Worried About Sharia Law? Check out Jewish Mesirah!

Aryan Street

I’m writing this for people who are new to the jews and their lies.

Mesirah is a bad thing to do in the jewish community.  It is when a fellow jew is doing something wrong and you report him or her to a non-jew authority such as the police rather than your rabbi.  Jews have a name for someone who does this, a moser or mossur.  Some English equivalents of this word are informant, snitch, fink, stoolie, or rat (ironic huh?)

A jew who commits Mesirah (snitches) a few times may be killed, and suddenly.  According to Maimonides (some dead jew philosopher) , it is permitted to kill a moser (informant) wherever he is. It is even permitted to kill him before he has handed over (a fellow Jew).

This isn’t just some ancient law no jew knows about.  Some (even The Times of Israel publication) have noted this ploy…

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The prophecies of Europe’s most popular social reformer are astoundingly coming true. During an interview with the Chicago Tribune on February 15, 1931, Germany’s elected President-Chancellor was forthright:

“The USA has become a state as a result of liberal ideas and various other factors, through financial monopolies too.  But they will never be a nation: they will always be the scene of internal disturbances, ideological, religious, ethnic and religious rivalries.  The USA will be overtaken by events.”

An opinion poll published June 28, 2018, reveals that a second Civil War is looming in the United States. This finding is based on the gloomy predictions of almost a third of American voters.

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Jew suppressing free speech inside the British “Conservative” party

Diversity Macht Frei


If you were looking to the “Conservative” party for salvation from the assaults on free speech launched by Jews and Mohammedans, think again. In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, “Conservative” party chairman Brandon Lewis revealed his own Semitic origins. He boasts to his fellow tribe member of how successfully he is suppressing free speech and applying the dogmas of the Left inside the “Conservative” party.

Note also how both the Jewish interviewer and Lewis himself stress the importance of tackling “Islamophobia”.

Conservative chairman Brandon Lewis believes there is now a “huge responsibility” on his party to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street — and insists that under his watch there is “zero tolerance” of any abuse by members.

Accepting there is real concern within the Jewish community over a Corbyn government, Mr Lewis says: “I think there is a huge responsibility. The core duty of the Conservative…

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South African Media: Sensationalist, Dishonest & Biased


The South African media pretend to be the moral paragons of society, but they are doing immense damage to the country’s race relations and political stability.

The Media are Lying to you about South Africa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOJYl…

My debate with Renaldo Gouws on #FarmMurders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtIWn…


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Flag of South Africa

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Rampage at Minnesota amusement park sparked by roving Somali youths, say witnesses — Refugee Resettlement Watch

The Voice Of National Socialist Reason

I’ve been watching the news unfold for a couple of days about what happened at Valley Fair, an amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, not far from Minneapolis when fights broke out throughout the park—enough fights to require hundreds of police being called to clear the area. The mainstream media in Minnesota says, ho hum, nothing […]

via Rampage at Minnesota amusement park sparked by roving Somali youths, say witnesses — Refugee Resettlement Watch

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