Traditional Depictions of Mothers to be Banned in Adverts From Next Year Amid Ongoing War On ‘Gender Stereotypes’

Cooking, cleaning mums will be banned in advertisements across the UK from next year, following a study which claimed traditional gender roles are “harmful and outdated”.

The decision to tighten regulation was announced by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) this week, after a report published in summer identified gender stereotypes in adverts as a driver of inequality between men and women.


Sexists to face tougher sentences under plans to make misogyny a hate crime

Criminals motivated by sexism could face increased sentences as police prepare to review plans to make misogyny a hate crime. It comes as part of efforts to clampdown on sexual harassment.

Proposals to make misogyny the sixth strand of offences categorized as a hate crime are currently being discussed by senior police officers. If agreed, criminals who are found to have acted out of hatred towards women would be handed longer sentences. Under the reforms, sexist behavior or language would be treated as an aggravating factor to other crimes such as assault and harassment.


Crazy Feminist ‘Professor’ : Eating Meat Perpetuates “Hegemonic Masculinity”

A Pennsylvania State University sociology professor recently argued that eating meat perpetuates “hegemonic masculinity” and “gender hegemony.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Feminist Geography, professor Anne DeLessio-Parson argues that “hegemonic masculinity implies an imperative to eat meat” and that this helps reify other power hierarchies as well.


#FeminismIsCancer : Should I report sexual harassment if I then slept with the man?

The dilemma Should I report sexual harassment I received even though I later had a sexual relationship with the harasser? Years ago I worked as a volunteer for a political party and while showing me some work on a computer, a senior staff member repeatedly touched my knee. He said sorry, and then did it again, about seven times. He finished by saying: “I’ll need to report myself for sexual harassment now.”