Duke recruits men for program to fight ‘toxic’ masculinity

Duke University is recruiting male students for a nine-week program that pledges to “destabilize masculine privilege” and “interrogate masculinity.”

The program, known as the Duke University Men’s Project, seeks to help men examine how their masculinities exist “often in toxic ways” while beginning “the work of unlearning violence.”

Basically they want to turn all white men into soft Faggots. 


Speaking English is now a racist microaggression.

Worried that “xenophobia and nationalism are on the rise,” organizers of a recent academic conference invited presenters to “decenter English as the de facto language” of academia.
Specifically, the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) invited presenters at its Annual Meeting—held in Boston from August 30 through September 2—to hand in research papers in languages other than English to promote “linguistic pluralism.”


Sweden : Teachers Should Decide On What Politics To Indoctrinate Children With

DOMESTIC. It is now clear that the government intends to change the school case so that it becomes the headmaster who can decide which political parties can be invited to the school. According to the government, the amendment is made for “students’ sake”. 

“The best one to decide how political information should occur at school, if parties are to be invited, is the headmaster,” says Anna Ekström (S) Senior Secretary to Ekot.