Europe in crisis: WAR on migrants feared as ‘600-strong Nazi army’ vanishes underground

Security bosses in Berlin revealed more than 600 Far Right extremists served with arrest warrants have completely fallen off the radar.
Now there are fears the mob is forming “terrorist structures” in a plot to wage war on migrants and asylum seekers.

VIDEO:GERMANY ON THE BRINK: Police break up violent clash during anti-Muslim march

Hundreds turned up to demonstrate for and against the right-wing LEGIDA group, the local group of PEGIDA, the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe.
Pro-refugee demonstrators assembled in numbers in the eastern city of Leipzig to combat the anti-Muslim group’s march.
Heavy police presence was arranged to try to prevent violent clashes between the two groups.
In the footage, protesters can be heard chanting while some raise flags in the air before smoke begins to fill the streets.

‘Kool Kids Klan’ white supremacist petition passed to students at lunchtime 👍🏻


A WHITE supremacist petition which was passed around a school and promoted “the supreme White race” but labelled black people as a “scourge” who “invented” stealing, rape and basketball, has been condemned by school officials.

Montana governor, legislators condemn plans for white-nationalist march

Montana’s top elected officials in both parties have denounced plans for a white-nationalist march in Whitefish, the town that’s become home to alt-right movement writer and activist Richard Spencer. It’s the latest escalation in a controversy that started when Spencer’s mother, who recently opened a business in Whitefish, began getting pressure to denounce her son’s beliefs or sell her property.

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Anti-migrant protests erupt in Netherlands as refugees housed in tiny town of 8,000

TENSIONS are bubbling over in a small Dutch town after an influx of migrants rocked the community leading to protests and sparking the creation of vigilante groups 

Oude Pekela, in the Netherlands, has been the scene of heated demonstrations as locals struggle to adjust to the number of Syrian migrants being housed there. 
As cities were overwhelmed with the number claiming asylum, the Dutch government was forced to house applicants far away from built-up areas.
Shelters were hastily set up in suburbs where their presence caused friction among residents, fearful immigration was impacting their small community. 
Oude Pekela resident, Heye Meyer, said: “Our community is too small for this number of people.”

If you are white person and you think you have a right to exist, don’t tell anyone as it might be a hate crime.


Fliers linked to a white supremacist group were found this week on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park, authorities said, part of what appears to be a new effort targeting colleges in several states.
The fliers featured the logo of American Vanguard, a group associated with white supremacy. One read “We have a right to exist” and another read “Defending your people is a social duty not an anti-social crime.”

Swedish neo-Nazis rapidly recruiting – report

A neo-Nazi group is actively mobilizing in Sweden, an anti-racism watchdog report says. The group recently drew hundreds to a mass demonstration in Stockholm, hailing the results of the US election as the beginning of a world revolution.

A new study conducted by anti-racism group Expo revealed that 32 percent of activists in the Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) had no previously known links to neo-Nazi activity.

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Brawls, arrests as 3,000 far-right protesters stage torch-lit march in Helsinki

Thousands of Finnish far-right protesters have taken to the streets of the capital Helsinki to stage rallies and a torch-lit march dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the country’s independence. 

The demonstrators, guided by police, marched through the city to the Hietaniemi cemetery.
Once there, they lit candles in honor of soldiers who have died fighting for Finland. 
Reports state about 3,000 people took part in the procession.

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Nazi stickers put up across part of Liverpool

Stickers claiming people are “entering a Nazi controlled zone” have been put up across part of Liverpool.
The stickers were placed on lampposts, doors and and pelican crossings around Aigburth on the day many in the city were attending Remembrance Sunday services.
Mossley Hill councillor Patrick Hurley described the stickers as “absolutely disgusting”.
Cllr Hurley said he would be reporting them to the authorities. Merseyside Police have confirmed to The ECHO they are aware of the stickers and are investigating them.