Student Mob Shrieks at Professor Who Objected to Event That Kicks White People Off Campus for a Day

Evergreen State College students have berated a professor and called for his resignation after he objected to an event where white students were asked to leave the campus for a day.
Bret Weinstein, a biology professor at the university, sent out an email criticizing the purpose of this year’s “Day Of Absence” event where, unlike in the past, white students and faculty members were asked to leave campus to give space to people of color.


The CV of a Liberated Mathematician

This is what a liberated mathematician looks like 😂.

Educational Experiences

1998 – 2002
New York University, BA cum laude in Romance Languages

survived external and internalized misogyny

survived external and internalized racism

2003 – 2009

Princeton University, MA in Mathematics

survived external and internalized misogyny

survived external and internalized racism

survived pervasive and internalized cult of genius mythology

2009 – 2013

Real Life, Single Lady of Arts in Oppression

grew human in own body

gave birth to new human with own body

created milk with own body to sustain new human

survived pregnancy, labor, and infant care related misogyny

2013 – 2015

Real Life, Mistress of Arts in Self-Liberation

grew, birthed, and created milk for new human with own body

survived thesis writing while being a stay-at-home parent

2015 – 2016

Princeton University, PhD in Mathematics

Advisor: Manjul Bhargava


Australian Schools Say They’ll Facilitate Gender Changes For 6-Year-Olds

Nearly 300 schools in Victoria, Australia, have signed on to new transgender policy guidelines which would allow schools to facilitate the gender transition of students as young as six years of age without so much as parental consent.
Within the Guide Supporting Student Affirm Transition (GSSAF), school officials are told that it’s “possible to consider a student a mature minor and able to make decisions without parental consent.”


‘It’s OUR word to use’: Lesbian blasts retailers such as Topshop and H&M for selling Femme slogan t-shirts – insisting the word belongs to the LGBT community

A lesbian shop worker has slammed four top fashion retailers for ‘appropriating’ the word ‘femme’ as a t-shirt slogan – which she claims is only the LGBT community’s ‘to use’.
‘H’ Beverley, from Chelmsford, Essex, visited Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Mango taking pictures of the t-shirts before complaining to the stores online informing them it is an LGBT term for a feminine lesbian.