Blacks in the lowest bracket of GPA-MCAT scores have a higher chance of medical school admission than whites and asians in the highest bracket of GPA-MCAT scores.

The bar chart above is based on selected data from the table below the chart and shows the acceptance rates for US medical schools based on three different combinations of MCAT scores and GPA by ethnic/race group during the 2013-2016 period. As I explained in previous CD post that featured the table above (but not the new bar chart, which was just prepared with assistance from Olivier Ballou):

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the average GPA of all students applying to medical schools was 3.55 and the average MCAT score was 28.3 according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The highlighted dark blue column in the middle of the table above displays the acceptance rates to US medical schools for applicants from four racial/ethnic groups for applicants with: a) GPAs that fall in the 3.40 to 3.59 range that includes the average GPA of 3.55 and b) MCAT scores in the range between 27 to 29 that includes the average MCAT score of 28.3. Acceptance rates for students with slightly higher and slightly lower than average GPAs and test scores are displayed in the other columns. In other words, the table above displays acceptance rates by race/ethnicity for students applying to US medical schools with average academic credentials, and just slightly above and slightly below average academic credentials.


South Africa: Striking healthcare workers trash Johannesburg general hospital, attack patients

Charlotte Maxeke Hospital on lockdown as staff members burn property, block entrances

Violent scenes outside Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg have surfaced on social media on Thursday as property was torched, apparently by staff members.

According to the reports, the hospital shut down after the property was set alight and entrances were blocked.

It was also said that patients were threatened. According to an eNCA post on Twitter, hospital staff were protesting over grievances, which include the non-payment of overtime.


Children as Young as Four Seek NHS Help for Gender Issues

The number of children seeking help from Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for ‘gender issues’ has nearly quadrupled in the past few years, with some cases involving children as young as four.

A total of 2,356 under-18s have received medical support for gender issues, nearly four times the number in 2014/15 when 673 children sought referrals from their GPs, The Sun reports.

NHS figures revealed that the majority of cases involved teens aged 15 to 16 and 329 patients were under 13 including four-year-olds. Only a minority end up receiving hormone blockers and going down the path to gender reassignment as adults.


Irish Idiots Overwhelmingly Do As They’re Told & Vote Yes To kill Its Babies

Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, hailed a “quiet revolution” on Saturday as exit polls predicted that the country had voted overwhelmingly in favour of ending its de facto ban on abortion.

“We have seen the culmination of a quiet revolution that’s been taking place in Ireland over 20 years,” Mr Varadkar said, as he waited for the votes to be counted in Dublin.


There are absolutely sick displays of celebration throughout Ireland today. What sort of people celebrate killing their young? Not even animals do that. We have sunk to unbelievable levels of depravity. Just fucking nuke this planet.

Horrific: FBI this week are investigating abortion doctor who murders babies surviving abortion by breaking necks or slashing throats

Karpen a Jew?

According to the Daily Mail article here, the FBI this week is investigating abortionist Douglas Karpen after activists brought his practices to the U.S Department of Justice.

In 2012 our women who worked at Karpen’s Houston abortion facilities contacted a pro-life group ‘Operation Rescue’ to inform that of what Karpen was doing.

Karpen was delivering babies alive during abortion procedures before proceeding to kill them by slash their tiny throats or twisting their heads causing the breaking of their necks and sometimes decapitation.


Stunned scientists find BLUEBERRIES are better at destroying cancer cells than conventional radiation therapy alone

Cervical cancer strikes close to 13,000 women each year, claiming over 4,200 lives. Traditional treatment options include surgery to remove the affected tissue, radiation therapy using high energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs to destroy the affected cells (although healthy cells are killed too), or a combination thereof. However, these treatments are invasive and have low success rates.

Now, a study by researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia has confirmed that blueberry extract not only enhances the effects of radiation therapy – one of the most popular treatments for cervical cancer – but is even more successful than radiation at destroying cancer cells.


Senior Musrat gynaecologist asked patient if she liked ‘licking’, suggested she bring sex toys to his surgery and asked her if she wanted sex after conducting an intimate examination, tribunal is told

Consultant gynaecologist Dr Iftekhar Ahmed, 51, posed a series of inappropriate questions to the woman, including what sexual positions she used with her partner and whether she used vibrators and other sexual aids, it was said.

During two consultations about safe sex at a community clinic, Ahmed also allegedly asked the patient if she watched pornography and even offered to download some on her laptop. He reportedly asked if she would bring the sex aids to the clinic so he could ‘look at them’.