Visited Newgrange Yesterday.

Older than the pyramids at 5,200 years old Newgrange is one of the oldest man made structures in the world. As you can see we got a lovely day for it luckily enough. It had been pissing it down days before.

Fascinating to think Irish people built this large structure dedicated to the Sun that long ago. It has perfect alignment with the Sun on Winter/Summer solstice. A thin beam on light enters the structure and penetrates into the inner chamber on those days.

The large stones weighing tonnes were somehow transported from over 50 miles away. It’s a mystery as to how they did that.

Something I found amusing was this part of the museum. These were Irish homes 5,200 years ago. Africans still live like this today.

Complicit Irish media protecting child abusers

Last Monday a Facebook post by Dublin mother Kelsey Mia-Rose began to circulate around different social media.

It contained pictures of a Middle Eastern/Asian looking man walking away from her on Dublin’s Moore street, after what she claims was an attempted abduction by him of her 2 year old daughter.

It’s frightening stuff for any parent to imagine as it is, but what has followed is even more chilling if you’re a native Irish parent.