Muslim Gangs Luring Hundreds of Children into Sexual Exploitation, ‘County Lines’ Crime in Multicultural Bradford

Hundreds of children are being exploited by dozens of criminal gangs for sex, drug trafficking, and other criminal activity in multicultural Bradford.

A new report produced by the local council suggests 471 youngsters have been brought into or are connected with some 51 organised criminal organisations operating in the northern English city, according to the BBC.

347 children were identified as at risk of sexual exploitation, with 203 of the victims identified as White British, and over 60 percent of the suspected groomers identified as being of Pakistani origin — in line with a pattern which has now been observed in town and cities across the country.


Holland : Naked actors make love for group of children during a sick play.

GHENT – A naked man and woman who are entwined in each other to make love for a group of children on stage. It is a remarkable scene from the controversial play ‘Lam Gods’, which was premiered on Thursday by the NTGent. “It’s about an erotic choreography and not about real sex”, the theater company emphasizes.

The actors play Adam and Eve who start to make love together at a certain moment. A group of girls, who also play a role in the play, watch from close by. “It is not what it seems”, says NTGent. “It’s about an erotic choreography and not about real sex.” So there is no penetration.


Christian bakers win ‘gay cake’ Supreme Court fight

The owners of a bakery did not discriminate against a customer by refusing to make a cake supporting gay marriage, the Supreme Court has ruled.

Christian couple Daniel and Amy McArthur, who run Belfast-based Ashers Baking Company, told activist Gareth Lee they would not make the cake featuring Sesame Street puppets and the logo of campaign group Queerspace.

After a long-running legal battle over whether the McArthurs broke discrimination laws, five Supreme Court justices announced their decision in London on Wednesday.


Boys Encouraged to Wear Nail Polish, Massage Each Other at Gender Neutral School

Elite elementary schools in Iceland are teaching boys to put on nail polish and give each other full body massages while girls are discouraged from crying to counter gendered behaviours.

Founded by self-described radical feminist Margrét Pála Ólafsdóttir, the 20 nursery and elementary Hjallastefnan schools in Iceland, which has a population of just 334,000, separate the girls’ and boys’ classes for the majority of the day, so that they can be taught to practice behaviours of the opposite sex.



The Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education is investigating the case of a 5-year-old girl who allegedly was sexually assaulted by a “gender fluid” classmate, a boy, in a restroom in a Georgia public school.

The case is a direct result of the Obama administration’s guidance to schools that redefined Title IX requirements, forcing schools to accommodate “gender identity” in facilities such as restrooms and showers. Critics have argued the guidance conflicts with the definition of male and female established in Title IX, the 1972 law that bars discrimination in educational programs on the basis of “sex.”


Children’s Television: From Rainbow to Multi-Racial, LGBT Brainwashing in 40 Years

This morning, I awoke to learn that my beloved childhood hero, Geoffrey Hayes, had passed away at the age of 76. He was the star of British television show, Rainbow, which aired over 1000 episodes between the years of 1972 and 1995. Rainbow was a show in which Geoffrey would carry out activities and read stories with his three puppet friends: Bungle the bear, George the hippo and Zippy the…. Zippy. There were episodes where the group of friends would go to the funfair to play games, visit the farm, dress up as pirates and go swimming; it was all-round, good, respectable fun.