Poland to Mark New Holiday Honoring Poles Who Saved Jews During Holocaust

Polish lawmakers approved a new bill on Wednesday that would make March 24 a national holiday of remembrance honoring Poles who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. On that date in 1944, members of the Polish Ulma family, a father, pregnant mother and their six children, were summarily executed by the Nazis in the village of Markowa after it was discovered that they were hiding Jews in their home.


Jews making movies showing White men committing atrocities against muds…

In the USA, there has been a dramatic increase of images that depict evil looking White Men committing atrocities against Blacks and Muds, especially against their women and children.

Here are two examples of interest:

First, the opening scene in the newest Blockbuster movie ‘Justice League’ where some skin heads are harassing a peaceful Muslim shop owner and her grandson. That scene is out of place for that movie and was just shoved in there. On a side note, the ‘Whites’ who played the heroes in that film are Jewish. The ‘Flash’ has a scene in the movie where he clearly states that he is Jewish.

Second, some politician in the South was running a television Ad showing a “Red Neck” driving around in his “Monster Truck” proudly displaying a “Rebel Flag” who was menacing Black and Mud children. Those lovely children were shown running for their lives and ended up suffering from PTSD as a result.


South Africa’s New President Receives a Rabbi’s Blessing

Twenty-eight years ago, Cyril Ramaphosa stood outside Cape Town’s city hall, holding a microphone for Nelson Mandela, who had just been released from prison.

This week, days before he assumed the South African presidency, Ramaphosa stood at the very same spot, celebrating 100 years since his mentor’s birth, and received the blessings of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Asher Deren, chairman of the Rabbinical Association of the Western Cape.


Interview With College Student – Another Version

I spoke with an undergraduate student at a major American university about my views relating to the “Holocaust” and other aspects of WWII. She is currently working on a senior project dealing with the “Holocaust,” including perspectives offered by revisionists and skeptics of the official narrative. We had a very good conversation, and I applaud this young student for having the courage to entertain revisionist ideas.


Jewish Lobby Demands Google, Twitter, and Yahoo Internet Censorship—or Face Lawsuits

According to a press release issued by the New York-based Lawfare Project—which on its website claims to be the “Legal Arm of the Pro-Israel Community,” that organization’s Executive Director Brooke Goldstein has announced the legal action in Spain “against internet giants Yahoo, Google, and Twitter, for failing to address the proliferation of Holocaust denial websites” on their platforms