Insane UK: Man Arrested for Racist Assault Defending House Against Black Gang

Yeah, this is a real news story.

It’s hard to even know what to say at this point.

Daily Mail:

A magistrate defending his family against an armed gang who stormed his home ended up being arrested himself – and accused of a racially aggravated assault.

Police detained Nigel Stringer for three hours and he remains under investigation while the gang – believed to have been armed with a gun, knives, metal bars and a crossbow – were allowed to leave.


Beware the Shelter Breakers: Tanned Swedes Smash 70 Bus Stops in One Night

I remember when my high school teacher told the class not to destroy bus shelters because people needed to use them for public transport. All of us erupted into a unified “OHHH!” at this revelation, then made several notes with words such as “bad” and “don’t” underlined three times in red.

From that day onwards, we went from destroying several bus shelters a night to never destroying one again.

That’s the power of education.

Somalis, Arabs and other gents from Mordor never had that education, so they still believe that hurling bricks through shelter windows and laughing into the night is acceptable behavior.

Please bear that in mind before judging them too harshly.


In one night alone “vandals” destroyed 185 glass panes at 70 different bus stops across the city of Gothenburg and the nearby municipality of Mölndal.


White America Recognizes Itself in the Rhodesian Mirror

Aryan Skynet

Ian Smith Rhodesia’s Prime Minister Ian Smith

Concurrently with the ostensible threat from communist domino-tipping in Southeast Asia, American conservatives in the 1960s and 1970s found themselves preoccupied with developments in African countries undergoing decolonization. “For those right-leaning Americans who saw black freedom struggles in the United States and Africa as two sides of the same coin – and who saw Africans and African Americans as essentially the same people – the spread of leftist national liberation movements in Africa was profoundly disturbing,” recounts historian Kyle Burke:

By the late 1960s, many nationalist movements in South Africa, Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola, and elsewhere had taken up the Marxist cause allied themselves with Cuba and the Soviet Union, which offered funds, weapons, advisers, and soldiers. Unfolding on a massive scale, these movements mobilized large swaths of the black populations against racial inequality, political disenfranchisement, and economic injustice. The proliferation of popular revolutions in southern…

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Documentary Sheds Light Upon Unrepentant Danish “Nazi Rock Star”


Søren Kam with his two brothers.

Søren Kam, who was a Danish commander in the Waffen-SS of National Socialst Germany during WW2, was wanted for murder in Denmark and listed by the zionist supremacist Simon Wiesenthal Center as one of the “most wanted Nazi war criminals”, yet never faced their torture. After the war, Søren Kam’s comrades were executed for the killing of Danish newspaper BT’s antifa journalist Carl Henrik Clemmesen. However, Søren Kam himself was never convicted. Instead, he lived a quiet life in southern Germany, well known by some locals, admired even more in his home country.

The unearthed footage, taken in 2000, 55 years after the end of the WW2, features white-haired Søren Kam, clad in a Tyrolean hat, speaking his mind about National Socialism and life in general. In one of the episodes, a triumphant Kam said he’d better jump from a cliff and disappear…

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Smirking after gang raping a teenage girl: Sickening trio laugh off brutal park attack on helpless 19-year-old student they lured from a night club and dumped in a street – as judge jails them for 27 years


  • The victim was seen leaving the bar in Canterbury city centre on April 13 
  • Visibly intoxicated she was led to a car park where the men all raped her 
  • Sali Amet, 23, Omer Engin, 24 and Salih Altun, 25 were jailed after a trial today 

Read more here from DailyMail

About UK – Rape

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Razing Arizona

Goodbye, America (in a photo)

An entire family of four has come out as transgender in Queen Creek, Arizona; Trans man Daniel Harrott (Back, maroon shirt), 41, is seen here with fiancee and trans woman, Shirley Austin (L), 62, trans son, Mason (R), age 11, and trans daughter, Joshua (Center, white shirt with stripes), age 13

Story. Upside: there’s very good chance this is the end of their mutant genetic line.

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Average IQ of immigrants in Western Europe and the US is 89, the West is getting dumber

Diversity Macht Frei


The PIAAC – Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, also called the PISA for adults, is an international survey assessing the cognitive abilities and skills of the adult populations of western countries (and several other countries too). It includes a reading comprehension assessment, a math ability assessment, and an assessment for problem solving in computer environment.

The PIAAC samples are nationally representative, 5000-10000 people per country and include data from total of 215 000 respondents.

The tests have similarities with those from PISA, who are highly correlated with IQ. The testing was done in 2013 and things could have gotten worse since then.

The tests predict IQ of 85 for US blacks, 90 for US hispanics, and 101 for US whites, which is broadly consistent with most research on this issue, as well as US SAT scores.


I decided to use math ability as a proxy of…

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