Cowboys and Indians outfits are BANNED from fancy dress parties by students’ union which says the costumes are ‘offensive’

Mexican-style sombreros have also fallen foul of the politically-correct rules, which student leaders say threatens people’s ‘safe space’.

Among the other costume ideas hit by the edict are dressing up as ‘chavs’, priests and nuns or IS bombers.

However, the ‘fancy dress guidelines’ approve of doctors and nurses, Ancient Greeks, Romans, cave people and aliens.


Secondary School head apologises after ‘racist and sexist’ Two Ronnies sketch is played at parents’ evening to demonstrate importance of good communication

The clip, titled Sheikh in a Grocery Store, was displayed to show the importance of communication between parents and teachers.

But outraged Year Nine parents were ‘furious’ and said there was no place for the 1970s humour ‘in this day and age’.

The sketch opens with Barker in his familiar role as a brown-coated shopkeeper before Corbett enters wearing dark makeup and a thawb.


Student council members: Ice cream is not ‘inclusive’ enough

Student council members at The University of Wisconsin-Madison are demanding the school change the ingredients in the official university ice cream, claiming that the current ingredients are discriminatory toward some minority students.

UW-M’s official ice cream, the Babcock, contains a beef gelatin additive, which according to the legislation, “renders certain communities such as the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and vegetarian unable to enjoy it without violating their beliefs.”


Brave German teenage girl called ‘Nazi’ for reading poem about migrant violence – Her house vandalised as well.

Austria ridiculed for plan to ban ‘extremist’ hand signals, including one identical to Churchill’s ‘V for Victory’

Austria’s far-Right interior ministry has been plunged into new contoversy over plans to ban “extremist” symbols including salutes used by Islamic extremists and Turkish and Kurdish nationalists.

But the proposals have been ridiculed after it emerged that some of the hand signals could easily be confused with common gestures including the peace sign and Churchill’s “V for victory” salute.



The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for a series of decisions and actions that the Austrian government has adopted in recent months.

A meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in New York on Wednesday evening further confirmed the latter’s commitment to battling all forms of antisemitism. The conversation took place at a reception hosted by Ronald Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, in his own gallery building displaying a collection of works by Austrian painters Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.


Police make Illinois homeowner remove ‘offensive’ Halloween decoration resembling lynched black man hanging from tree after irate neighbors protest

An Illinois homeowner has been forced to remove a Halloween decoration from her front yard that appeared to depict a black man being lynched from a tree.

Toya Griffin, 37, was on the phone with her 15-year-old daughter Wednesday when she says the teen noticed the visual in Lansing, Illinois.

‘My daughter suddenly said, “Oh, my god,” and tried to explain what she saw,’ Griffin, told Yahoo Lifestyle.