German president: Immigrants must reject anti-Semitism, it’s ‘non-negotiable’

There are things which are part of Germany. And one of these is our responsibility for our past: the lessons of two World Wars, the lessons from the Holocaust, the responsibility for Israel’s security, the rejection of any form of racism and anti-Semitism,” said the German president at a Hanukkah event at the Israeli embassy in Berlin.


Countless women sexually assaulted every year

Erdogan-loyalists intimidate/assault German citizens

Migrant police officers working together with migrant gangs

500+ terrorists capable of attacks

Preachers spreading jihad propaganda

honor killings, child marriages

Nope. This is all an acceptable price to pay for diversity.

Insulting Jews is the red line. THAT’s when you’re no longer welcome to live here :^)

Sweden: Migrant rapes cancer-surviving mother while her child is sleeping in the other room

A mother of a toddler was raped in her home in Umeå by a migrant, because “she offended him”. The 35-year-old migrant committed this horrible act while the woman’s young child was in the room next to them.

Swedish media say it all happened after the man came to the woman’s house to ask if she wanted to be registered as the buyer of his pizzeria so that he could get an alcohol license for it. But the woman was not interested and according to the migrant she “closed the door before him”.

When he came back he said that he had never been “so insulted in his entire life” and that he “is not like a Swedish man, who would accept that”. The migrant said he is a “real man from Armenia” and then raped her.


The demographic trends are so well known & our enemies are so confident of the validity of these trends that they are celebrating our total destruction as a people 30 or 40 years in advance. Yet we are told there is no such thing as white genocide.

Italian mayor puts migrant dinghy in Nativity Scene

Mayor Stefano Sermenghi — like many others — has missed the boat. The rejection of migrants is not due to unkindness and intolerance, but because of the danger of the unvetted, monumental mass migration into Europe, which has led to the introduction into Europe of harmful cultural practices, and the victims stack up, both from jihad attacks and sex attacks.

Western leaders are to blame for allowing in too many Muslim migrants at once, not screening them, and losing track of hundreds of thousands of them. Now they have to deal with returning Islamic State fighters, for which these same leaders are unprepared.


Czech Republic and Hungary want to strengthen Europe’s borders and return illegal migrants

Strengthening the defence of Europe’s borders and returning illegal migrants to their home countries must be part of the solution to the migrant crisis, Hungarian President Janos Ader said after talks with his Czech counterpart Milos Zeman in Prague.

Ader, who arrived in Prague on Tuesday on an official two-day visit, said that asylum applications should be processed more quickly at the designated hot-spots set up along the EU’s borders.


Belgium awakens: Politician launches book called ‘Resistance’ to stop Islamisation

Voice of Europe asked Belgian politician Filip Dewinter about the country’s no-go zones, his new book and about the future of Europe. Filip Dewinter is a politician at the national level and also chairman in the city of Antwerp for the conservative Belgian party “Vlaams Belang”. The party mainly opposes mass immigration and wants to defend Western values in the country.


Germany: ‘Arabs’ torture and rob couple at their home, man dies

Six masked men violently robbed a couple at their home in the town of Gonterskirchen, Germany.

Near 9:30pm Tuesday evening, the men forced themselves into the house and demanded money and valuables. According to German media the couple were tied up and tortured during the robbery.

When leaving ‘around’ 1:20 am the robbers set the house on fire. Luckily for the 59yr old woman, neighbours heard her screams and helped save her by pulling her of the window. For her man help came too late. His ‘disfigured’ corpse was found tied up on the bed.