Activists call for destruction of ‘Hitler balcony’ in Vienna

VIENNA — Activists are calling for a little-remembered balcony on the front of Vienna’s town hall to be destroyed because it is where Adolf Hitler gave a speech in 1938, Austrian media reported Wednesday.

Hitler made the speech on April 9, 1938, from a specially constructed wooden balcony erected in the center of the building’s imposing neo-Gothic facade, but it was later replaced with a permanent stone one to commemorate the event.


Italian Hero Gets 12 Years in Prison for Shooting African Migrants

Luca Traini, an Italian neo-Nazi sympathizer who wounded six African migrants in a drive-by shooting earlier this year, was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment on Wednesday.

A court in Macerata, the central Italian town where the crime took place, found the 29-year-old guilty of attempted massacre aggravated by racist motives and illegal possession of a weapon, according to the ANSA news agency.


Hitler on Christianity

“He [Hitler] believed in guidance from above and in the existence of a Supreme Being whose wisdom and will had created laws for the preservation and evolution of the human race. He believed that the highest aim of mankind was to survive the achievement of progress and perfection. From this belief there was a sense of his own mission to be the Leader of the German people. He was acting, he believed on the command of this Supreme Being; he had a fixed conception of this Being, which nothing could change. In his speeches he often mentioned the Almighty and Providence. But he personally was sharply hostile to Christianity and the churches, although the Party program came out for a ‘positive’ Christianity. In private conversation, he often remarked sarcastically in reference to churches and priests, that there were some who ‘boasted of having a direct hook-up with God.’ Primitive Christianity, he declared was the first ‘Jewish-Communist cell.’”

Otto Dietrich, The Hitler I Knew: Memoirs of the Third Reich’s Press Chief