Hate-Filled Lunatic Reporters

Chateau Heartiste

Why are reporters and whorenalists so hate-filled towards President Trump and his supporters? Roy leaves a clue:

The hostility of those reporters [at the Trump press conference] has to be seen to be believed. Acosta’s antics are worth the price of admission.

Then note how the most outwardly hostile are all non-whites. The foreign reporters were more respectful that most of the so-called Americans who were not Heritage Americans but rather mudmericans.

One sh3b00n keeps interrupting and Trump tells her to basically sit down and shut up.

The neck waving head wobbling ‘oh no you di’nt’ was on full display.

It was a thing of beauty.

Some of this irrational hate is driven by feelings of loss over the end of gaymulatto’s inane reign. These Mystery ‘Mericans can feel it deep beneath their adipose that gaymulatto may have been a one-off and we’re going back to good old-fashioned competent Heritage…

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