Model, 27, left housebound by crippling migraines is CURED through past-life hypnosis – and she goes back in time to 1700s America where she helped to save the lives of slaves

A model whose crippling migraines left her housebound claimed they were cured by visiting her past life.
Jasmine Charles, 27, was left feeling anxious, drained and isolated after suffering from the debilitating headaches twice a month for three years.
But they suddenly worsened in October when she began to have a recurring dream about the slave trade in the US in the 1700s.

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😂 Gnarled Polish tree that two Jewish brothers hid inside to escape the Nazis is named best in Europe 😂

It was real in their minds 😂

‘A Polish tree that two Jewish brothers used as a shelter for hiding from the Nazis during World War Two has been voted European Tree of the Year 2017.
Oak Józef, in the village of Wiśniowa, south-eastern Poland, was also printed on Polish 100 złoty bills. Today it is admired by many visitors and is captured in many photos and paintings.
The Brimmon Oak, in Newtown, in Wales, came runner-up in the competition.
The competition started in 2011 as a way to highlight the significance of ancient trees. This year featured candidates from 16 countries and the participation of hundreds of thousands of people’

ADL Head Jonathan Greenblatt Pens Heartfelt Letter to Andrew Anglin, Apologizing for Jewish Bombing Hoax

I am touched to announce that the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt has sent me a heartfelt letter, apologizing for having insulted me for saying a Jew had likely done the synagogue prank phone call spree.
It was revealed yesterday that the calls were done by an Israeli Jew.
Greenblatt has agreed to let me share his letter with my readership:
Dear Mr. Anglin,
On behalf of the ADL and the entirety of international Jewry, I want to issue my most sincere apology for having insulted you when you stated that it was most likely a Jew who had made the bomb threat hoaxes to Jewish centers across the country, and to the ADL offices.

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The Case For Being A Cuck 😂

Fitting they use the UberCuck Trudeau in pic LOL
‘If you are totally unfamiliar with the term cuck and are wondering why someone just ALL CAPS SHOUTED that you are one on Twitter, well, it’s the alt-right’s favorite insult for men who are not members of the alt-right. The term is derived from porn, wherein white husbands watch their wives or girlfriends have sex with (generally) black men. If you wonder why the prospect of your wife having sex with another man would be more humiliating if that man were black, well, congratulations; you’re not a racist’