16th Century Boxwood Carvings Are So Miniature Researchers Used X-Ray To Solve Their Mystery

If you are interested in religion and its evolution through the ages, these pieces of art are going to really impress you. These are boxwood carvings that were once the most popular things ever as far as fashion goes. There are only 35 left in the world, and all are going to be admired by lovers of intricate woodwork for years to come.

These are puzzling experts so much, they put them through an x ray machine to see just how they were put together and left. It was discovered that they are held together with pins so small, a grass seed is bigger. Gold accents cover the entire jeweled decorations, so we are unable to see completely into the entire thing.


A Look At Degenerate Jewish “Holocaust Art”

Jews really are sick and twisted, especially when they attempt to express themselves artistically…

Vulvas fashioned out of chewing gum, ceramic vaginas, her own naked body – such were the materials of the first feminist artist to use vaginal imagery in her work—who happened to be a Jewish New Yorker named Hannah.

Born in 1940 in New York City, Hannah Wilke (see her work here) was a preeminent Jewish sculptor, photographer, performance artist, and painter who was the face of feminist art in the 1960s and ’70s.