Six arrested in Germany on suspicion of forming neo-Nazi ‘terror’ group

(CNN) German federal prosecutors say they have detained six men who are suspected of having formed a far-right terrorist organization in the eastern German city of Chemnitz.

In a statement issued Monday, prosecutors said they believe the six men, all German nationals between 20 and 30 years old, had founded a group called “Revolution Chemnitz” and planned to carry out armed attacks against foreigners and political enemies.

They are also suspected of seeking to acquire semiautomatic weapons.


4 Nordic Resistance Movement members abseiled down the side of a building using ropes and attached a ‘racist’ banner to the front of the cultural centre.

Four members of a Nazi organization have been apprehended in connection with an incident at Stockholm’s Kulturhuset.

The four abseiled down the side of the building using ropes and attached a banner to the front of the cultural centre.

Police have not made public the message or symbol on the banner, but said the content itself was not illegal. Photographs of the incident published in the Expressen newspaper appear to show the logo of neo-Nazi group Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR), an openly anti-Semitic and racist organization. Several demonstrations by the group over the past year have led to violent clashes.


Sadiq Khan blimp to fly over London one month after Donald Trump balloon stunt

The Mayor of London has shrugged off a campaign to have a blimp of him in a yellow bikini flying over the capital, saying it’s not his colour.

Almost £60,000 has been raised for a blimp of Sadiq Khan to fly over London in a bid to oust the mayor from office.

But he appears relaxed about the stunt, after defending a similarly huge balloon depicting a spray-tanned Donald Trump in a nappy with a smartphone which soared above the capital during his first presidential trip to the UK.


Mass Protests in Germany after Migrants Murder Man Protecting Women From Being Rape

Hundreds of activists swarmed the streets of Chemnitz after the killing of a German man by two immigrants at a city festival on Sunday. They were seen chanting anti-immigrant slogans and holding signs reading “stop the refugee blood.”

Right-wing activists have called for more people to join the protests that flared up in the Saxon city of Chemnitz after a German man was allegedly killed by two immigrants, The Independent reports.