Swedish police make arrests prior to Nazi demonstration

Three people have been arrested and several others detained by police in Gothenburg prior to a neo-Nazi demonstration in the city Saturday.

Two foreign citizens were arrested at Gothenburg’s Landvetter Airport on Friday night after knives were found in their luggage. The two were arrested on suspicion of planning assault, the Swedish police confirmed in a message posted on its website.


Trump and the Jews

Aryan Skynet

The (Jewish) stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld used to like to start a bit with “What’s the deal with….?” as a way of looking for humor in things people don’t think much about, but are strange when they do. In that spirit- what’s the deal with Trump and the Jews?

We are told repeatedly that Trump is just this side of Hitler. And yet he is popular with lots of Jews, up to and including the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. This bears some looking into.

First, there is is darling daughter, apparently his favorite child, Ivanka. We are told she is a convert to Modern Orthodox Judaism through her marriage to Jared Kushner. But did she really need to convert?

Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, seems to have been Jewish. Her maiden name was Zelinickova and her mother’s maiden name was Francova. So why would Ivanka need to go…

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Epic Siege of Jadotville


Over the centuries Africa has been the setting for battles equal to confrontations fought elsewhere in the world. Little is known of many engagements due to their not fitting the politically correct narrative. Two epic movies did tear apart ‘the curtain of discreet silence’; Zulu and The Wild Geese. The 1961 Siege of Jadotville has been described as alike to the encirclement of Rorke’s Drift in 1879.

Jadotville (today Likasi) is a small town situated in the newly independent Congo Republic. The Jadotville siege took place from September 13, 1961, during the calamitous United Nations Congo Crisis intervention. That debacle claimed tens of thousands of African and European lives. The Crisis occurred during the country’s transfer from Belgian management to that of U.S. based globalist bankers.

During Katanga’s secession, the UN deployed the Irish Army’s 35th Battalion to defend the small Congolese mining township. The township’s community was populated…

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Only 365 fake refugees arrived in Italy during the week beginning August 21. This figure represents a massive drop from the thousands previously landed when George Soros funded bogus charity vessels were caught collaborating with people smugglers.

The dramatic decline is also linked to the Libyan government re-claiming from NATO its territorial waters. The Libyan coastguards now deter the fake flotilla known as the George Soros Navy.

The Italian government is set to launch criminal investigations into the fake rescue ships the funding of which is linked to their success rate.

Funded charities such as Save the Children, Doctors without Borders, and other traffickers, falsely claim charitable credentials. But, they were proved to be colluding with people smugglers in North Africa.

Funded by the billionaire Hungarian Jew the vessels were not rescuing Africans. Pre-arranged meeting points were being set-up less than ten miles off the Libyan coast. At each rendezvous…

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Easy Way To Prove Jews Did 911

B'Man's Revolt

You all know that I have looked for the Decent Jew and have possibly found a few instances (I differentiate between a ‘decent jew’ and a ‘good jew’ which does not exist). Being a decent jew is all relative to decency and the jews’ lack thereof in normal circumstances. A decent jew would be one that despises judaism and the taint that comes with it, but also the ones that call out the tribe.

Now, I have featured Bernard’s work here before, but he is a weird sort of jew. He was raised Catholic but converted to Orthodox Judaism (why, for God’s sake, I don’t know), did a stint in Israel and became disillusioned with the whole thing and now calls them out. He recently did a post on what he calls a decent jew, which is a good and informative interview with Josef Ginsburg (you should go read…

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Media Hysterical Over Hitler’s Atomic Bomb For 70 Years: Did He Even Have One?

WEARS WAR on the Lies, Liars & WW2

The Manhattan Project proved to be more difficult and expensive than anyone had foreseen. It is estimated that the Oak Ridge plants alone consumed approximately one-seventh of the electricity generated in the United States.[12]…. faced major challenges in procuring such large amounts of electricity from a wartime economy…[13]   

Did Germany or Japan Almost Build an Atomic Bomb?

Some authors claim that Germany came close to building an atomic bomb during World War II,[1] and that Germany provided the fissionable U-235 material used in the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima.[2] Other authors claim that Japan almost built an atomic bomb by the end of World War II.[3] This article contends that neither Germany nor Japan came close to building an atomic bomb during World War II.

Media Headlines Have Worked Hard For More Than 70 Years To Stay Fresh, Exciting & Informative For…

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