Migrant Center on Sardinia Bombed

Sardinia is an island (and an Italian province) in the Mediterranean, west of the Italian mainland. Like Corsica (which is a French possession), Sardinia has a long history of resistance against Moorish Muslim invaders. And like the Corsican flag, the Sardinian flag features the severed head of a Moor. Four of them, actually (the flag is known as “The Four Moors [Italian: I quattro mori]); whereas the Corsican version has but one. As if to say: “Four dead Moors are better than one!”

Someone recently set off a bomb on the doorstep of a migrant center in Corsica. During one of the interviews in the video below, you can see a local resident in the background wearing a “Four Moors” t-shirt. I don’t know if it’s significant, but it’s there.


Swedish police make arrests prior to Nazi demonstration

Three people have been arrested and several others detained by police in Gothenburg prior to a neo-Nazi demonstration in the city Saturday.

Two foreign citizens were arrested at Gothenburg’s Landvetter Airport on Friday night after knives were found in their luggage. The two were arrested on suspicion of planning assault, the Swedish police confirmed in a message posted on its website.


German police separate 500 neo-Nazis as they march through Berlin to mark the 30th anniversary of Rudolf Hess 

Some 500 far-right extremists marched in honor of the 30th anniversary of the death of top Nazi Rudolf Hess.
The Berlin march was separated by hundreds of heavily armed police from an equal number of counter-demonstrators.

Berlin police spokesman Carsten Mueller said authorities imposed a number of restrictions on Saturday’s march in the Spandau district to ensure it passes peacefully.


Barcelona : Brave Whites March Against Leftist Scum Defending Jihadis 1 Day After Attack. 

Far-right activists were met by a huge crowd of anti-fascist protesters as they marched in Barcelona one day after a terror attack killed 13 people in the city.  
Members of the extreme Falange group congregated on Las Ramblas boulevard this afternoon before being met by hundreds of counter-demonstrators waving flags and banners.


Nordic Youth Smokes Out Hundreds of Afghani Scum in Front of Swedish Parliament

The media is calling these grown-ass Afghanis ‘children’ and trying to tug on the heartstrings of cat-ladies, dumb college broads and boomers to get them on the side of these rapefugees. And in the aftermath of the demonstration, they are demanding that the police launch a ‘Hate Crime’ investigation against the ‘Nazis’ which the police has already complied with.


Nordic Youth wasn’t having any of that.


National Socialists March in Berlin, Posters Appear to Find Murderer of Rudolf Hess

Five hundred National Socialists are preparing to march in Berlin to mark the 30th anniversary of the killing of Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess. The march is to be held August 19th in the Spandau district, where Hess was imprisoned for 40 years until taking murdered by British secret agents in 1987 at the age of 93. The event is titled “Murder is not statute-barred – release the files. Justice instead of revenge!”


My Holiday Pt 3

Another fortress/castle we visited was Hohenwerfen Castle.

Like the fortress at Salzburg this too proved impregnable and was never taken by the enemy.

You need a cable car to reach it as its sides are very steep.

Inside the grounds there was a falconry show.

And this is where I saw this filth.

Standing there I couldn’t help but think that at one time they’d have been executed on the spot. The filthy look she gave me because she knew I purposely took the photo of them.

Some nice drawings in the falconry museum.

On the other side of the Hohenwerfen valley is the world’s largest ice cave.

Cameras were not allowed inside the cave so here are stock photos.

The temperature inside is freezing point. Something many don’t think of when visiting with outside temperatures in the 30s. So there they are inside in shorts & tshirts freezing their asses off lol. The worst part is the blast of freezing cold air when the guide opens the small door.

Coming back down the mountain look what I saw.

I wasn’t having that so did my duty and removed that Antifa filth from the mountain.

I saw some Swastikas in an underpass very close to where our apartment was.

There was a small graveyard in St Gilgen and I saw these.

On the last day by the lake we were lucky enough to witness a guard of honour for an old soldier. The bang off those weapons was unbelievable, you could feel it through your body. I was deaf for an hour after lol.

Apart from all that we did the usual water sports, hikes, summer tobogganing, cycling the perimeter of the lake visiting the various towns.

I came home with more hope for the future than before I left. Everywhere I saw normal white families with plenty of beautiful white children. I don’t think these type of people will ever racemix or go along with the Jew plan. We will lose a lot of that I’m sure but the white race will survive.

Finally something hilarious that happened the day we went white river rafting.

We went rafting at Taxenbach down the Salzach river that flows through Salzburg for about 15km. So we are there suiting up in our wetsuits & what do I see? A Muslim couple wanting to do it. She had the full burka on. We were looking at each other wondering how the fuck was this going to work.

So 4 groups in 4 rafts are about to set off & she comes along with the wetsuit under her burka LOL.

Instructor asks her to try & swim for him. She refuses & her husband gets lippy. They get told they cannot join us as it’d be dangerous for her in that thing. Off the cunts go & me with the biggest grin on my face you’ve ever seen.

So we’re halfway down the river & one instructor shouts in a thick English accent that Bedouin tents aren’t allowed onboard. Everyone laughs their asses off. Refreshingly un-pc.

Thinking back now it would have been fun to watch a pig drown.

My Holiday Pt 2

A highlight of my holiday was ofcourse The Eagles Nest, Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden. Hitler’s mountain retreat is very aply named with stunning 360 degree panoramic views.

Video I took –

You can only drive so far up to it. You have to take a shuttle bus the rest of the way on a narrow winding road with sheer drops on one side.

Once up you come to a pedestrian tunnel bored into the mountain by the National Socialists in 1938. At the end of the tunnel is a small circular room where you get a lift up to the building.

The lift is in its original condition with gleaming brass panels & phone. Inside I was thinking about what great men had stood where I was standing many years ago.

The views from there are breathtaking. I took some souvenirs for my brothers in arms back in Ireland from this path that I’m sure was walked by The Fuhrer many times.

Next up we visited Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart.

Salzburg fortress from outside.

Views over the city from the fortress inc a cannon used in its defence. This fortress was never taken. It’s not hard to see why with its high position overlooking the surrounding area.

I was pleasantly surprised by Salzburg regarding diversity. I saw very few muds considering it’s one of Austrias largest cities.

Mozarts home.

Salzburg cathedral and it’s amazing ceilings that look like The Iron Cross.

To be continued