Germany: warm welcome for the most unpopular Chancellor of all time Angela Merkel in Bremen: “Go away, Go away …”.

Notice @ 17secs this treacherous cunt reaches out to the Muslim in the crowd. 

Migrant Gets Suspended Sentence For Sexually Abusing Children As Young as Five

A 47-year-old asylum seeker in the Germany city of Augsburg in Bavaria has received a suspended sentence of 15 months imprisonment for the sexual abuse of several children, some as young as five.
The unnamed asylum seeker, originally from Afghanistan, is said to have abused several children in the asylum home he lived in over the period of a year. The man, found guilty of sexual abuse and bodily harm, is said to have used the opportunity of living in a shared accommodation to molest the children, local newspaper Augburger Allgemeine reports.


Nordic Youth Smokes Out Hundreds of Afghani Scum in Front of Swedish Parliament

The media is calling these grown-ass Afghanis ā€˜childrenā€™ and trying to tug on the heartstrings of cat-ladies, dumb college broads and boomers to get them on the side of these rapefugees. And in the aftermath of the demonstration, they are demanding that the police launch a ā€˜Hate Crimeā€™ investigation against the ā€˜Nazisā€™ which the police has already complied with.


Nordic Youth wasnā€™t having any of that.