Trump’s Real Crime is Collusion with Israel, NOT Russia, and Covering It Up

All of the hoopla over non-existent collusion between Donald Trump and Russia is nothing but political theater. The real crime has been completely covered up by the American media—including the so-called conservative media.

In fact, media and political pundits will always cover up virtually any crime committed by this culprit—and they have been doing so since the culprit came into existence. As is so often the case, if one wants to hear or read the truth, one must go to foreign news sources. In this case, that foreign news source happens to be


Paul Kersey on The Last Jedi: Are Whites Getting the Message – That Disney Doesn’t Want Them? | VDARE


star wars box office

The Left dominates the culture, but it does not (yet) completely control it — hence, for example, the War On Christmas Resistance, Gamergate, and of course the election of Donald J. Trump. Now Star Wars Episode VIII (The Last Jedi), released in mid-December to resounding applause from Main Stream Media reviewers is tanking, well behind the 2015 Star Wars movie The Force Awakens [Fans Speak with Closed Wallets as “The Last Jedi” Now $175 Mil Behind “Force Awakens”,, December 24, 2017]. It may not be a border wall, but it’s something.

According to, 92 percent of critics loved The Last Jedi, compared an audience score of only 52 percent. the lowest audience score of any Star Wars film. The MSM is blaming the Alt-Right, although this debacle is far beyond the power of a still-nascent movement. […]


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Jewish AND Christian? You might be CRAZY!

Aryan Skynet

Exodus Song

Hollywood “conservative” Pat Boone was always a useless philo-Semitic shill for his Third World “Judeo-Christian” cult, even going as far as to donate the royalties on his recording of the Exodus theme to the Zionist cause; but I thought Skynet might still enjoy this amusing anecdote from Boone’s 1970 memoir A New Song, concerning the singer’s efforts to save the sin-imperiled youth of Beverly Hills during the tumultuous, sex-and-drug-tempted countercultural era:

[…] I suppose there are more than twenty of these girls who have come to know Jesus in the last year. Many of them have come from homes of famous parents who haven’t had time for religion. And interestingly enough, some of these parents are now starting to wonder just what it is that’s caused such happy changes in their kids.

One girl was telling me the other evening that her mother, a well-known actress who is estranged…

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A German family fled ‘degenerate’ Germany for family friendly Russia, according to a Russian TV broadcasting service. The Martens family claimed to be going through severe persecution in the ‘genderless and infertile West’. 


However, the deceitful family abused the hospitality of their Russian hosts by taking the money and running back to Germany. There, the more generous German benefits system could be more profitably milked by the devious vagabonds.

According to the TV broadcaster’s anchor, “A family from Germany decided to move to Stavropol region. The children refused to attend sex education classes. The father was put under arrest, fined, and was advised to leave the country.”

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The programme went on to describe the family’s arrival in Russia. “A real theatrical performance awaited the Martens in the airport. The exiles from decadence describe themselves as Russian-German.

Evgeniy Martens, the children’s father says, “Our daughter said to us…

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The Allies notoriously accuse their foe of committing atrocities to excuse or lessen the impact of their own war crimes. Another tactic is to censor one’s own bloodbaths.

At 25,500 tonnes the German liner Wilhelm Gustloff suffered the greatest loss of life in maritime history. The tragedy was a senseless and needless carnage of the innocents. By 1945, Germany, smaller than the State of Texas, was desperately fending off the combined forces of three omnipotent empires, British, Soviet and American.

Germany in January / February 1945 was defeated. Unable to defend itself the Workers Reich was shortly to be eviscerated, its women raped, suffer the deaths of 13 million ethnic Germans, and be plundered of its last remaining wealth.

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The passengers on the doomed vessel were mostly European, not all of whom were German.  On January 30, 1945, the unfortunate frozen refugees were desperate to escape the…

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Censored by Facebook – AFA Ireland’s convicted nonce.



Staff at the then Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism discovered attempts to download inappropriate material on Patrick Corcoran’s (53) computer during a software upgrade at the Kildare Street offices in December 2009.
Members of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) seized a laptop and computer at Corcoran’s desk and later found 5,951 pornographic images of children between eight and 14 years old during a search of his former North Circular Road home.

Judge Martin Nolan handed down a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, but warned Corcoran that he would go to jail if caught with any more illegal pornographic material.
“You are getting a chance, but if you re-offend, no mercy will be shown,” said Judge Nolan.

Detective Garda Maria Clohessy revealed that gardaí were not in a position to arrest Corcoran until February 2012. By then he had collected a further 1,100 child…

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