Polish priest sparks outrage after claiming ‘truth’ to Jews is ‘whatever serves their own interests’

Poland’s Jewish association has accused a Catholic priest of spreading hate speech after he claimed on a TV show that Jews have their own perception of truth, which is often something that “serves Israel’s interests.”

Jewish people have “a completely different system of values, a different concept of truth,” Henryk Zielinski, a priest and editor-in-chief of Catholic magazine ‘Idziemy’ (‘We are going’) told broadcaster TVP during a show aired last Saturday. He proceeded to claim that truth was a very flexible notion for Jews.


New Leftist Plan: Drug Nazis with Magic Mushrooms to Fight Fascism

The Jew liberal establishment has been in full-panic mode for over a year now, and we’re starting to see some of the more hilarious fruits of that phenomenon.

Scientists are looking into new innovative ways to “fight fascism” (ie. the Alt-Right and Trumpism). For example, a few months back, scientists found a link between authoritarian attitudes and being infected with parasites:


White people who practise yoga contribute to racism, professor claims

IF YOU are white and do yoga, you need to cease immediately or live with the knowledge that you are a dirty racist.

Well, this is the belief of a professor who claims practising yoga is contributing to “white supremacy” and a “system of power and oppression”. Who knew the downward-facing dog and Hitler had so much in common?

Michigan State University religious studies professor Shreena Gandhi and self-described “anti-racist white Jewish organiser, facilitator and healer” Lillie Wolff co-authored the piece titled Yoga And The Roots Of Cultural Appropriation.


Official sweater of Norwegian Olympic ski team features symbol used by neo-Nazi group

The sweaters, which were created for the team back in October, feature a symbol called the Tyr rune — basically an upward-pointing arrow — named after the Norse god Tyr. The problem is, a neo-Nazi group known as the Nordic Resistance Movement has recently adopted the Tyr rune as its symbol, and it was once an emblem associated with certain divisions of Hitler’s leadership programs during World War II, according to the Anti-Defamation League.


Khan Blames Crime Wave on Cuts, But Fall in Police Numbers Could Be Plugged by Redeploying ‘Hate Crime’ Officers

Meanwhile, recorded crime rose by 14 per cent overall across 44 police force areas in England and Wales — including a 32 per cent rise in domestic burglary, a 29 per cent rise in robbery, a 23 per cent rise in sex offences, a 21 per cent rise in knife crime, and a 20 per cent rise in gun crime.

In fact, with the London alone boasting over 900 police officers “dedicated to investigating hate crime” — one of Khan’s top priorities as mayor — it seems likely that the annual fall could be more than adequately compensated by redeploying existing resources.


Germany could deport antisemitic migrants under new laws

Legislation expected to be announced before Holocaust Memorial Day

Germany‘s ruling parties are beefing up legislation to make it easier to deport antisemitic migrants.

The draft bill being proposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s CDU-CSU conservative alliance calls for the “absolute acceptance of Jewish life” to be considered a “benchmark” for migrants integrating into society.

It also stipulates that “those who refuse Jewish life in Germany or question the right of existence of Israel cannot have a place in our country”,

according to Die Welt.


2018 : Penis whitening: What is it? Why are men doing it? And what are the dangers?

Around 100 men a month undergo the treatment which costs £500 for five sessions and is carried out by plastic surgeons at the Lelux Hospital in Thai capital Bangkok.

Bleaching procedures are particularly sought after in Thailand but the latest skin-whitening ads have caused outrage, accusations of racism and now public health warnings.


The Army bans soldiers from saying Sir on the phone: Chiefs stop troops from using ‘outdated’ greeting because they cannot be sure of the gender of the person calling

Gendered phrases such as ‘mankind’ and ‘sportsmanship’ were banned too

Army chiefs have told troops they must no longer answer the phone saying ‘How can I help you Sir’ – as they cannot be sure of the gender of the person on the line.

Colonel Steve Davies said the greeting was ‘outdated’ and ‘unnecessary’ after a soldier raised concerns they could be offending comrades by assuming they were male.