Asylum Seeker Raped Disabled Belgian Woman for Three Days Hoping for Anchor Baby

A 30-year-old asylum seeker in Belgium has been sentenced to four years imprisonment after he raped a mentally disabled woman hoping to get her pregnant so he could use the child as an excuse to remain in the country.

The migrant, named Karim, met with the 19-year-old girl in November 2014 in the city of Liege and held her for three days at a squat where he was living, raping her repeatedly, Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure reports.


Savage pulls out a huge machete and attacks a stranger at random in Birmingham city centre in the latest video from lawless UK

This is the chilling moment a man appears to pull out a huge machete and attack a bystander in Birmingham city centre.

CCTV footage shows the victim standing by some benches when another man approaches from the side and seemingly slashes him with the weapon which resembled a machete.

The victim attempted to move away but the second man slowly moved towards him as passers-by looked on.


Irish Experiencing The Joys Of Mud Gang Rapes

Gardaí are appealing for witnesses after a young woman alleged she was attacked by three men and raped by one of them while walking home.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on Millicent Road, Clane, Co Kildare, between 1am and 1.30am yesterday. The woman, who is Irish, was returning from a night out socialising at the time.

It’s believed the three suspects are foreign nationals and it has been alleged one of the men raped the young woman.


Update : another reported incident from what looks like the same gang


Stop and search harms fight against knife crime, sheboon Met officer says

Well of course this creature would say that. She’s either very stupid or knows her Tribe is responsible for all the crime.

Stop and search for suspected minor drug crimes such as cannabis possession is hampering the Metropolitan police’s ability to tackle London’s knife crime epidemic by souring relationships with the public, the chair of the Metropolitan Black Police Association has said.

DS Janet Hills said stopping and searching young people on suspicion of simple cannabis possession alienated potential witnesses and sources of intelligence, and created an adversarial relationship between officers and the people they are supposed to serve.’


France to Unleash Jihadi Prisoners on Unsuspecting Public Because…Reasons

This is what happens when Liberal values meet Islamic fundamentalism. It is clear here which is the stronger horse.


About 450 radicalized detainees, including 50 Islamic terrorists, will walk free by the end of 2019 in France, the Justice Minister said. French prisons struggle with overcrowding, violence and often fail to combat radicalization.

“We have about 500 detainees who are radical Islamic terrorists. Of these 500, twenty will leave prison this year [2018] and thirty will be freed next year [2019],” Nicole Belloubet told BFMTV in an interview on Wednesday.


Revealed: How gangs of trafficked ‘African prostitutes’ and their pickpocket masters have turned Magaluf into a tourist ‘no go zone’ – as new footage emerges of thieves targeting Brit holidaymakers

Heading back to their hotel after a boozy night out, this is the moment two British holidaymakers are pickpocketed in Magaluf by muggers posing as street traders.

One of the tourists tries to stop his food from being taken, but as he does so, the thief grabs him, turns him round and, in one quick movement, dips into his pocket.

Barely a second later the thief walks off with what looks like a wallet or a phone as the confused holidaymaker stumbles forward, unaware he has been robbed.

The shocking CCTV footage, taken in the early hours of Sunday on Magaluf strip, was given to MailOnline by bar owners who say criminal gangs who traffic prostitutes and rob holidaymakers are turning Magaluf into a tourist no-go zone.


‘I want to kill a white person’: Dramatic moment armed police taser knifeman who stalked east London street threatening to cut someone’s throat

Dramatic footage captures the moment armed police tasered an out-of-control knifeman who had been threatening to cut the throats of white people.

Terrified witnesses say the man was shouting ‘I want to kill someone tonight,’ as he made his way through Hackney, east London brandishing the ‘nine inch’ blade.

Heavily-armed officers rushed to the scene, and according to one witness, were there within four minutes of the initial call, and incapacitated the man shortly after.


Savage who pretended to be taxi driver to trap and rape woman jailed

A man who pretended to be a taxi driver before locking a woman in his car and raping her has been jailed.

Keith Gillings, 67 (09.01.50) of Hanway Road, W7 was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court to life imprisonment for rape, with a minimum to serve at least nine years before he can apply for parole.

The court heard how on 25 July, 2017 the victim, a 47-year-old female was drinking with friends in Hammersmith. At approximately 23:00hrs, the victim left the pub and got into a vehicle she believed was her taxi.