‘America is a white nation’: University flyer demands students report ‘illegal aliens’

A notice calling on “white Americans” attending University of Texas at Arlington to report illegal aliens to the authorities is causing controversy in the state, where students are debating the idea of making colleges a sanctuary for people facing deportation.


Foy Hall sign removed after being altered to ‘Goy Hall’

On Tuesday morning, Foy Hall’s sign became the subject of more white supremacist propaganda.
The Foy Hall sign facing the Thach Concourse was altered to say “Goy Hall.” The F was replaced with a G of similar font, creating the illusion that the hall was named Goy, an informal derogatory term often used by Jews to identify non-Jews (gentiles). Underneath the text, there was a poster that displayed two white citizens, one male and one female. Wording on the poster stated, “We have a right to exist.”


Sharia in Dallas: Police investigating how two copies of Qur’an ended up in university toilet

Why are police investigating? This is not a law enforcement issue, this is a plumbing issue. Would police be investigating if two copies of, say, The Conscience of a Conservative or The Art of the Deal were found in a toilet at the University of Texas at Dallas? Of course not. Some unfortunate university employee would be tasked with fishing them out, and that would be that. But desecrating the Qur’an is a crime — not in federal law or Texas law, but in Islamic law. Why are police enforcing Sharia in what is supposed to be still a free country?


#HappyGoy Billboard Now Being Seen in California

This is great news!
Someone took the initiative to create a #HappyGoy digital billboard that should run for a month in a busy part of California. The sign features two mind-controlled non-jews who are oblivious to their enslavement, enjoying everything being spoon-fed to them by jews on TV. The website HappyGoy.com directs to a list of quotations that reveal how jews actually feel about us “goyim”. These quotes were taken from Axe of Perun’s infographics, which he compiled in It is Enough.