Dailyfail : Hitler performed a sex act in a cinema as he watched a violent film about Austrians killing French troops, reveals new book which claims his murders for the Nazi state were driven by ‘deviant sexual lust’ 

See comments are turned off. I’ve noticed comments on these Hitler stories in the DailyFail have been more & more calling out this bullshit. Even normies don’t believe these ridiculous stories.


George Lincoln Rockwell Assassinated By The Jew 50 Years Today 

George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated on August 25, 1967 in the parking lot of a northern Virginia laundromat by a former follower named John Patsalos. In many ways, Rockwell’s death was an ironic end to a valorous life.
While serving in the US Navy, Rockwell had participated in numerous battles in two wars. His first assignment in the Navy was dangerous in and of itself, piloting an OS2U Kingfisher. This was an underpowered, lightly-armed scout plane that was launched by catapult from a cruiser or battleship. Even simple flights over the open ocean were dangerous. Rockwell wrote of the matter:

‘We had no automatic pilot or mechanical aid whatsoever. You figured out everything by vectors, compass course, speed, distance, time and gas, and then prayed fervently that you and the ship would wind up somewhere in the near vicinity at the end of the flight. If you made a mistake of adding the magnetic variation instead of subtracting it or forgot a single wind figure or made any other ordinarily slight mathematical error, it was curtains’