Why is a BBC executive calling for the removal of middle-aged white men from television?

Cassian Harrison, the editor of BBC Four, told the Edinburgh International Television Festival last week that no one wants to watch white men explaining stuff on TV any more. ‘There’s a mode of programming that involves a presenter, usually white, middle-aged and male, standing on a hill and “telling you like it is”,’ he said. ‘We all recognise the era of that has passed.’

I’ve been puzzling over this. Why would one of the Beeb’s most senior executives, himself a white, middle-aged man, say something likely to antagonise such a large number of the people who pay his £170,000 salary, i.e. licence payers? After all, 87.2 per cent of the UK’s population is white and I imagine the same is true of the 26 million households that forked out £150.50 for a TV licence in the past year. So, when Cassian Harrison says ‘we all’ agree that time’s up for white men, I don’t think he’s speaking on behalf of all the licence payers. Nor is he speaking for viewers more generally. Let’s not forget that the most popular British television programme of last year, with 14 million viewers, was Blue Planet II, which involved a white male (David Attenborough) standing in front of a camera and explaining stuff.


Macron Tells Denmark ‘No Such Thing as a True Dane, True Frenchman’

French politicians have reacted with anger after Emmanuel Macron asserted that “true” Frenchmen and Danes “do not exist”, and attacked the people he rules over as stubbornly resistant to change while on an official visit to Denmark.

The French president made the remarks while on a three-day tour of Denmark and Finland, where he is hoping to establish a “progressive arc” of nations supporting his vision of a globalised EU superstate, which would revolve around a liberal conception of human rights, ahead of European Parliament elections next year.


Telegram Privacy Policy Change: They’ll Share IP Addresses and Phone Numbers If Asked by Authorities

Telegram recently updated its Privacy Policy with some interesting additions, such as:

If Telegram receives a court order that confirms you’re a terror suspect, we may disclose your IP address and phone number to the relevant authorities. So far, this has never happened. When it does, we will include it in a semiannual transparency report published at: https://t.me/transparency.

“Regardless of whether we ever use this right, the measure should make Telegram less attractive for those who are engaged in sending out terrorist propaganda here,” he noted.

Terror suspect.



It’s evident that the policy update is a move to save face in the eventual doxing of conservatives, alt-righters, neon-nazis, and anyone who disagrees with Momma Merkel.


The Complete Guide to Killing Gentiles


There are times when tact is important, we have general social rules across every society. But this is one of those subjects that we, the 99.9% of the world, Gentiles (everyone who is not a Jew), are supposed to ignore lest the feelings of Jews be hurt or it make them uncomfortable. It, however, is a subject that concerns us, and inherently makes us uncomfortable and we naturally respond with revulsion. In this case, our education is more important than being complicit in order to spare the feelings of Jews who have worked out ways to kill us and rationalise it. Because it directly concerns us and our own preservation, our self-interest in this case over-rides whether their feelings may be hurt. This is just one in a line of educational articles that show why Jews in Israel can kill children with no…

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I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.

In 2014, when waves of refugees began flooding into western Europe, citizens and officials alike responded with generosity and openness. Exhausted refugees spilled out of trains and buses to be met by crowds bearing gifts of clothing and food, and holding up placards that read “ Welcome Refugees .”

This was a honeymoon that could not last. Some of the upcoming difficulties had been anticipated: that the newcomers did not speak the local languages, might be traumatized, would probably take a long time to find their footing, and had brought their ethnic, religious and sectarian conflicts with them, causing them to get into battles with each other. All of these things happened but—as Angela Merkel promised—were manageable. “Wir schaffen das.”