Lessons From the Roman Art of War

Sometime in the late 4th or early 5th century, as the late Roman Empire stumbled along in the twilight of its power, an author of whom almost nothing is known compiled a book on the art of war to present to the emperor.
Rome’s economy was soft, its politics corrupt, but what most concerned the author was the creeping disintegration of the one institution that at least kept those other two extant: the military.



Be the master of your own death.
In Words of War I shared the beginning of TheFamilyAlpha.com and exposed the battle which is being waged over the minds of men.
In How to Roar Primal Fury of Family Honor in the Dark World we covered how honor, primality and lineage intersect, while calling our brethren to find their shields bearing their family crests. And to raise their banners in preparation for battle.
This is the third and final essay in the trilogy of guest posts from The Family Alpha on Dark Triad Man. This is where we discuss what happens when the meat meets the meat: raw destructive physical violence.
At this point in the series you should see the battlefield with the corpses of your slain brethren. You should hear the call from those who actively resist the powers targeting masculinity, choosing to accept harassment and targeting for physical attack over submission and conformity.

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Andrew Joyce : PLAY THE MAN

“Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.”

Hugh Latimer, 1554.
Sacrifice. Everyone in the Alt Right will be familiar with it to some degree. Many of us, particularly those most publicly engaged, carry personal, professional, and financial scars that bear witness to a tour of duty in the war of ideas. Even success can be punishing. Our leaders know only too well that every push deeper into the public consciousness will be met with a more bitter and more personal response from our panicked and ruthless opponents.

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Our society’s becoming emasculated. Our men are becoming soft, weak, and vain.
If you’re offended by that statement then I’m likely talking to you. If you agree with it, if you see that the tides are turning for the worse, then I’m likely not.
If you’re doing any of the things on this list, don’t get your panties in a knot, just stop doing them.
Our society was literally built by the hands of strong men who did the work without complaint. It’s being destroyed by men who don’t know how to be men. Boys who aspire for fame above all else at incredible numbers. Males who aren’t concerned about winning or losing, rather, about popularity, about finding themselves, about getting what they feel they deserve without doing the work to get it.
1. Stop taking selfies. It’s weird. It’s vain.
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2. Stop thinking you’re entitled to a single thing. You’re not entitled to someone else’s money. You’re not entitled to a job. You’re not entitled to happiness, only its pursuit.
3. Stop complaining. Men don’t complain. They don’t cry about how things are, they accept them and do what they need to do to make them better.

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Land Navigation Manual: How to Use the Military Grid Reference System

If you’ve read the first parts of this land navigation manual, you should now know how to read a topographic map, find your bearings, and orient yourself with a map and compass.
You’re ready to start doing some serious land navigation. With the aid of modern technology at the outset, you can get a whole lot more specific with your land nav; rather than just finding your way to a major landmark, you can locate a little stake in the ground.
To do that, you plot MGRS (military grid reference system) coordinates on your map before you head out. Why would you want to employ this old/new method of land nav?

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32 Strength Contests from the WWII Era

The Value of Combative Contests
This type of activity consists of individual and group contests of a rough and strenuous nature. The purpose of such contests is to develop aggressiveness, initiative, and resourcefulness in personal combat; to develop proper footwork and weight control; and to train the men to react violently with a maximum of energy for the purpose of overcoming an opponent. Regardless of previously developed habits in maneuvering in such contests, the men should be instructed to attempt to over-throw the opponent at once. Hence, in these contests, every man is trained to give his all. Defeats suffered in early practice will be compensated for by habits of aggressiveness and by the quick and adaptive thinking which grow from such practice.

Contests – Individual Competition

1. Pull-Hands

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The Art Of Manliness Podcast:Ego Is the Enemy

In the quest to become the men we want to be, we’re often our own worst enemies, especially when it comes to our egos. Ego is what prevents us from being humble and teachable when we’re first starting out in an endeavor. It blinds us to our own weaknesses during success, and it can cause us to wallow in self-pity when we fail. My guest today on the podcast has recently published a book filled with insights from history on how ego can get in the way of our success and what we can do to mitigate its downsides.

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George S. Patton’s Rules on Being an Officer and a Gentleman

Does it not occur to you gentlemen that we, as officers of the Army, are not only members of the oldest of honorable professions, but are also the modern representatives of the demigods and heroes of antiquity?
Back of us stretches a line of men whose acts of valor, of self sacrifice, and of service have been the theme of song and story since long before recorded history began. Our professional ancestors were sung of by the blind poet Homer a thousand years before Christ. The exploits of these ancestors were chanted by him and other exploits of like nature were handed down by word of mouth or in everlasting marble to the time when they might be recorded in writing for the eternal inspiration of the race.
In the days of chivalry, the golden age of our profession, knights (officers) were noted as well for courtesy and being gentle benefactors of the weak and oppressed. From their acts of courtesy and benevolence was derived the word, now pronounced as one, “gentle man.” We, too, are officers and gentlemen. Let us strive to live up to the high ideals of our military forbears. Let us be gentle. That is courteous and considerate for the rights of others. Let us be men. That is fearless and untiring in doing our duty as we see it.

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A savage man is one who embraces the quickening which comes from conflict. A man who embraces the shedding of blood, namely his own.
Most people today are ensconced in their safe bubbles. This has caused all of their instincts to completely atrophy. The result of years and years of brain pollution, victim identities and entitlement have done nothing to protect the drunken majority of carousel riding fools from vicious barbarians stampeding through their countries and homes.
Instead of facing confrontation and gaining the necessary skills to establish one’s boundaries they run away like frightened kittens, crying and whining for the almighty State-Corp to brandish its weapons in their defense.
Millenials are in no way prepared to deal with aggression and violence. Their anger is impotent and their threats are laughed away.
They are not Dangerous.
They do not know the power of blood. 
The blood is the life.
Your blood is your life force.
It is a sacred thing. 
To spill your own blood on the fields of battle is the want of any warrior. To be named among the few who take violent action to dispose of their enemies is something only the strong can do. Only those with the savage and boiling blood of their ancestors can partake in this timeless game of conquering and sacrificing.

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Take The Red Path The Path Of Blood