Hitler’s Quest for Peace

"Neues Europa"

„The assertion that Germany affected to conquer the world was ridiculous.“

– Hitler’s Communication to Sir. Nevile Henderson, 25th August 1939

Source: “The Triumph of Reason – The Thinking Man’s Hitler” – by Michael Walsh

Adolf Hitler - Portait-7

A Study of War by Prof. Quincy Wright, shows that in the period from 1480 to 1940 there were 278 wars involving European countries whose percentage participation was as follows: England 28%, France 26%, Spain, 23%, Russia 22%, Austria 19%, Poland 11%, Sweden and Italy 9%, Netherlands 8% and Germany 8%. Sorokin findings concur with Hitler’s: Germany has had the smallest number of years at war.“

„There is not a single German who wants war. The last war cost us 2 million lives and seven and a half million wounded. At such a price, this could not have been a victory even if we had won.   What European statesman today could effect a territorial conquest…

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