100,000 Turkish Immigrants Could be Stripped of Austrian Dual Citizenship

In Austria, it is illegal for citizens to hold another foreign citizenship with another other nation without express permission — which is rare. A list of 100,000 individuals it is claimed have broken the country’s dual citizen laws and should have their Austrian citizenship revoked has now been circulated, Sveriges Radio reports.

“These people should not, after being Austrian citizens, have taken back Turkish citizenship without permission,” said the director of the Vienna City Administration Department Werner Sedlak, who deals with many cases as so many Turkish origin individuals live in the Austrian capital.


Professor: Native Dutch Need To Get Used To Being a Minority

Dutch professor Maurice Crul has said that with the ever increasing number of migrants and migrant background people living in the Netherlands, that the native Dutch should just get used to being a minority.

A professor at the Free University in Amsterdam, Crul says that in the larger cities in the Netherlands white Dutch are already a minority and that such trends will follow in smaller cities and towns as well, Dutch newspaper Trouw reports.

“In Amsterdam the time has come: there this group is a minority. Only one in three young people under the age of fifteen is of Dutch descent,” Professor Crul said and added, “If you want to know how the integration is going, you also have to look at that group. Who adapts to whom if there is no majority anymore?”


Masked Muslim gangs coordinated the firebombing of hundreds of cars across Sweden via social media, police say as Prime Minister asks ‘what the f*** are they doing?’

More than 100 cars have been set alight in across Sweden overnight, as gangs of masked youths went rampaging in a series of arson attacks believed to have been coordinated on social media.

Dozens of vehicles burned in Sweden’s four major cities – Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala – on Monday evening and in the early hours of Tuesday.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven reacted with anger and did not hold back during a radio interview on Tuesday morning.

‘I’m furious, for real. My question to these people is ‘what the f*** are you doing?’,’ he told Sveriges Radio P1.


Australia : Senator’s ‘final solution’: Crossbencher slammed after calling for Muslim immigration ban

Queensland crossbench senator Fraser Anning has laid out a radical immigration agenda, calling for a “final solution” plebiscite on which migrants come to Australia.

The Katter’s Australia Party upper house MP called for an end to Muslim immigration and a program that favours “European Christian” values.

In his maiden speech to parliament on Tuesday, he claimed a majority of Australian Muslims live on welfare and do not work.


‘What Happened in Sweden’ – 73 Percent of People Feel Country Going in ‘Wrong Direction’

According to a new poll, the vast majority of people in Sweden feel their country is going in the “wrong direction” with many concerned about the levels of crime and immigration.

The newly released data comes ahead of Sweden’s national elections in September, and was assembled by the France-based polling firm Ipsos’s “What Worries the World” study, which examines attitudes to a number of issues in various countries, ranking top issues of concern.

The data for Sweden shows 73 percent of respondents believing the country is going in the wrong direction compared to the average of 56 percent worldwide.


Syrian refugee: Austrians should take refugees in their homes and give them their money

The diminishing support for refugees has caused one Syrian refugee living in Austria, Aras Bacho, to write an open letter published in the daily newspaper OE24.

He suggests that ordinary Austrians and Germans should participate in the integration process of migrants.

As he says, integration requires “both sides to work,” suggesting that Germans and Austrians should take refugees into their homes, as well as, live and go out with them.

“Austrians have to take refugees into their own homes — this benefits both sides. [Integration] works when refugees live with Austrians. They can talk, or an Austrian can read an official letter to a refugee and then explain it in simpler language. […] They can go outdoors or to a swimming pool together,” Bacho writes, adding that the same goes for Germans.


Dog defends German couple against group of Afghan attackers, biting one

A dog defended a German couple against an assault by four Afghan attackers, local media reports.

At 9:30 pm Saturday evening, a 22-year-old-girl and her 31-year-old friend were walking through the centre of Chemnitz.

As they crossed the railway underpass between Mauerstrasse and Dresdner strasse, they encountered several people. They were verbally attacked and later the 31-year-old man was beaten.

When one of the men went for the dog, the dog bit the attacker’s thigh causing the attackers to flee.


VIRGIN SPAIN BTFO’d by CHAD SALVINI: “Spain Favors Mass Immigration; We Care About the People of Europe”

“Salvini makes his policies not only at the expense of Spain, but of all of Europe, with his politics of isolation which undermine the European idea.” according to the Foreign Minister of Spain, Borrell, in an interview with an online German newspaper on the migrant question.

The reply was not delayed. “We do not respond to insults from governments and ministers that favor an out-of-control immigration” affirmed Salvini. “We care about the security, culture and identity of the European people.”


Tourist Video in Greece Captures TV Crew Filming Fake Migrant Drownings with Actors

Once again, we have another example illustrating how all mainstream media is manipulation in one way or another – this time with a staged “refugee” drowning scene. And for those who remember, exactly three years ago the media also used images of a Syrian boy who allegedly drowned near Turkey – a propaganda piece timed perfectly for the mass invasion of Europe.

Today we have another “drowning” in the news to persuade Europeans to open the floodgates to Third Worlders – only this time the fake media got caught