Moment busker, 49, was frogmarched to his death by teenage ‘cuckoo’ drug dealers who took over his home, subjected him to sickening abuse then left him to die 

A haunting photograph has captured the moment a busker was led to his death by drug dealers who savagely tortured him and left him to die.
A concerned member of the public took the chilling photo showing Paul Pass and his friend Mark Andrews being kidnapped by Abdulmalik Adua, 17, and Rezwan Islam, 19, following a row over drugs. 
Just one hour later, Mr Pass was dead after being stabbed in a main artery and beaten with a guitar so ferociously the wood splintered. 
In the same sickening and brutal ordeal, Mr Andrews was made to drink his own urine and had washing up liquid forced down his throat before he managed to escape and dial 999.


The BBC Grooming Drama ”Three Girls”: Catharsis For The Liberal Left

When I first discovered the BBC would be airing a three part drama based on the Rochdale grooming scandal I prepared myself, what politically correct absurdities was the BBC about to inflict on us now? would the rapists be white? mixed? one thought that crossed my mind would be that the ‘groomers’ would be Polish and their victims young black girls.

Morgoth’s Review

Austria: 15y/o girl raped by Afghan and Somali asylum seekers

For weeks the rumour did the rounds that something awful had happened to a girl in the Austrian town of Tulln. No information was forthcoming, but the rumour was real enough for the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) to announce it was preparing to ask questions in parliament. Since yesterday, however, the police have started giving out more information on the case – it claims this is because the police investigation now allows it.
The rumours were true.


Rotherham sex abuse victim ‘recognised an MP or councillor at house run like brothel’

Jurors told how a 12-year-old girl was forced to perform sex acts with a group of men after she was picked up from a children’s home
One of the alleged victims in the Rotherham child sexual exploitation trial recognised “an MP or councillor” at a house run like a brothel, prosecutors have said.
Michelle Colborne QC, prosecuting, said the girl, who is now 33 years old was taken to a house in the Masborough area of the town when she was between 17 and 19 years old.


Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men

Recently, a German judge has acquitted a Turkish drug dealer, fully understanding that he forcibly and undeniably violated a woman for four hours to the point of incapacitation. The reason for lack of conviction was that the perpetrator was presumed to not culturally understand what rape was. As described, due to the “mentality of the Turkish cultural circle” (note Turkey is more than 95% Muslim), the Turk was simply participating, in his opinion, “wild sex”. In the justice’s words, “A conviction is not possible, because no intention is demonstrable.”


Lost 16-year-old girl ‘was gang-raped by kebab shop owner and three others in flat over the takeaway after she asked them for directions’ 

A lost 16-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by a kebab shop owner and three others in a flat above a takeaway after she asked them for directions, a court heard. 
The drunk teenager was led to a filthy room above 555 Pizza in Ramsgate, Kent, where she was pushed onto a mattress and forced upon by the group of laughing men, it was said.   
The unnamed teenager was attacked after she headed home from a night out with friends and stopped off at the late-night restaurant to find her way home.