“The Juwes are the men that Will not be Blamed for nothing”: Jews try to pin Jack the Ripper killings on the “far-right”

The basic Jewish approach to historiography is
(a) Suppress anything that reflects unfavourably on Jews, and

(b) After you’ve suppressed it for long enough so that most people don’t know the basic facts and aren’t even aware of the accusations made against Jews at the time, revive the subject yourself and blame it on antisemitism. Here we have a perfect illustration of this modus operandi as applied to the story of Jack the Ripper.
There were many indications at the time that Jack the Ripper was a Jew. His crimes occurred in an area that was effectively a Jewish colony, “a fragment of Poland torn off from Central Europe and dropped haphazard into the heart of Britain.”
Nicknamed “Leather Apron,” this “sinister” knife-carrying figure was described in one newspaper as “a Jew or of Jewish parentage, his face being of a marked ‘Hebrew type.’” 


Dunkirk : Movie Review

It is amazing how this stinking movie genre of World War II lies, which started with The Great Dictator in 1940, is still going strong after 77 years! Boy oh boy, evidently The Great One (that’s Hitler for all youse newbies and normies) must have really shaken the New World Order gang to its rotten Satanic core.
Though we just cannot bring ourselves to the theater and subject our volatile emotions to two hours of fraudulent filth on the big screen, based on reviewing several extended You Tube trailers, and in light of the fact that a “historian” named Joshua Levine (cough cough) was hired to help develop the script, we already know the oh-so-predictable historical spin of the Dunkirk “escape” that this propaganda film will surely present. Let us debunk the lasting lie about “the miracle at Dunkirk.”
Sandwiched around our explanation of why the British were able to so easily “escape” at Dunkirk, are critical bits of before and after historical context, excerpted from “The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War II.”


Scientists Map The Genome Of Ancient Egyptian Kings, And They Weren’t From Africa

The first ever genetic analysis of mummies found that ancient Egyptian kings were more closely related to West Asians than Africans, according to a study published Tuesday by scientists at the Max Planck Institute.
The research found that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to Neolithic Levantine, Anatolian and European populations. The mummies tested did not share strong genetic links to Africa often found in modern Egyptians.
“This suggests that an increase in Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,” Wolfgang Haak, who led the research team, said in a statement.