Failed integration: In next 10-20 years, France will be new Lebanon

In just a few years, Islamic suburbs of Paris will obey their own set of rules, they will have their own laws, their own principles, maybe even their own police. It is already the case, Alexandre Mendel, author of the book ‘Partition’ told RT.

Europe has been facing a large number of migrants coming from the war-torn countries in Africa and the Middle East. Today many are concerned about the Islamization of Europe and the failure of Muslims assimilating into their new countries.

RT met with a writer Alexandre Mendel, whose new book “Partition” is devoted to the Muslims’ failure to integrate in France, and discussed the current situation in that country.


Migrant Center on Sardinia Bombed

Sardinia is an island (and an Italian province) in the Mediterranean, west of the Italian mainland. Like Corsica (which is a French possession), Sardinia has a long history of resistance against Moorish Muslim invaders. And like the Corsican flag, the Sardinian flag features the severed head of a Moor. Four of them, actually (the flag is known as “The Four Moors [Italian: I quattro mori]); whereas the Corsican version has but one. As if to say: “Four dead Moors are better than one!”

Someone recently set off a bomb on the doorstep of a migrant center in Corsica. During one of the interviews in the video below, you can see a local resident in the background wearing a “Four Moors” t-shirt. I don’t know if it’s significant, but it’s there.


Syrian refugee, 22, who ‘launched sex attacks on six women just one month after being granted asylum claims he was suffering PTSD from the conflict in his homeland’

Hasan Alkhabbaz, 22, targeted six victims as they made their way through the Joe Strummer Subway in Paddington, central London, between November 14 last year and March 3.

He lurked in the underpass and two others close by, and grabbed lone women by the bottom and slipped his hand up their skirts.

Alkhabbaz was handed a suspended sentence in May for a similar offence committed on March 5, while investigations into the earlier spree were ongoing.


Switzerland: Africans kill elderly white man then start screaming about racism

Sunday morning in the peaceful village of Kradolf. Local resident Michal Stüssy (60) is walking along the main street with her dog Ayona (3). As she walks past, she observes a pensioner (90) crossing the pedestrian crossing. Suddenly a red fiat shoots up – and thunders into the man! “First his head flew through the windscreen and then his whole body was caught frontally,” says Stüssy, describing the awful accident.