Germany Raids Homes of 36 People Accused of Hateful Postings Over Social Media

BERLIN — In a coordinated campaign across 14 states, the German police on Tuesday raided the homes of 36 people accused of hateful postings over social media, including threats, coercion and incitement to racism.

Most of the raids concerned politically motivated right-wing incitement, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office, whose officers conducted home searches and interrogations. But the raids also targeted two people accused of left-wing extremist content, as well as one person accused of making threats or harassment based on someone’s sexual orientation.


‘Sneaky Jew’ comment lands German Left Party’s local leader in hot water

Mekan Kolasinac, the chairman of the Left Party, known for its anti-Israel views, branded the party’s federal head, Bernd Riexinger, a “sneaky Jew” in a Facebook post.

The lawmaker confirmed to the Saarbrücker Zeitung newspaper that he had made the anti-Jewish remark, but that he regretted it.  According to Kolasinac, the remark was a mistake and he had initially wanted to write “Judas” instead of “Jew.” Kolasinac later apologized for the gaffe on his Facebook page, addressing his “Jewish friends.”


Peak 2017: Math Is Now Racist

It’s finally happened, guys. Math is now racist.

National mathematics organizations have come out to complain that math education is “unjust and grounded in a legacy of institutional discrimination,” reports Campus Reform.

In a joint statement released last year, two organizations, TODOS: Mathematics for All and the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) said “social justice” is “a key priority in the access to, engagement with, and advancement in mathematics education for our country’s youth.”


A Detroit Firefighter was Fired Before he Officially Began his First day on the job for Bringing a Watermelon to Work

Robert Pattison, 41, introduced himself to his fellow firefighters at Engine 55 at the corner of Joy and Southfield in Detroit by bringing a welcome gift, WJBK reported.

Second Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty calls this welcome gift “a tradition” for Engine 55’s firefighters.

“It’s not mandatory, it’s voluntary,” he said. “You come in bearing gifts. The usual gift is doughnuts, but you are allowed to bring whatever you want to bring in.”

Pattison, who was a probationary firefighter, decided to stand out from the crowd and bring a watermelon with a pink bow on top.


Ohio firefighter suspended for saying he’d save a dog from a burning building before saving a Dindu

A volunteer firefighter from Ohio was suspended indefinitely without pay Tuesday after he wrote on Facebook that he would rather save a dog than a black man.
Tyler Roysdon, 20, was informed on Tuesday that he was suspended from the Franklin Township fire department for stating that he would rather save a dog from a burning building than an African American.
Roysdon wrote on his Facebook page that ‘one dog is more important than a million n*****s.’