Never Let These Creatures Care For Your Loved Ones : Video released of staff laughing at WWII veteran as he dies, screams in pain

A World War II veteran confined to a nursing home died while his calls for help went unanswered- and the whole thing was caught on hidden camera.

The incident took place at a Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014 , but the footage has only recently been made public by the family as part of a lawsuit.

89-year-old James Dempsey -who served his country during World War II- called for help six times, saying he couldn’t breathe.


Child migrants to have priority in the NHS: High Court judge rules young who arrive unaccompanied must be put at the head of the queue

Young children who arrive in Britain as unaccompanied asylum seekers should get first place in the queue for schools and healthcare, a High Court judge declared yesterday.

He called on social workers to make sure that children who arrive to claim asylum without their parents or anyone else to look after them should have priority in getting medical care or NHS therapy.

Such children should also have priority for places in oversubscribed schools, Mr Justice Peter Jackson said.


Too much exercise can kill you – especially if you’re a white man

Too much exercise can kill you, scientists have revealed.

White men who work out at least seven-and-a-half hours a week are nearly twice as likely to suffer from heart disease than those who do a moderate amount, a new study shows.

Researchers in Chicago assessed exercise patterns over the course of 25 years and made the surprising discovery that very active white men are 86 percent more likely to experience a buildup of plaque in the heart arteries by middle age.



Many young pregnant women decided to keep their babies after reading this fictional diary. “The Diary of an Unborn Baby” describes the life of a child from her conception in the womb up until the day that the child realizes she has been killed before ever being born.

When in 1970 I published it as a flyer for the British Movement 100,000 copies were quickly taken and distributed. I like to think that as a consequence there are a number of ethnic-Europeans enjoying life and contributing to the happiness of others as I am.

OCTOBER 5 Today my life began. My parents do not know it yet, I am as small as a seed of an apple, but it is I already. And I am to be a girl. I shall have blonde hair and blue eyes. Just about everything is settled though, even the fact that I shall love flowers.

OCTOBER 19 Some say that I am not a real person yet, that only my mother exists. But I am a real person, just as a small crumb of bread is yet truly bread. My mother is. And I am.


A Look At How Nestle Makes Billions Selling You Groundwater In A Bottle

A few weeks ago we shared with readers a lawsuit filed in Connecticut against Nestle Waters North America, Inc. alleging that the water they marketed as Poland ‘Natural Spring Water’ was actually just bottled groundwater…the same water that runs through the taps of many American households. 
Now a new investigation from Bloomberg Businessweek reveals how large water bottling companies choose their plant locations based not on the steady supply of pristine, natural drinking water, as their labels and other marketing campaigns would lead you to believe, but based on which economically depressed municipalities offer up the most tax breaks and have the most lax water laws.