Man in car emblazoned with Nazi symbol plows into refugee demo in Sweden

A man suspected of having neo-Nazi links has confessed to driving his car into a crowd of rejected Iraqi asylum seekers who were protesting against their deportation in the Swedish city of Malmo. Police have opened a hate crime investigation.
The man, 22, whose identity has not been revealed, admitted that he had driven his car into the crowd of asylum seekers, who rallied outside the Swedish Migration Agency office in Malmo on two occasions last weekend.


Ayr schoolboy ‘radicalised’ by far-right groups plastered town with bigoted Nazi stickers

A schoolboy “radicalised” by far-right racist groups who encouraged him to plaster Ayr with bigoted stickers avoided jail.
Connor McKechnie, 18, appeared in the dock after admitting placing stickers bearing disgusting slogans such as ‘multiculturalism is genocide’ and ‘don’t test on animals, test on subhumans’.
Neo-Nazi group National Action provided the former Belmont Academy pupil with the stickers, and incited him to put them around the town as a recruitment tool.


Tory Election Posters Defaced with Swastika

A Conservative election board defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti is one of a number which has had to be replaced in Richmond, West London, in the days leading up to the election.

A picture of the board, daubed with a large swastika, was posted to Facebook by Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate in the constituency on Monday. He added the comment: “Lots of you have emailed me about defaced posters in the last few days. We will make sure to replace all of them. You know you’ve lost the argument if you have to resort to stuff like this.”


Pig’s head, bowels found on 9 stakes at site of future mosque in Germany

Nine wooden stakes topped with pieces of a dead pig have been found on a plot of land where a mosque is scheduled to be built in Germany, according to police. It follows numerous protests against the proposed place of worship.

The stakes, which measured 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall, were planted on the plot of land in the east German city of Erfurt, DPA news agency said, citing local law enforcement.
Half a pig’s head, pig feet, and pig bowels were placed on top of the stakes, at the site where the Ahmadiyya mosque is scheduled to be built.


‘America is a white nation’: University flyer demands students report ‘illegal aliens’

A notice calling on “white Americans” attending University of Texas at Arlington to report illegal aliens to the authorities is causing controversy in the state, where students are debating the idea of making colleges a sanctuary for people facing deportation.

Foy Hall sign removed after being altered to ‘Goy Hall’

On Tuesday morning, Foy Hall’s sign became the subject of more white supremacist propaganda.
The Foy Hall sign facing the Thach Concourse was altered to say “Goy Hall.” The F was replaced with a G of similar font, creating the illusion that the hall was named Goy, an informal derogatory term often used by Jews to identify non-Jews (gentiles). Underneath the text, there was a poster that displayed two white citizens, one male and one female. Wording on the poster stated, “We have a right to exist.”