Sweden: Gender Neutral Pool Event Flooded with Monkeys Who Come to Stare at Naked Womyn

This happened in Malmö, Sweden’s most diverse city as measured in grenade attacks, and the perfect place for dumb bitches to get a dose of reality… Or so you’d think, if you started from the assumption that these are at least relatively normal, sane people.

Which most of them obviously aren’t…


A programme at a Swedish open-air swimming bath in Malmö that eliminated gender-separate areas to encourage transgender bathers has resulted in men taking the opportunity to stare at naked women.

The programme, called “Queer Kallis”, is held on the first Monday of the month at the Ribersborgs kallbadhus, an open-air bath in the heavily migrant populated city of Malmö.

How do these people come up with this crap?

Where does “we need more men who cut their dicks off in the pool” even come from?


Modern Shart

If anyone deserves the oven treatment it’s this gang of degenerate fucks. I’d bet my house more than 1 is a Jew.

‘These giant poo sculptures prove ‘contemporary art is not s***’

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but few people are likely to think faecal matter is beautiful or worthy of being the subject of an exhibition.

But that’s exactly what visitors at Rotterdam’s Museum Boijmans van Beuningen can see: giant, imposing sculptures of turds.

Four sculptures make up the “Vorm – Fellows – Attitude” exhibition, which is open until August 12.

One is a light-brown swirl pointing upwards that, from one angle, looks like the poop emoji. The second is a gigantic, dark-almost-black turd snaking its way from one room to the next while another is a three-layer construction with a gap wide enough for someone to crawl through.’


Children as Young as Four Seek NHS Help for Gender Issues

The number of children seeking help from Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for ‘gender issues’ has nearly quadrupled in the past few years, with some cases involving children as young as four.

A total of 2,356 under-18s have received medical support for gender issues, nearly four times the number in 2014/15 when 673 children sought referrals from their GPs, The Sun reports.

NHS figures revealed that the majority of cases involved teens aged 15 to 16 and 329 patients were under 13 including four-year-olds. Only a minority end up receiving hormone blockers and going down the path to gender reassignment as adults.


Netherlands: 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Forced into Sex Slavery Each Year by ‘Migrant Background’ Males

Every year more than one thousand underage Dutch girls are groomed and then blackmailed into sex slavery by young pimps with migrant backgrounds, an investigation has revealed.

With gifts, drink, and drugs, so-called ‘loverboys’ will seduce a girl into agreeing to become his sex partner before taking pictures or video footage of the encounter which will then be used as leverage to force her into prostitution, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports.

“These men are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Caribbeans, and Roma. The lion’s share of them have a migrant background,” said Gideon van Aartsen from Watch Nederland, an initiative which coordinates with the nation’s police on efforts to fight child sexual exploitation (CSE).


Horrific: FBI this week are investigating abortion doctor who murders babies surviving abortion by breaking necks or slashing throats

Karpen a Jew?

According to the Daily Mail article here, the FBI this week is investigating abortionist Douglas Karpen after activists brought his practices to the U.S Department of Justice.

In 2012 our women who worked at Karpen’s Houston abortion facilities contacted a pro-life group ‘Operation Rescue’ to inform that of what Karpen was doing.

Karpen was delivering babies alive during abortion procedures before proceeding to kill them by slash their tiny throats or twisting their heads causing the breaking of their necks and sometimes decapitation.


Pope Tells Faggot God Created Him to Take It Up the Ass

Well this here is a real block-knocker-offer.

I’m knocked right the hell off my block.

Because there are layers here.

The Independent:

A victim of clerical sex abuse has said Pope Francis told him God made him gay and his sexuality “does not matter”.

Juan Carlos Cruz spoke privately with the pontiff last week about the abuse he suffered at the hands of a prominent Chilean priest.

After his sexuality came up in conversation, Francis reportedly told him: “Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter. God made you like that and loves you like this and I don’t care. The Pope loves you like this. You have to be happy with who you are.


TRANS-AGE: Pedophile Charged With Abusing 3 Girls Says He’s A 9-Year-Old Trapped In Man’s Body

A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting two six-year-olds and an eight-year-old on repeated occasions, told police officers that he’s really “a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body,” prosecutors revealed on Wednesday.

Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Roman is charged with repeated predatory criminal sexual assault. The numerous attacks began in 2015 and continued until earlier this month.

Roman has reportedly confessed to some of the attacks to authorities. His victims were the daughters of his friends.