Moment busker, 49, was frogmarched to his death by teenage ‘cuckoo’ drug dealers who took over his home, subjected him to sickening abuse then left him to die 

A haunting photograph has captured the moment a busker was led to his death by drug dealers who savagely tortured him and left him to die.
A concerned member of the public took the chilling photo showing Paul Pass and his friend Mark Andrews being kidnapped by Abdulmalik Adua, 17, and Rezwan Islam, 19, following a row over drugs. 
Just one hour later, Mr Pass was dead after being stabbed in a main artery and beaten with a guitar so ferociously the wood splintered. 
In the same sickening and brutal ordeal, Mr Andrews was made to drink his own urine and had washing up liquid forced down his throat before he managed to escape and dial 999.


The BBC Grooming Drama ”Three Girls”: Catharsis For The Liberal Left

When I first discovered the BBC would be airing a three part drama based on the Rochdale grooming scandal I prepared myself, what politically correct absurdities was the BBC about to inflict on us now? would the rapists be white? mixed? one thought that crossed my mind would be that the ‘groomers’ would be Polish and their victims young black girls.

Morgoth’s Review

Women expelled from streets in central Paris, police unable to restore safety

Women from the Chapelle-Pajol district (not the banlieue, but right in the centre of Paris, close to Gare Du Nord, the Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge) are no longer visible on its streets and squares, they are absent from its metro stations, and they are no longer welcome in its cafes, bars and restaurants. The district is taken over by groups of men, drug dealers and migrants, who harass or insult every female they encounter.


Arrested In Hungary! Fugitive ‘Holocaust Denier’ Convicted for ‘Sieg Heil’ Salutes Faces Return to Prison

They can imprison him but they cannot imprison the truth! The truth does not fear investigation! People are waking up to this sick lie.

A statement published by Mitteldeutsche Zeitung suggested Mahler sought asylum while on the run in Hungary.
However, a spokesperson for the Hungarian government denied the report.
Horst Mahler demonstrated, with this visit, that Hungary it is still under the heavy influence of the Jewish Lobby. Could have Victor Orban, and the Hungarian government, intervened? Of course, but they didn’t. Is Orban just another owned-politician in the pockets of his masters?


Hawaii ‘prof’ demands that colleges ‘stop hiring white cis men’

A University of Hawaii professor recently claimed that universities should “stop hiring white cis men” until “the problem goes away.”
In a recent American Mathematical Society blog post—unsubtly titled “Get Out The Way”—University of Hawaii at Manoa “temporary assistant professor” of mathematics Piper Harron argues that white, cisgender males should immediately resign from their positions because “actual solutions require women of color and trans people.”


‘Fairy Godmother’ Brings Migrants to Europe on a Flying Carpet in EU-Backed Cartoon

A Européens Sans Frontières (Europeans Without Borders) video sponsored by the European Commission depicts the EU as a fairy godmother bringing migrants to Western Europe after ‘racist’ Eastern Europeans refuse to welcome them.

The short film, titled Eurodame, Help!, was funded in part by the European Commission, the French government, and third-party groups such as the Fondation Hippocrène.


Rokhaya Diallo: ‘France sees itself as a white country’

March, police killed Shaoyo Liu, a 56-year-old Chinese immigrant, at his home in the 19th arrondissement in Paris during a raid.
The officer who fired the fatal shot said he was acting in self-defence, claiming that the father-of-five wounded a policeman with a “bladed weapon” – an account his teenage daughter, who witnessed the killing, denies.
The family lawyer, Calvin Job, said Liu was preparing his children’s dinner and was cutting fish with scissors. An investigation is ongoing.


Graffiti for the Goyim

I’m sure by now many of you have noted the new mural that has been unveiled under the Eiffel tower.

It is the first mural ever to be placed there and certainly stands out, though perhaps for different reasons to you and me than the average viewer.
Kevin MacDonald over at The Occidental Observer has written an excellent piece on the subject, I recommend you have a read.

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