Terrorism cost Europe €185 billion over 12 years

Diversity Macht Frei

I’ve written a bit before about the indirect effects of terrorism. For example, a French study revealed that, in the weeks following a major terrorist incident, admissions to hospitals for cardiac-related problems increased significantly.

The likelihood is that more people are dying from the effects of heightened stress levels following an attack than were killed in the original incident.

A report recently published by the European Union (strangely, but appropriately, named The Cost of Non-Europe Report) tells us more about the indirect effects of terrorism.

Terrorism is economically damaging. As well as the destruction of physical infrastructure, terrorist incidents have a dampening effect on investment and economic growth.

“...from 2004 to 2016 the total cost from losses in human and physical capital as well as
reduced economic growth across the EU-28 member states amounts to about €185bn.”


In the UK, the total cost of terrorism amounted to…

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