Jews Adopt European Invasion Model for America

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It turns out that for years now, America hasn’t actually even had border enforcement. Get this: previous policy was to apprehend what few illegals you can and simply turn them back.

That’s it.

So if you had a hundred illegals swimming across, Border Patrol might catch twenty of them and those twenty that did get caught would simply be sent back across to try again tomorrow. This is of course beyond laughable but it’s what we’ve had for years now. However now in a move that has sent shock waves around the world, President Trump has decided to actually enforce the law and prosecute people illegally invading the country. This of course, has put a kink the Jews’ plan to destroy the nation so what do they do? Well, being as the Jews aren’t really very original they’ve basically taken the same model they used for the European invasion and…

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Ezra Levant registered the domain name more than a year ago

Diversity Macht Frei


Is Ezra the Jew at it again?

As you can see from this whois page, the domain name was registered in May 2017, more than a year ago.


It must be true what they say that Jews always keep their suitcases packed, ready for every contingency. Well, not every contingency. I searched for but apparently the great man hasn’t yet felt the need to be saved.


Some people, including his former employees, have accused Ezra of running a racket with his Counterjewhad operation, Rebel Media.

It was notable that even his current employee, Katie Hopkins, felt it necessary to emphasise that there would be “Fully transparent accounts” for the SaveTommy appeal.


Have all of these people been unfairly prejudiced against Ezra by the various “anti-Semitic tropes” that are kicking around or is Ezra really a person of low character?

I was going to DM him on Twitter and…

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An ethno-state is waiting for us

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This week a meeting was held to discuss the independence of the Orkney Isles, a group of Islands off the north-east coast of Scotland. No one turned up at this meeting. Literally no one. I got this from their Facebook page.


Who cares? Keep reading. Scotland’s government, the Scottish National Migrants Party (SNMP), plans to allow asylum seekers to vote.

Refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland will be able to vote under new plans being put forward at Holyrood. Yesterday, in what would be a UK-first, the Scottish Government confirmed proposals to extend the voting franchise to all resident EU and non-EU adults, and said this would include those seeking asylum.


Still who cares? Keep reading.

The population of the Orkney Islands is only 20,000. They and the nearby Shetland Islands (another circa. 20,000) have a significant proportion of the oil & gas reserves in UK territorial…

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AfD leader interviewed by hostile Jewess

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Here, in microcosm, we see the conflict between European existence and Semitism. The Deputy Leader of German’s far-lite AfD party is interviewed on Newsnight (sometimes called Jewsnight) by hostile Jewess Emily Maitlis. Von Storch is obviously taken aback by the interviewer’s harsh bias against her. As a foreigner, it is very unlikely she would know that Maitlis was Jewish, and so could not have been forearmed against the ethnic bias she was likely to encounter.

Maitlis pitches in with one attack question after another. A simple policy of expelling failed asylum seekers is cast in a sinister light. Maitlis injects Islam and race into the discussion for no apparent reason. She mistranslates the AfD’s statement “Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland” as “Islam doesn’t belong in Germany”. This phrase, whose meaning is peculiarly difficult to translate into English, is more like: “Islam does not form part of German tradition”.

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But But But NABALT!

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Whenever I discuss other races (which let’s face it, is quite often) be it Jews or blacks or brown desert people or whatever, I inevitably get hit with “NA_ALT!” For those of you who don’t know it stands for “Not All ____ Are Like That”. This has to be one of the most retarded responses ever. The fact that people are completely unable to grasp a basic concept of talking about group behaviors/dynamics vs this one guy I know just never ceases to amaze me. Look, as a Reverend and a member of the remnant of Christianity, I don’t get all rustled when I see people on GAB posting tirades against “church cucks” etc.. I get it. It’s group dynamics and the fact of the matter is when people talk about “church cucks” I know who they’re talking about and I don’t find it necessary to be personally offended. The…

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The Jew Accused: Love Island contestant generates “anti-Semitic tropes”

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A couple of weeks ago, the Jewish press was all excited about the fact that one of the male contestants in the new series of Love Island was Jewish. Now I’ve never actually watched Love Island but I gather it involves putting some men and women on a island and filming them as they decide who should have sex with who. This isn’t something I’d usually blog about but I do find it interesting that the behaviour of this Jew has apparently provoked indignation and rejection from everyone watching the programme. It has been characterised as a combination of deceit, manipulation and moralistic posturing, all of which conforms perfectly to what are usually called “anti-Semitic tropes”. Read about it in full on the Daily Mail here.

Here, in microcosm, we see the story of the Jew throughout history. He enters a new environment where is completely unknown and is…

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Asylum Seeker Raped Disabled Belgian Woman for Three Days Hoping for Anchor Baby

A 30-year-old asylum seeker in Belgium has been sentenced to four years imprisonment after he raped a mentally disabled woman hoping to get her pregnant so he could use the child as an excuse to remain in the country.

The migrant, named Karim, met with the 19-year-old girl in November 2014 in the city of Liege and held her for three days at a squat where he was living, raping her repeatedly, Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure reports.