Irish attitudes to immigrants lower than European average

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Half of Irish people believe some cultures are superior to others and almost half think some races are born harder working than others.

Close to one in five, links intelligence to race, believing that some races are born less intelligent than others.

Attitudes to the 200 nationalities, races and ethnicities that make up Ireland’s foreign-born residents are also closely linked to the state of the country’s economy with more positive attitudes prevailing in boom times and more negative attitudes in the recession.

Some groups of people prompt more negative responses than others. Fewer Irish people are willing to welcome more Muslims into the country than immigrants generally, and fewer again are open to having more Roma reside here.

The findings are from an Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) report for the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission which looks at Irish attitudes to immigration and diversity between 2002 and…

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Jews claim that man who wanted to kill 6 million people is a hero

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The story of murderous Jews who tried to poison Germans after the war is by now familiar. This would-be “revenge” group was founded by Abba Kovner.

Kovner’s desire for revenge became all-consuming and he began penning a plan for action. It was then that Kovner founded a secret organization of likeminded people called Nakam (“revenge”).

“… We have taken it upon ourselves not to let the world forget by performing the necessary act: Retribution. It will be more than revenge; it must be the law of the murdered Jewish people! Its name will therefore be DIN [the acronym of Dam Israel Noter, means the blood of Israel is vengeful – and “din” itself means “judgement”] so that posterity may know that in this merciless, uncompassionate world there are both judge and judgement.”

The ultimate plan for revenge? To kill six million Germans.

Kovner’s grand plan to poison a German…

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Swedish children reported to police for distributing immigration factsheet at their school

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A factsheet on immigration has been distributed anonymously at a school in Umeå, Sweden. The flyer makes a series of factual claims about immigration and in each case cites a mainstream source where the claim can be verified.

Examples include claims that:

  • 95% of assault rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrants
  • Each year immigration costs more than the entire justice system
  • Sweden will have a 30% Muslim population by 2050 if current immigration rates continue.
  • Immigrants are given preference over Swedes in housing and dental care

Despite the factual basis of these claims, the matter has been reported to the police by the school’s headmistress, Anna Sundelin, who described the flyer as “terrible” and said the school had “zero tolerance”.


The identity of the pupils who distributed the flyer has still not been discovered by the police or the school authorities. Despite this, they spoke anonymously to the

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YES – The REAL Problem (WHITE People) Let me tell you something………

Violent Attacks on Ambulance Workers Soar Across UK

The number of violent attacks on ambulance staff in Britain has soared by over a third (34 per cent) in the last five years, while sexual assaults have doubled.

A major investigation by GMB, the union for ambulance workers, revealed that 14,441 physical assaults were recorded between 2012/13 and January this year, with staff stabbed, bitten, and having had blood spat at them by intravenous drug users.