Ireland : African Gang of thugs threatens to cut baby out of expectant mother and ‘chop it into pieces’

A gang thug threw a bottle at a pregnant woman’s face and then said “I’ll cut the baby out of you and chop it up” after she tried to stop him mugging a young boy.

Up to 100 marauding thugs terrorised youngsters, mugging two young boys, beating up several others during a planned rampage last week.

The incidents unfolded over an three-and-a-half hour period on Wednesday night in Portmarnock and neighbouring Malahide, with one boy being attacked as young children were trick-or-treating just metres away.


8 thoughts on “Ireland : African Gang of thugs threatens to cut baby out of expectant mother and ‘chop it into pieces’

  1. If the shit that is happening in Europe and the UK ever starts happening here, in the US, the assholes would all be dead in a short time. The Second Amendment is my “hunting license.”


    1. Africans have been raping & killing white Americans for decades lol. Now you have mestizos & Muslims doing it too. Your cities like Detroit or Chicago are warzones where whites dare not go after dark. I don’t know where you’re getting the idea that there’s no problems in America. Your problems are worse than ours demographically. Whites are close to 50% of the population in America already. No European country is even close to that. Tens of Thousands of white women are raped every year by blacks in America. I don’t see any gun owners shooting them.


      1. You’re talking about a half-dozen different things. I don’t live in Chicago but if I did I would certainly be taking some corrective actions. The white people who DO live in Chicago are severely restricted in what they can do, as the gun laws are Draconian. Where I live, we don’t have hundreds, even thousands of blacks rampaging through the city, destroying property. That is happening virtually every day, somewhere in Europe. EVERY city and state, in America, that has a serious crime problem, greatly restricts gun ownership. The state in which I live allows ANYONE, who is not a prohibited person (mainly felons), to carry as many guns as they want, without a permit of any kind. It’s called “Constitutional carry.” I, personally, carry 2 guns, 2 knives, pepper spray, and reloads, every day and, as Clint Eastwood said, in “Grand Torino,” “Don’t mess with old people, they’re already pissed off.”


        1. There are riots virtually everyday in America too. Doesn’t matter where you live it’s still America. I see this nonsense all the time from Americans thinking they’re better off than Europeans. The fact is we are all fucked.


          1. Those riots are all in Chicago and other cities with severe anti-gun laws. I was ON FOOT, in the riot zone (52nd and Central), during the 1965 Watts Riot. NOBODY gave me any shit. As a matter of fact, several hundred people DISAFUCKINGPERED when I got out of my car with a .45 automatic in my hand and a look that said, “Don’t fuck with me or I will kill you.” I was fully prepared to kill as many people as I could and they KNEW it.


  2. Mjolnir

    Where are the world famous freedom fighters of the IRA when your emerald isle needs them most. Or the UVF for that matter.
    Same here in mainland Britain, they do what they want and nobody gives a fuck. I am 51 now but will willingly die for my race and nation. Pity we don’t have the firepower the Yankees can muster.
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

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      1. Mjolnir

        Agree mate, like I said the old Yankees talk a good fight but that’s about it. Had a mate in the army said yanks had good kit but shit soldiers.
        No pride or courage left in youngsters anymore.

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