Why Hitler’s Invasion of the Soviet Union Surprised Stalin

Introduction to Viktor Suvorov

Viktor Suvorov is a former Soviet military intelligence operative who defected to the United Kingdom in 1978. Suvorov joined the Soviet Army as an 11-year-old, and for the next seven years attended the extremely tough Military Boarding School. After graduation Suvorov was chosen for the Frunze High Command Army School in Kiev, where he graduated in three years with honors. Suvorov’s work as an intelligence operative was noticed. He was sent to the Soviet Army Academy, which was the Soviet Union’s most secret military academy. The curriculum at the Soviet Army Academy was extremely intense and was designed as a test; those who excelled would get the most interesting intelligence assignments.


texts100 Documents On The Origin Of The War – Selected From Official German White Book 1939

Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the German people has learnt to look not backward into the past, but forward into the future. But the war which has been enforced upon us, and which we are waging for the sake of Germany’s future weal, renders it absolutely necessary that we should constantly bear in mind what led to the outbreak of the present conflict and wherein lay its ultimate causes. These facts have long been obvious to those who cared to see them and have often enough been publicly established by competent German authorities and especially by the Fuehrer in his speeches . Since, however, our enemies are untiring in their efforts to conceal the truth by means of lying propaganda and to mislead the world at large, not only as regards the causes of the war but also concerning their aims, it seems essential to furnish once again by authentic official documents the irrefutable proof that Britain, and Britain alone, was responsible for the war which she deliberately brought about in order to annihilate Germany.

– Introduction by Herr Ribbentrop, Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs


Visited Newgrange Yesterday.

Older than the pyramids at 5,200 years old Newgrange is one of the oldest man made structures in the world. As you can see we got a lovely day for it luckily enough. It had been pissing it down days before.

Fascinating to think Irish people built this large structure dedicated to the Sun that long ago. It has perfect alignment with the Sun on Winter/Summer solstice. A thin beam on light enters the structure and penetrates into the inner chamber on those days.

The large stones weighing tonnes were somehow transported from over 50 miles away. It’s a mystery as to how they did that.

Something I found amusing was this part of the museum. These were Irish homes 5,200 years ago. Africans still live like this today.

William Joyce : I Defy The Jew…

“In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the power of darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and in the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the swastika be raised from the dust, crowned with the words – “You have conquered nevertheless”. I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.”

-William Joyce