‘It’s OUR word to use’: Lesbian blasts retailers such as Topshop and H&M for selling Femme slogan t-shirts – insisting the word belongs to the LGBT community

A lesbian shop worker has slammed four top fashion retailers for ‘appropriating’ the word ‘femme’ as a t-shirt slogan – which she claims is only the LGBT community’s ‘to use’.
‘H’ Beverley, from Chelmsford, Essex, visited Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Mango taking pictures of the t-shirts before complaining to the stores online informing them it is an LGBT term for a feminine lesbian.


Swedish women in tears as Afghan ‘boys’ are deported

Middle aged Swedish women weep and protest, as Afghan men who have been denied residence in Sweden, are being returned to Afghanistan. Tuesday night a plane with 10 (ten) persons left Gothenburg, which the local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, writes was ‘forcibly’.
– Today we cry, but tomorrow we continue the battle, says Kinna Skoglund, spokesperson for the group of women.

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‘It is not expected that the little girl will be subject to sexual intercourse’: Writer and feminist Germaine Greer slammed by Q&A viewers for controversial views on child brides

Strange sort of feminism wouldn’t you say. Constantly scream & heckle white men as rapists & perverts but think non-whites marrying young girls is AOK! 

Feminism is cancer. 
‘Writer and feminist Germaine Greer has been slammed by Q&A viewers after she claimed victims of child marriage are not forced to have sex.
Ms Greer joined the ABC program’s panel on Monday night, accompanied by Assistant Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, Shadow Environment Minister Tony Burke, Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch and Chido Govera from Zimbabwe – who was almost a child bride at age 10’