Cuck Island Speaks: Bank Of England Has Too Many (((White))) Men, Needs More Diversity

While watching the West destroy itself, I especially enjoy the times when the Colorfuls and assorted Leftist dolts accidentally forget about the Jews in their quest to crush the White Race, and subsequently lump them in with all of us.

Usually these situations are quickly and quietly rectified (as we’ve seen with the bans on BDS organizations here in America), but there are times when even the wrath of the Chosen fails to halt the demand for true Third-World enrichment.


HSBC offers customers 10 new gender-neutral titles in pitch to LGBTI community

The new options feature ‘Ind’, which means ‘individual’, and ‘Pr’, which is short for ‘person’. They also include ‘Mre’, which stands for ‘mystery’ and ‘Misc’ for ‘miscellaneous’.

Transgender individuals will also be able to pick ‘M’, ‘Myr’, ‘Mx’, ‘Msr’, ‘Sai’ and ‘Ser’ for their HSBC accounts.

EUROZONE TURMOIL: Spain, Italy and Greece owe massive debt of €1 TRILLION to ECB

Analysts condemned the “flawed economics of this reckless [EU] experiment” and said the ECB faces a rude awakening as states crumble under the burden of debt.
Market conditions in Eurozone are showing signs of a return to the conditions that sparked the 2011 European debt crisis which first reared its head in 2009.
The ECB uses a system called Target2 to assess levels of debt and the bank’s data appears to show it is only a matter of time before the current system breaks.