Poz Intensifies: Hollywood Comes out with Gay Interracial Teen Romantic Comedy

Locust blog

Adrian Sol

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2018

The Jews won’t rest until all teenage boys are having gay sex with nig nogs.

What’s that, goyim? Don’t want to watch genius Wakandans doing heroic things in Black Panther? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

White people prevented this!

How about watching Tomb Raider, the moving story of a strong, independent woman?

Now with small tits!

Oh, not up your alley either?

Ah, I get it, you’re more the science fiction type. I got just the thing. You’ll love this story of a brave Black man saving humanity in a giant combat robot.

Thanks, Jews, for providing us with all this great entertainment.

What? You don’t like this either?

Wow, goy, you’re being real difficult, here.

But don’t fret. I always have something else for you. Something special.

I cooked up this gay interracial teen romcom – just for you.

You’re welcome…

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How Does The Average Person In Sweden See Things?


In Sweden, or anywhere in occupied Europe.

I know exactly what people in the United States thought about Diversity before it marred our landscape: it was a mix of pity, anxiety, and confidence that we’ll never lose control of it. But that was then, this is now.

It would be interesting to learn more about everyday life in Sweden from someone who lives there. Bad-news tweets tell a part of the story but they also make you wonder, how does the average person over there see the reality that comes to us via “cucked Sweden” cliches? The question is complicated by the very term “average person” because the average person is a follower (you forget this because if you are a reader of AltRight blogs, you are a leader to some extent — you’re bucking the liberal culture that you get from politicians, school, telewitz, and clothing store ads).


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SWEDEN vows to ban ALL religious schools (except Jewish Schools…)

The Ugly Truth


ED-NOTE – Interesting to point here that the Israeli press do not speak of the exemption made to the Jewish schools… As always, the usual suspects (i.e. the Jews) are behind it and, acting behind the scene, are using DEM MOOOZLEMS migrants (the useful idiots) to blame it all on.  

In other European countries, the ‘migrants’ are being used to divert attention from the predation of the ECB, the destruction of our economies, of our standard of living, of our quality of life, of our cultural and archaeological heritage, the erosion of our civil liberties and the 666% kosherization and judaization of our nations and ‘values’.

In this particular case, the targets are of course the Christian schools, 59 of them which are about to be banned while the Jewish schools are free to prosper and multiply. As always, the Cowards of Odin, the Swedish patriots, the ‘White’ Nationalists are…

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Boer Project: South Africa A reversed Apartheid?

Police Uncover Antifa-Linked High-Explosives, Chemicals, and Mobile Bomb Factory

Stop White Genocide.

The authorities have uncovered an Antifa-linked hoard of chemicals, high-explosives, and a mobile bomb factory in Thuringia, Germany, according to local media.

There is some suggestion that the haul, which is suspected to be linked to alt-left extremism, has been played down for political reasons, Welt Am Sonntagreports.

Bodo Ramelow, Thuringia’s Minister-President and a member of Die Linke (The Left Party), gave one of the two individuals accused of being linked to the materials a democracy award for their commitment to taking on ‘Neo-Nazis’, according to WAS.

Police: Alt-Left Extremists Committed over 2,000 Crimes at G20 ‘Welcome to Hell’ Clashes

Police: Alt-Left Extremists Committed over 2,000 Crimes at G20 ‘Welcome to Hell’ Clashes

A new commission report from the German Special Police claims far-left extremists committed over 2,000 crimes during G20.

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The Hidden Tyranny


The Hidden Tyranny
“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”
This booklet contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White, Jr.. Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement and cause of the major problems we face today.
Rosenthal, in exposing certain aspects of the ‘inner invisible world of Jewry’, revealed the modes and tactics Jews have used in destroying Christian civilization and covertly attaining control over our lives and governments. The result has been a ‘hidden tyranny’ upon us like the tyranny waged against the Saints by the red beast system of Revelation referred to as ‘Mystery Babylon’.

“Anti-Semitism does not signify opposition…

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