African Gangs Terrorise Tyrrelstown, Dublin  Residents – Beat Up Old Irish Man

I was talking to a friend of mine last week and he told me about an old man being beaten up by an African gang on the street. Fortunately, the Gardaí have managed to track down the gang and arrest them. The unfortunate thing is that they are under 18 and our Libtard judicial system is completely unable to deal with these thugs. In my view, the should be flogged until the skin is lifted off their backs – and then deported along with their families. 

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Ireland Should Legalize 126,000 Illegal Immigrants, Because Diversity is Ireland’s Greatest Strength

Because reasons, this is just the right thing to do.
Among reasons: it’s sad that they’re poor.
Irish Times:
Ireland should do what the Government wants the US to do and implement a process to regularise the status of undocumented migrants.
Sinn Féin spokesman on housing Eoin Ó Broin TD said Ministers and politicians had gone to the United States asking the president to find a system for regularising undocumented Irish migrants in the US.

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Jewish actions hostile to Irish people

Jewish actions hostile to Irish people refers to the history of Jewish activities hostile to the interests of Irish people; defined primarily as the native Gaelic Catholic nation and their diaspora around the world. They have been involved in promoting and financing sectarian campaigns between Irish Catholics and Scots-Irish Protestants, as well as operating in concert with freemasonry.

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This Shit Pissed Me Off Today : Ireland Now: the music that defines today’s Irish nation

According to Irish media this shite defines Ireland today. Get a load of this shit.

Yes what’s the first thing you think of when hearing this garbage? Ireland of course.