Bullshit Story of The Week:Newly released (((UN)))”Nazi Holocaust archives” show US & UK colluded with Third Reich to destroy Soviet Union

Washington and London have been reluctant to make the UN war crimes files publicly available.
As Victory Day (May 9) approaches in Russia to commemorate the defeat of Hitler’s Nazi army, new United Nations archives from the Second World War-era war crimes commission investigating the Nazi Holocaust have finally been released, amid protests from the US and UK. Why?


Julius Evola: “the ‘British Empire’ was a creature of Judaism”

The significance of the bone of contention over jewish rule of Britain first came to my attention in Majority Rights Radio: 

The significance of the bone of contention over jewish rule of Britain first came to my attention in Majority Rights Radio: Guessedworker speaks with Tanstaafl, and especially in the comments at MR afterward. Months later I came across the issue again in Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 8 and Part 9.
The “British” Empire is one of those elements of European history which resonates very strongly in the European psyche. Racialists tend to see it as an expression of Anglo-Saxon greatness. The jews have turned it into a cornerstone of their guilt-tripping about colonialism. Neither view accords with reality. The jews puppeteered the empire at the expense of Britons, just as today they puppeteer the colonization of Britain itself.


Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti – Hesketh Prichard – Free PDF Download

A “Renaissance Man” in the truest sense, Hesketh Prichard was an explorer, adventurer, big-game hunter, and soldier who modernized British sniper tactics during the First World War. One of his expeditions was to the island nation of Haiti, where he documented his observations of the black republic in his book titled Where Black Rules White: A journey […]


Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years, and More, of Terrorism in France

By Robert Faurisson

In its issue of June 1991, the French monthly Le Choc du mois (“The Shock of the Month”) published a rather lengthy report entitled “Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years of Terrorism” (“Milices juives. Quinze ans de terrorisme,” pp. 7-13). Under the main headline, a subtitle summed up:

“Jewish Action Group,” “Jewish Combat Organization,” “Jewish Defense Organization”… Under these various names, Jewish activists for 15 years have unceasingly sown terror [in France] with total impunity. Provocations that have no other aim than to incite reprisals. As if certain people wanted the [French] Jewish community to feel threatened …

The report reviews 50 cases of physical aggression committed by organized Jewish groups during the period from June 19, 1976, to April 20, 1991. Not mentioned, therefore, are physical attacks committed by individual Jews (which are, in any case, rare).

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