Irish Experiencing The Joys Of Mud Gang Rapes

Gardaí are appealing for witnesses after a young woman alleged she was attacked by three men and raped by one of them while walking home.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on Millicent Road, Clane, Co Kildare, between 1am and 1.30am yesterday. The woman, who is Irish, was returning from a night out socialising at the time.

It’s believed the three suspects are foreign nationals and it has been alleged one of the men raped the young woman.


Update : another reported incident from what looks like the same gang


Blacks in the lowest bracket of GPA-MCAT scores have a higher chance of medical school admission than whites and asians in the highest bracket of GPA-MCAT scores.

The bar chart above is based on selected data from the table below the chart and shows the acceptance rates for US medical schools based on three different combinations of MCAT scores and GPA by ethnic/race group during the 2013-2016 period. As I explained in previous CD post that featured the table above (but not the new bar chart, which was just prepared with assistance from Olivier Ballou):

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the average GPA of all students applying to medical schools was 3.55 and the average MCAT score was 28.3 according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The highlighted dark blue column in the middle of the table above displays the acceptance rates to US medical schools for applicants from four racial/ethnic groups for applicants with: a) GPAs that fall in the 3.40 to 3.59 range that includes the average GPA of 3.55 and b) MCAT scores in the range between 27 to 29 that includes the average MCAT score of 28.3. Acceptance rates for students with slightly higher and slightly lower than average GPAs and test scores are displayed in the other columns. In other words, the table above displays acceptance rates by race/ethnicity for students applying to US medical schools with average academic credentials, and just slightly above and slightly below average academic credentials.


Liberal HAG Teaching Boss Slams School Reading Lists: Not Interested in ‘Conservative’ Shakespeare, ‘Dead White Men’

These fuckwits spend every waking moment pandering to their mud pets at the expense of our children. The Jew would be no danger to us if they didn’t have these white cunts doing their bidding. Remember who these traitors are when it’s time.

‘The head of the UK’s largest teaching union has warned that plans to move towards a ‘knowledge-based’ curriculum risks “hurtling” England into the past.

Dismissing plans for a traditional, academic curriculum as outdated, National Education Union (NEU) joint general secretary Mary Bousted argued the importance of including “identity”-focused figures to inspire people from minority groups.’


Students asked not to eat smelly food in library to respect peers observing Ramadan

A whiteboard message at Oregon State University’s library asks students to try to avoid eating foods, especially smelly foods, in shared spaces to be considerate of those who are observing Ramadan.

The Muslim holy month this year runs from about May 15 to June 14. During this period, Muslims are obligated to fast from dawn until sunset. Presumably, the sign was made to encourage non-observers to not eat foods with strong smells because it would make Muslim students’ hunger worse, or that it might be disrespectful.


Oxbridge’s lack of diversity is ‘staggering’ says Universities Minister as he urges academics to take account of ‘a broad range of factors’ during admissions

Who the hell thought it’d be a good idea making this creature Universities minister?

‘Oxbridge should try to attract more black students to address its ‘staggering’ lack of diversity, the universities minister said yesterday.

Sam Gyimah said admissions were focused too heavily on academic performance and needed to ‘take into account a broad range of factors’.

The Tory minister, who became the first black president of the Oxford Union debating society in 1997, claimed that diversity at the UK’s two oldest universities had barely improved from his student days’


‘I want to kill a white person’: Dramatic moment armed police taser knifeman who stalked east London street threatening to cut someone’s throat

Dramatic footage captures the moment armed police tasered an out-of-control knifeman who had been threatening to cut the throats of white people.

Terrified witnesses say the man was shouting ‘I want to kill someone tonight,’ as he made his way through Hackney, east London brandishing the ‘nine inch’ blade.

Heavily-armed officers rushed to the scene, and according to one witness, were there within four minutes of the initial call, and incapacitated the man shortly after.


SOUTH AFRICA: Savages set building alight with family inside!

Carrie Esterhuizen and her two small children were in the hostel at the Cremona Cheese Factory in Tshepisong‚ Johannesburg‚ when angry land occupiers set the building alight on Friday afternoon‚ May 25.

Her husband Fredrick Esterhuizen told GroundUp he had been working for the factory as a security manager for about a month.

Carrie Esterhuizen and the children‚ aged four and 11 months‚ were at home when the occupiers‚ residents of EbuMnandini informal settlement in Tshepisong‚ broke the fence and set the building alight. They were not hurt.

The residents had previously tried to occupy the land next to the factory but the Johannesburg Metro Police Department demolished their shacks on the same day. The owner of the land‚ Antonio Cremona‚ filed for an eviction order in April. The case was heard in the South Gauteng High Court and an interim eviction order valid until September was granted.

“My wife phoned me and all I could hear was frantic screaming so I rushed down to the house‚” said Fredrick Esterhuizen. “I managed to grab my wife and kids just before one of the petrol bombs exploded in the lounge.”


Bakery Fires Employees And Admits It’s Racist After Refusing To Serve Black Woman After Hours

The faggy Owners 🙄

A Portland, Ore., bakery caved to a disgruntled customer’s allegations of racism and fired two employees after they wouldn’t serve a customer because the shop was closed.

Back to Eden Bakery sent multiple apologies and public statements admitting it’s racist because it refused to serve a black woman who entered the shop after hours and asked to buy a pastry even though the shop had closed.

In a public statement of apology, bakery co-owner and general manager John Blomgren described the event as “absolutely egregious” and stated the shop had fired the two employees who had informed Lillian they could not serve her because the shop was closed. “We are doing business in a gentrified neighborhood in a racist city within a racist state of a racist country,” Blomgren wrote in the Facebook post, noting the incident reveals the shop has more work to do to dismantle racism.


Political Scientists: Non-White Immigration Necessary to Make White Countries Democratic

These subversives have got to go.

“This will also happen in the rest of Europe. Whites will be reduced to a minority, replaced by truly democratic-minded Moslems and Africans. Whites on their own have always shown a poor grasp of “liberty and equality”. They have failed to understand that democracy only works when White countries are totally diversified. You can’t be democratic in a majority White country. African and Asian immigrants are the key to liberty and equality.  The Founders, and all European thinkers from Aristotle onward, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Kant, Mill, were mistaken in not realizing that democratic rule is impossible without diversity and imposition of race mixing in all White countries”

WTF – truly democratic-minded Moslems and Africans.