My Holiday Pt 2

A highlight of my holiday was ofcourse The Eagles Nest, Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden. Hitler’s mountain retreat is very aply named with stunning 360 degree panoramic views.

Video I took –

You can only drive so far up to it. You have to take a shuttle bus the rest of the way on a narrow winding road with sheer drops on one side.

Once up you come to a pedestrian tunnel bored into the mountain by the National Socialists in 1938. At the end of the tunnel is a small circular room where you get a lift up to the building.

The lift is in its original condition with gleaming brass panels & phone. Inside I was thinking about what great men had stood where I was standing many years ago.

The views from there are breathtaking. I took some souvenirs for my brothers in arms back in Ireland from this path that I’m sure was walked by The Fuhrer many times.

Next up we visited Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart.

Salzburg fortress from outside.

Views over the city from the fortress inc a cannon used in its defence. This fortress was never taken. It’s not hard to see why with its high position overlooking the surrounding area.

I was pleasantly surprised by Salzburg regarding diversity. I saw very few muds considering it’s one of Austrias largest cities.

Mozarts home.

Salzburg cathedral and it’s amazing ceilings that look like The Iron Cross.

To be continued

8 thoughts on “My Holiday Pt 2

  1. cartier mccloud

    Stunningly beautiful and hauntingly sad. I saw the gaze of Hitler on the surrounding mountains. How happy he must have been there, however short it was.

    We cannot thank you enough for sharing this heartfelt tour.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh man… Thanks for the photos. I am amazed at the cathedral’s photos… And the Eagles’ Nest retreat… I can imagine the Führer being there and seeing all of that view… So breathtaking and peaceful, at the same time!

    Liked by 2 people

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