AMERICA FIRST? Trump’s Record Shows Otherwise

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[From Rudolf’s blog. I’d use the reblog button, but I want to add some other things to this… It’s a letter from the director of the Institute of Historical Review.]

Donald Trump began his presidency pro­mising an “America First” foreign policy. But he also says: “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent.” And he pl­edges “unbreakable” support for the Zion­ist state.

So which is it? Tr­ump can chart an “Am­erica First” foreign policy, or he can “fight for Israel 1,0­00 percent.” But he cannot do both.

One promise he’s kept is to align US policy with the Israe­l’s interests and ag­enda. President Trump is binding the Uni­ted States more clos­ely than ever to the Zionist state.

For Trump, Israel’s enemies are Americ­a’s enemies. In line with that, he threa­tens war against Ira­n. And he’s stepped up the US military role in the Syria con­flict, even…

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