish Lobby Demands Google, Twitter, and Yahoo Internet Censorship—or Face Lawsuits

According to a press release issued by the New York-based Lawfare Project—which on its website claims to be the “Legal Arm of the Pro-Israel Community,” that organization’s Executive Director Brooke Goldstein has announced the legal action in Spain “against internet giants Yahoo, Google, and Twitter, for failing to address the proliferation of Holocaust denial websites” on their platforms


‘Cheddar Man’ Theory Rebuffed: The TRUTH About Ancient Europeans

A few weeks ago, the lying media hacks were falling all over themselves to eulogise this so-called ‘new discovery’ that, as they put it, ‘the first Britons were black‘. They based this on the work of Jewish scientist Yoan Dickmann who, despite not being the first to analyse the mitochondrial DNA of the ‘Cheddar Man remains’, decided to reveal the world that England’s oldest remains were those of a dark-skinned man. The owner of said remains has been dubbed ‘Cheddar Man’ by the media, in reference to Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, the area in England in which it was found. And there was born a new catchphrase; ‘Cheddar Man, the first Briton, was black!’


‘Change is Coming’ – Labour Threatens Free Press, Could ‘Ban’ Breitbart

Labour shadow minister Andrew Gwynne has suggested the party could ban foreign-owned newspapers if his party seizes power, without specifically ruling out online outlets such as Breitbart.

His comments came after the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hinted at a crackdown on the free press, telling the media “change is coming” after right-wing papers published unfavourable stories about his meetings with a Communist spy during the Cold War.