Debunking Churchill: It’s time we faced the unpalatable truth that Winston’s vanity and recklessness cost countless British lives and lost us our empire, writes PETER HITCHENS

Sir Winston Churchill was the towering figure of the Second World War. He was the one who did most to shape our idea of what actually took place in those terrible years of conflict.

He is one of the main reasons why we like to think it was a ‘Good War’.

The passion and parables of his war are nowadays better known than those of the Bible. Instead of the triumphal ride into Jerusalem, the Last Supper and the betrayal at Gethsemane, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, we have a modern substitute: Winston the outcast prophet in the wilderness, living on cigars and champagne rather than locusts and wild honey, but slighted, exiled and prophetic all the same.


Why Aryan Laws?

In 1793 the famous philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte, author of Speeches to the German Nation, wrote a pamphlet titled “A Contribution to Correcting Judgments about the French Revolution.” It contained the following significant sentence:

“In nearly all the nations of Europe, a powerful, hostile government is growing, and is at war with all the others, and sometimes oppresses the people in dreadful ways: It is Jewry!”


New York City to Name Street After Genocidal Black Haitian Who Murdered 5,000 Whites

While we are witnessing the history of our nation being erased, a street in our largest city is being named after a Black murder:

At the same time that localities across the country are in the process of erasing monuments to Confederates and slave-owners, New York City is preparing to honor a black man who ordered the murder of every white man, woman, and child under his control, resulting in 3,000 to 5,000 race homicides.

In New York City, street co-namings – in which a thoroughfare takes on an additional, ceremonial name in honor of a distinguished figure – rarely generate much fuss, and their approval is typically pro forma. But yesterday, a city council committee voted to co-name a street in Brooklyn after Jean-Jacques Dessalines, emperor of Haiti after the island won its independence from France in 1804.


When 20,000 American National Socialists Proudly Marched In Jew York City

In 1939, the German American Bund organized a rally of 20,000 Nazi supporters at Madison Square Garden in New York City. When Academy Award-nominated documentarian Marshall Curry stumbled upon footage of the event in historical archives, he was flabbergasted. Together with Field of Vision, he decided to present the footage as a cautionary tale to Americans. The short film, A Night at the Garden, premieres on The Atlantic today.