Italian Shooter Targeting Africans Met as Hero in Prison

Luca Traini the Italian man who shot several Africans after a Nigerian hacked up a young Italian girl is reportedly being treated as a hero in prison. He’s also been supported by many native Italians.

It would appear as if we are finally seeing the rise of fascism in Italy. And honestly, how could it not? When you flood the country with thousands upon thousands of violent niggers, it was only a matter of time before people started taking action. The government could have avoided this if they just kept the niggers out of the country. This isn’t really a very difficult thing to understand.


Adolf Hitler – The Man Against Time He Knew He Was Right….. They Knew He Was Right….. The Lies Won’t Always Hide The Truth “One Day The World Will Know I Was Right” Adolf Hitler 1945


When IronMarch discovered James Mason’s book SIEGE, it was something of an “ah ha!” moment for us. Mason, a veteran in the American fascist movement, had deep insights into the various strategies that had been used by various people and groups.

Studying his work allowed us to consolidate our understanding of the practical aspects of the struggle, and clear up the way forward. We quickly got to work making a new, sleeker and more readable version of SIEGE in order to spread the message.

We also set about to find out more about the author, who seemed to have completely disappeared after his last known interview in 2003. Had he started new projects? Did he write new books? Would he be willing to communicate with us? These questions got us started on our quest to track down James Mason in search for answers.

This has turned out to be a long and difficult process, which stretched out over several years.

But after being frustrated by multiple dead ends in our research, the members of the AtomWaffen Division have finally managed to find Mason and thus make this interview possible.

Most of this interview was conducted during the first meeting between an AWD representative and Mason, which occurred on the 25th of March in 2017.


Battle for the West: Hungarian PM Says ‘Silent Majority’ Will Prevail Over ‘Globalist Elites’ and ‘The Soros Empire’

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has launched a stunning denunciation of globalism, declaring that the “true spirit of the age” points to a resurgence of conservative values centred on country, family, and tradition.

The Hungarian premier drew battle lines between a “silent majority” of ordinary people who “provide for their families, love their homelands, and insist on their Christian roots” on the one hand, and the “globalist elites, the bureaucrats who serve them, the politicians in their pay, and the agents of the Soros-type networks that embody their interests” on the other.