Muh Dick

Grandpa Lampshade's Semitic Truth Center

As men, we deal with the biological reality that our sexual urges tend to be quite a bit more compelling than that of women. Part of what makes a society functional is men being able to keep these things under control. However, we all know of times when either we ourselves or someone we know slips. A case in point would be someone who is out on the town and as it gets late, winds up setting his standards aside only to awaken the next day to discover he’s sleeping beside something akin to what you would find at Sea World.

222Wait what? I know I drank a lot last night but when I told myself I was going home with a model, I didn’t think it was this bad! 

However for the most part, these incidences simply remain as momentary lapses in judgment, the worst consequence being endless ribbing…

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3 thoughts on “Muh Dick

  1. Mickey Gilley used to say, “I can honestly say that I’ve never gone to bed with an ugly woman, but I sure have woken up with a few.” He would then rip into a kick-assed version of “Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time?” I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER been drunk enough to take the creature in the picture home.

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