Oxford University: Students Who Avoid Making Eye Contact Could Be Guilty of Racism

Students who avoid making eye contact with their peers could be guilty of racism, according to Oxford University’s latest guidance.

From The Telegraph

The university’s Equality and Diversity Unit has advised students that “not speaking directly to people” could be deemed a “racial microaggression” which can lead to “mental ill-health”.

Other examples of “everyday racism” include asking someone where they are “originally” from, students were told.

Oxford University’s Equality and Diversity Unit explains in its Trinity term newsletter that “some people who do these things may be entirely well-meaning, and would be mortified to realise that they had caused offence.


Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing

A VETERAN children’s entertainer says his Punch and Judy show is being driven out of business by “snowflakes” who say watching his puppets bashing each other is “not the way to do it”.

Brian Llewellyn says “the PC brigade” are insisting Punch does not strike Judy during the comedy act because it has the potential to “glorify domestic violence”.

A booking in a primary school in Middlesbrough was dropped after he refused their request to ensure he had “modernised” his 42-year-old show.

Brian, from Darlington, says he was told that his act had the potential to “upset vulnerable children”.


Negro Fatigue Maxing Out as Rando Harvard Employee Smote for Confronting Noisy Coalburner and Niglet

The shitlib has begun to hate.

The evil that they promote to the lowest classes first, then the middle classes, is finally boiling over and entering their world.

And they are not enjoying this situation.

Mass Live:

The director of a Harvard University-affiliated research center has apologized after a video of her speaking with one of her neighbors has gone viral.

Alyson Laliberte was playing with her child Saturday afternoon when another resident of her apartment complex came outside to complain about the noise.

“I’m outside enjoying the afternoon with my daughter when this women came downstairs and asked me if I would move so her kids can nap,” Laliberte wrote in a now viral Facebook post, of the encounter. “Mind you it’s mid-day and we weren’t even being loud at all drawing with chalk.”


White Women

I recently talked IRL to a middle aged Australian woman from Melbourne who was in Ireland on holiday. I asked her had she heard of the Apex gang & the huge rise in violent crime in Melbourne in the last few years. She knew all about the crime & who was doing it, savage African gangs. I thought I was getting on grand with her till she came out with this beauty.

“They’re like that because they come from war torn countries & have seen terrible things, it’s not their fault”

I lost the will to live & said to myself ‘another typical white woman’. These fucking white morons drive me insane, I want to throttle them. When I pointed out to her that Africans living all over the world who have never seen war or deprivation act exactly the same she came out with the old ‘racism’ chestnut.

These whites are either going into re-education camps or ovens. I’m done feeling anything but hatred for them.

Wait For Snowflake To Become A ‘Hate’ Word

Being called a “snowflake” is damaging to mental health, young people say.  Figures show that the majority of young people think the term is unfair – and even more think it could have a negative effect of its own.

The “snowflake generation” is a disparaging term now commonly used to refer to young people, who are perceived to be over-sensitive and intolerant of disagreement.


We’re Heading Back To The 1930’s!

It’s remarkable to take a week off from the political internet, as I’ve just done. With the grind of sifting through the infantile pigswill of the liberal media removed from your daily routine you find that your mind begins to heal itself. The synapses of the brain which were burdened with processing a constant flow of insidious lies and contempt for you and yours are allowed some respite as the flow of anti-white trash is reduced to a manageable trickle.