The Implied Whiteness of Villainy in Pop Culture

You are not alone, dear reader, in noticing the crime wave in cinema and television. Whites are on an absolute rampage, leading gangs of hooligans, all the way up to entire intergalactic empires. At the forefront of every sharply dressed group of ideologues is usually a blonde-haired blue-eyed monster who wants to squash the diverse and scrappy group of protagonists. One of you rock chuckers may say this is by design, and you would be right to some extent, but this is more an accidentally cracked window into the mind of Hollywood producers and writers and how they view us. Come along with me to explore the perverse minds of the Proboscis-Americans behind this phenomenon and what we can do to remove their neuroses from the zeitgeist.


7 thoughts on “The Implied Whiteness of Villainy in Pop Culture

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    Cartier McCloud • 4 minutes ago
    I think more movie examples would be appropriate, like the latest StarWars movie with a black “hero” replacing White Skywalker. Commercials and ads are doing the same thing: showing Whites as clumsy and stupid and blacks taking up the slack. More and more mixed race ads are also being shown. Dilution is the same as genocide.

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