Afghan refugees “thank” Germany for its hospitality and destroy their accommodation

Four young Afghans were unhappy with their free housing in the German village of Falkenfels.

The guests from Afghanistan decided to destroy their accommodation with chains and wood laths. They fled when the police arrived and during their attempt they destroyed the windshield of a police car as well.

Inhabitants of the village said they didn’t feel safe anymore and a crisis summit was organised to find a solution for the civil unrest.


Young Boy Dancing Group’s co-founder on challenging gender and sexuality with a laser in your anal sphincter.

One Saturday evening last October, I made my way to Bloc nightclub in east London’s Hackney Wick, an area home to factories, artist’s studios, the 2012 Olympic Stadium, and grotty warehouse raves. The occasion was Chapter 10, a recurring gay night that champions techno, house, and disco where Honey Dijon was set to headline. However, many people, myself included, had arrived early to catch a performance by Young Boy Dancing Group—a collective of contemporary dancers from across Europe whose performances are a mishmash of queerness and techno-futurism that could only exist in our digital age.


Stuttgarter Mineralbad Leuze wants to separate areas because of migrants leering at women

Gazing men

At the same time, the all-inclusive admission obviously entices mainly young men to visit and gaze in the sauna area during their Leuze visit. Previous regulars of the sauna report that this phenomenon has increased so much due to the influx of refugees in recent years that they have therefore changed the sauna. These customers should be recovered by separating the areas, even if the sauna visit in Leuze by the new concept significantly more expensive and swimming in return is likely to be significantly cheaper.