3-D Holograms Of “Holocaust Survivors” Now A Reality

The fake “Holocaust” narrative is, in my opinion, the linchpin of the entire New World Order agenda. The foundational narrative of our recent collective history – the past 100 years or so – is largely centered around WWII and the so called “Holocaust”. The “Holocaust,” and those purportedly responsible for it, are represented as the epitome of evil.


7 thoughts on “3-D Holograms Of “Holocaust Survivors” Now A Reality

  1. Reblogged this on 1488whitedevil and commented:
    Like if we didn’t believe it then, maybe we’ll buy the shit now with a Hologram and some fake story about The Third Reich. Jew go sell it somewhere else, we’re not buying it today and we didn’t buy it yesterday, this sure is getting old.

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  2. Mjolnir

    I am a survivor, fuck the jew scum. Our race will live on and defeat these cunts. See feminist sluts who choose their side crying about having their knee touched. Fuck off you left wing cunts you don’t care when these cunts rape little children.
    14/88 ISD RIP

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