Diversity is a Weapon and You are the Target

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

Here in America, we are stuck with only two political parties. The entire system has been rigged to ensure that this remains the case all the way until the entire thing collapses on itself. As the Jews continue to flood our nation with diversity the D party unsurprisingly has now cemented itself as the party of “Anyone except normal white people”. For competition on the other side of the coin we have the R party which has become the “Everyone who isn’t a liberal but we don’t judge people by the color of their skin because that would be racist and we hate racists because the Democrats are the real racists” party. Obviously this doesn’t appear to bode well for our future when one party is openly hostile to us while the alternative are for the most part limp wristed faggots. However all hope is not lost. Internet Nazis everywhere…

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Mossad’s manipulation of the world

Fitzpatrick Informer

Excerpts from Israeli Mossad defector Victor Ostrovsky’s second book in his whistleblower series.

(Disclaimer: Ostrovsky may be a false opposition defector who leaks some truths as part of a Limited Hangout campaign to muddy the water overall. For example, he doesn’t explain what really happened when Israel helped the Soviets stage a fake coup against Gorbachev {see below}, but I tend to think Ostrovsky simply didn’t realize what was actually going on. Regardless, I think there is enough truth in his books to help us understand the bigger picture. —Timothy Fitzpatrick)

The Other Side of Deception (1994)
By Victor Ostrovsky

Jewish Banksters Finance Mossad

“Had this been a normal Mossad operation, he could have gotten as much money as he wanted from a bank sayan-a Jewish banker who is regarded as trustworthy and will open the bank for you at any time and provide as much money as needed”

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The Horrific Final Solution: Exceeding Morgenthau’s Vicious Expectations The ‘Race’ To Expel 18 Million Ethnic Germans Begins Despite Even Truman & Churchill’s Reservations

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

On the train to Berlin she was pillaged once by Russian troops and twice by Poles…Women who resisted were shot dead, she said, and on one occasion she saw a guard take an infant by the legs and crush its skull against a post because the child cried while the guard was raping its mother… Infants were robbed of their swaddling clothes so that they froze to death.


Continuing from: The Early “Wild” Expulsions. One of the great tragedies of the 20th century was the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homes after the end of World War II. The Allies carried out the largest forced population transfer—and perhaps the greatest single movement of people—in human history. A minimum of 12 million and possibly as many as 18.1 million Germans were driven from their homes because of their ethnic background. Probably 2.1 million or more of these German…

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Were The Nuremberg Trials A Precedent To Eliminate All Aspects Of Nationalism Globally For Marxism? Rear Admiral H.C. Flanagan, Nuremberg Farce Quote #38

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

Many fine men and women of various nationalities and professions, including senior military personnel, were openly appalled by the dispensation of normal military and/or criminal evidentiary processes expected in a trial. These people were highly respected and prominent in their field, at least until they spoke out against the Nuremberg trials.

kill nationalism Were Rear Admiral Henry C. Flanagan’s words prescient? If not, why has the virtual criminalization of any form of Nationalism gone far beyond the “De-Nazification” of Germany? Today ‘nationalism’ is increasingly vilified in every European nation. Even in the nations that fought to destroy German nationalism in WWII.

Rear Admiral Henry C. Flanagan, U.S.N.

Commander, Transport Divisions, Pacific, World War II

      It goes without saying that the convening authorities of the War Crimes Tribunals had no jurisdiction over the places, persons, or alleged crimes involved in the War Crimes Trials at the times those crimes were alleged to…

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Another Casualty in the Censorship War: WordPress Suspends JaysAnalysis – Jay Dyer


Jay Dyer joins Henrik to discuss the suspension of his WordPress site JaysAnalysis.com. Jay is another casualty in the ongoing censorship war by the left, who consequently has had his ability to financially sustain his work terminated. We also discuss the terrifying future of ultimate conformity that is going to be based on a social score system, as depicted in the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive.” Important show about the randomization of the suspensions, terminations and the uncertainties in the age of big tech censorship.

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Austrian MEP: “Africans do not want to think and work like Europeans, but they do want to live like Europeans”

Diversity Macht Frei


Yesterday the Austrian ÖVP MEP Claudia Schmidt told a little too much truth on Facebook.

You can read it daily in any newspaper and I have personally experienced it in refugee camps and during election monitoring. Neither the African nor the Muslim culture are compatible with our culture. The desperate “dominant culture” debates that go round every 2 years also show this. Accordingly, I see massive and arbitrary immigration to Europe from regions with an alien culture as a great threat to our society. Immigration leads to a deterioration in Europe and stagnation in Africa itself. The migration summit in Salzburg, due to take place in exactly 5 weeks, is therefore actually one of the most important summits. The decision must be taken in Salzburg that the only people who can come to Europe are those who have an invitation and there must be an end to the practice of…

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Austrian Family Benefits Row: “Two suspected queens, one a negro – horrible”

Diversity Macht Frei

I don’t know whether to be encouraged by the fashy remarks Austrian politicians keep making or discouraged by the fact that, when challenged, they back down and apologise for them.

OBB Family Benefits Card: For mothers, fathers, partners or friends who are travelling with children

FPÖ politician Bruno Weber reacted to this with the following comment:


I will now definitely not extend my OBB Benefits card and will travel on Western rail instead. This is not normal!

2 suspected queens with baby and one of them a negro. Horrible…

After criticism from other parties and his own, he backed down, saying his remarks were “inappropriate” and “unacceptable” and promised to donate 1500 euros to charity.

“As a conservative man and a father the traditional family image is simply important to me.”

He may yet face a formal investigation by his own “far-lite” Freedom Party.

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The ShieldWall Network

Yesterday we looked at the idea of relocating to a different location, and whether that’s something you’ve already been thinking about or are just starting to wake up to, there are a lot of good reasons to do so. Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and move, there’s the (not so) little matter of funding. Moving is expensive, but there are ways to fund your quest if you’re willing to put work in and get creative.


One way to fund your move is by cashing in your 401(k) or other retirement accounts. While many would gasp at such a notion, let’s parse it out a moment. It wasn’t until the last 100 years that the concept of “retiring” was even a thing. People worked until they couldn’t, and in most cases their families took care of them in their twilight years. If they couldn’t farm or…

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