Sweden: Gender Neutral Pool Event Flooded with Monkeys Who Come to Stare at Naked Womyn

This happened in Malmö, Sweden’s most diverse city as measured in grenade attacks, and the perfect place for dumb bitches to get a dose of reality… Or so you’d think, if you started from the assumption that these are at least relatively normal, sane people.

Which most of them obviously aren’t…


A programme at a Swedish open-air swimming bath in Malmö that eliminated gender-separate areas to encourage transgender bathers has resulted in men taking the opportunity to stare at naked women.

The programme, called “Queer Kallis”, is held on the first Monday of the month at the Ribersborgs kallbadhus, an open-air bath in the heavily migrant populated city of Malmö.

How do these people come up with this crap?

Where does “we need more men who cut their dicks off in the pool” even come from?


Battle of the Sexes: When the World No. 203 swept the Williams sisters


great deal of controversy was created recently when former tennis pro John McEnroe claimed that multiple major winner Serena Williams would not be among the world’s top 700 if she played on the men’s circuit.

At the height of the Williams boom in 1998, an unofficial game took place in Australia after Serena and Venus claimed that no male player outside the top 200 could beat them.

Up stepped a German known as Karsten Braasch who was ranked 203rd in the world and after first beating Serena 6-1, he then disposed of Venus 6-2.

“I didn’t know it would be that difficult. I played shots that would have been winners on the women’s circuit and he got to them very easily,” said Serena.

“They wouldn’t have had a chance against anyone inside the top 500 because today I played like someone ranked 600th to keep it fun,” was Braasch’s assessment.


Snowflake students at Cambridge University are being given GUINEA PIGS to help ease their stress levels including three named after feminist icons

Bosses at the famous university’s Lucy Cavendish College say the furry pets will improve mental wellbeing.

Three of the pets have been named after feminist icons. One’s moniker is inspired by suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst and is called Emmeline Squeakhurst.


All-women’s college asks profs not to call students ‘women’

Mount Holyoke College, an all-women’s school, is asking professors to avoid calling students “women” or otherwise referring to “the two genders.”

The Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students guide was created by officials at the college, which touts its legacy as an all-women’s college, in an effort to promote a “gender neutral” classroom environment.


Men who wolf-whistle at women in the street should be charged with a hate crime, says Labour MP

Labour MP Melanie Onn claims tough new rules are needed to encourage women to report sexual harassment.

She says an overhaul of the law would help cut anti-women crimes including upskirting and online trolling.

Ms Onn told the Grimsby Telegraph: “I’ve been told by police that women don’t necessarily report these incidents, such as men standing far too close to them on public transport.


Women’s Rights Group Disrupts Berlin International Film Festival, Protests Migrant Rape Epidemic

Women in Germany have had enough of liberal politicians and policies that only seek to benefit refugees. During the Berlin International Film Festival, several women jumped on stage and proudly displayed their banner for all to see. “The voices of the forgotten women,” it read. As to be expected, the liberal celebrities were outraged and kicked them off of the stage shouting, “Nazi’s out! Nazi’s out!” In what world is a woman who advocates for her safety considered a Nazi?


When Will “Feminists” Go Back To Caring About Real Women’s Issues?

Today, in the United Kingdom, female activists are celebrating a momentous day in British history; when legislation was passed, on this day exactly 100 years’ ago, that first entitled some women to vote. The heroic struggles of famous suffragettes are typically invoked, venerated by sentiments offering posthumous gratitude for a nation that values gender equality in all matters before the law. However, a pattern that is emerging is for a certain section of said activists to focus not on the legislated gender equality that we already have, but to suggest there is still ‘a long way to go’. This is taken to varying degrees by various factions, but the common theme amongst all these sentiments is that women are still oppressed, with the unspoken explanation being ‘by the white, male patriarchy’.