Anti-White/Nazi Propaganda In (((Hollywood)))

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while now. I used to be a big movie lover before becoming red pilled. So I still watch mostly older movies. Something I noticed after red pilling was the amount of movies with anti-white/Nazi propaganda. A lot of it is very subtle and wouldn’t be picked up on by normal people. But the reasoning is clear. To keep the ‘evil Whitey/Germans’ meme fresh in peoples minds.

The Silence of the Lambs 1991.

The insane serial killer who skins his victims is called Buffalo Bill.

Buffalo Bills bedsheet.

Hanging on the wall in Bills house.

Bedsheet again.


Casino 1995

When the FBI raid Nicky Sontoros house near the end of the movie look what’s on the TV. An older film starring Gregory Peck called The Boys from Brazil, an explicitly anti-German film.


American Beauty 1999

Guy who’s an ex-marine lives next door to Spaceys character. He’s married with a teenage son who he viciously beats throughout the film.

Look what he just happens to have locked away in a glass case.

All throughout the movie this ex-marine ‘nazi’ couldn’t be anymore homophobic with rants about Faggots.

Well whadya know….

This ‘nazi’ was ofcourse a repressed homosexual who kills Spacey at the end for spurning his advances.


Dr. Strangelove 1964

Peter Sellers, a Jew, plays the role of mad ‘nazi’ scientist Dr. Strangelove. In this scene he is struggling not to Sieg Heil with his defective arm, but ofcourse fails and he does the salute in crazy fashion.

The cartoonish mad ‘nazi’ scientist.


Pulp Fiction 1994

The scene is set when Bruce Willis character ‘Butch’ runs into this shop to escape the negro gangster pursuing him. Notice the Confederate flag as soon as he walks in the door.

The store is owned by a ‘hillbilly’ white guy who captures both Butch and the negro at gunpoint, knocking them out. They wake to find themselves tied to chairs with bondage balls stuffed in their mouths.

Meanwhile the store owner phoned his friend ‘Zed’ who just happens to be a cop. Zed is there when they wake and decides to do eeny meeny miny mo on who to rape first, while having a gimp slave on a leash next to him.

The negro is picked and they proceed to rape his black ass. So as you can see the premise is Confederate hillbillies are degenerate rapists, a common theme in (((Hollywood))) over the years that I will pick up on soon.


Transformers: The Last Knight 2017

Apparently Transformers fought Nazis.


X-Men: Apocalypse 2016

Opening credits features a Swastika, as you do.

For those that don’t know these films one of the main mutants is called Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto who just so happens to be a (((Holocaust survivor))). He is full of hatred though for the Goyim, oh I mean humans, for having incinerated his parents, apparently!


Family Guy – Lois Kills Stewie 2007

Family Guy quite often uses Nazi/KKK imagery to get a ‘laugh’. More on this later.


Fletch Lives 1989

Swastika on wall & helmets


Narcos 2015

A Swastika on the arm of one of Escobars goons. And Pablo having a laugh at something Hitler was supposed to have said.

Remember this is typical of today’s media. There is absolutely no reason to put this in a program about South American drug lords. But the Goyim can’t be allowed to forget.


Falling Down 1993

The (((Micheal Douglas))) character enters an army supply shop. The owner is as cartoonish a Hollywood Nazi kook as you’re likely to see.

No army supply shop would be the same without Nazi Santa.

The lunatic even pulls out a can of Zyklon B asking Douglas does he know what that was used for with a manic expression on his face.


37 thoughts on “Anti-White/Nazi Propaganda In (((Hollywood)))

  1. ladybuglady2000

    Jew rats hate all whites, they have been killing our white race for 1000s of years, its time we start to pay them back for real, Hitler was way to soft on the rats, he never killed them in gas chambers, but I believe maybe we should give them their holocaust and show them how its done the right way,,,, with no rat left alive,. they must pay for the crimes they committed on our white race, not just our race but to all races, the blacks for them slaving them, and the Asians for selling opium to them and the muslims for killing them with their ISIS paid thugs. Its time to tell the world the jews crimes they do and blame the ture white man, the jews are mass killers, liars, thieves, and cheaters, nothing they do is honest and good, all bad.

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